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  1. kenne

    What does it sound like to be shot at by a suppressed weapon?

    use 60 gr subsonic Aquila .22 ammo and the action will cycle just fine, 950 fps from a rifle barrel, quite a bit less from pistol barrels. If you use your non firing thumb to hold shut the bolt of an auto, it's just as quiet as a bolt action, and if you need rapidfire you'll have it (albeit with a bit more noise), while the bolt action can't offer rapidfire.
  2. kenne

    What does it sound like to be shot at by a suppressed weapon?

    never been shot-at. Very few ever get shot-at by suppressed guns and those who do rarely survive it. Those using them are normally very determined/aware, and they make their shots count.
  3. kenne


    you dont know jack shyte, punk. Mom just demanded that I "not hurt" him the first call I made after getting arrested. I'd REALLY like to meet you someplace, sometime, you pos.
  4. yep, it will keep the fish live for a long time, but predators/dogs will come try to steal your fish, so be ready for that.
  5. kenne


    a bit at a time, Dear. Consider a karate class where you start sparring EARLY, like within 3 months, with adequate padding. learn what it's like to get hurt and keep fighting. Eventually, you'll learn what it's like to beat some pretty good sized men into submission. That will do wonders for your confidence, but it will take a year or so of very hard work, about 6 hours a week. small classes only, like 4 people max, and it's likely to cost you $200 a month. If they dont include weight training, videos, books, and lots and lots of one on one correction, constantly, keep looking cause they are just a dance school.
  6. ha, ha. you offer a lifetime guarantee that light wont draw fire, from any direction, right? same with all the noise, I bet? keep it.
  7. have a bike and bolt cutters in your storage, along with a padded shoulder yoke. cut a hole in the fence so as to get out with the bike and the buckets. Wire the fence back up. Dont take the bike within 100 ft of your cache and wear the nail-sandals for the last 50 ft to the cache, so as to leave no noticable track.
  8. it's a heck of a lot more likely (given no sign, no light, no noise when caching) than stuff being safe in your home. Just ask Randy Weaver, the MOVE people, the Branch Davidians, and 1000's of others if Big Bro wont raid your home and take everything, destroying the rest. Any place known to be associated with you is the LAST place to have much of anything that you need for shtf. you'll just hve to abandon it, or die trying to defend it.
  9. I dont want a light for shtf, and I dont want to point a gun at everything I want to see (in normal times, either). I'll take luminous sights, and a hand held light for normal times, and for shtf, night vision. Showing a light is going to draw enemy fire, so to hell with that idea. You aint gonna have uncle sugar backing your play, ya know. So forget about what cops and soldiers get away with.
  10. it means that the dumb are too dumb to know that they are dumb (and the smart aint gonna tell them, either.) :-) That's what I think of every time I see some nitwit advocating a bolt action or shotgun for shtf.. A shotgun is noisy, can't be effectively suppressed and is so lacking in effective range, penetration and power than only a twit would consider it. wtf makes you "think" that millions of others wont be doing the same thing as you, and that they wont kill you in a heartbeat? Fire a shotgun in a small room, at night, without ear protection and you'll probably drop it in shock ( from the blast/flash, which are horrendous). Whatever you pick for shtf, it better offer rapidfire, range, pierce Kevlar armor and have luminous sights and a silencer on it. It better be capable of firing 223, .22lr or 9mm, too. The military arsenals aint got a single rd of 06, AK ammo, no birdshot, little or no .45, no 357, no .40, That's billions of rds of ammo that's potentially YOURS, thru barter, recovery from dead bodies, found in abandoned places, etc. To not be able to fire it is a ludicrously dumb thing to set yourself up for. Especially if you aint got 1000's of rds or at least, the reloading components, tools knowledge and scrap lead needed to make that many rds.
  11. why bother with "sport only" guns? you do not want to have to FIGHT with just a shotgun or just a bolt-action, for a fact. So why tie up money and time in them, hmm? KISS, dont un-do your combat training by handling guns that feel/operate differently than your fighting guns. Jim Cirillo, lead man of the NYPD Stakeout Unit, (270+ armed robbery interventions in about one year, all in Harlem liquor stores) tried to shoot an armed robber again, (with 14" Ithaca 12 ga and 00 buck) at 10 ft, after the first(center chest hit) let the guy run. Jim was so astonished that he forgot to work the pump for a second. If it can happen to a veteran of scores of confrontations (and over a dozen actual shootouts) it can happen to you, too (really easily). I greatly prefer to hunt small game with a .22lr pistol, rather than a shotgun, preferably a silenced one. Nobody sees or hears a gun, so I"m just another hiker/bird-watcher type. :-) it teaches stalking and observation and real pistol skills. the gun is 1 lb or so, and your hands can be in your pockets, not being frozen, not wearing out your arms, and not obviously a threatening human shape. If you claim (as nearly all survivalists do) that you can make a field expedient bow and arrow and take big game (at 50 ft, tops) and you also claim (as nearly all do) that hitting a 12"x24" torso at 1/4 mile is an "easy shot", then WHY can't you get within 50 yds of big critters, brace an AR on a walking stick, tree, etc, and hit the 6" brain circle of a moose, elk or bear, hmm? Cause a 223 sp and brain hit drops anything (short of elephant) in their tracks, folks. 12" at 400 yds is the same as 6" at 200 yds and if you can't hit 6" at 50 yds, you can't hit the chest at 100 yds, either. It's a helluva lot easier to get within 50 yds than it is to get within 50 ft, too. Knapped arrowheads, lashed onto a shaft, with half assed fletching, arrow not really straight, dont result in arrows that fly "true", which is why I set the 50 ft range limit with a bow. Primitives didn't know to use the 3 finger grip on the bowstring, or to have a thumb ring or other type of release. The pinch grip on the arrow wont let you draw more than about 30 lbs, and using the string tears up your fingers, if you dont have a leather tab. So 50 ft IS the limit for aboriginal type archers, on big game. Blunts fly straighter, so small game can be taken, reliably, to about 40 ft with such gear. you wont get to swap your bolt action for your AK if you run afoul of some looters. Nor will you get to swap your AK for a sniper type rifle, nor for a 12 ga at night, etc. YOu have to have the most versatile ONE longarm, for shtf use. A riot shotgun is pretty damned worthless beyond 25 yds, especially if the opponents are using cover, armor, helmets. In a fight, a bolt-action's aimed shot every 1.5 seconds just aint gonna hack it, vs autorifles that offer 7 aimed shots in the same time frame, especially vs more than one attacker (which is highly likely to be the case)
  12. kenne

    What does it sound like to be shot at by a suppressed weapon?

    depends. If it's subsonic .22lr, with the breech held shut, it sounds like a BB gun. mostly, you'll just feel the bullet hit :-)
  13. when shtf, you'll be shocked what people will do. Many will flip out, suicide, turn into the lowest sort of scum, and there's no way to predict who will do what. Even family members betray each other, 1000's of times each day in the US, and it can happen to you, at any time. To pretend otherwise is just foolish. Most people, for instance, would anally rape their grandma with barbed wire before they'd spend a weekend in the county jail.
  14. the FBI spent 8 MILLION $ of your tax money (in today's $) trying to hide the fact that they got ONE solid hit on a man with over 50 shots fired at him, when they outnumbered him 8 to one and he only had 1 arm!. So, if you believe a damned thing that the FBI says, you're a fool. also, you aint a cop and if you try to get away with what the cops do (every day) you'll be in prison in very short order. Mirules put 3 rds into Matix's head/neck 4 minutes after Matix had ceased to fight, after Matix was bled out, helpless and unarmed. The FBI shot Randy weaver's unarmed wife in the head, as she cradled her child. The FBI burned up a bunch of women and kids at waco. So you can SHOVE your FBI, boy.
  15. you can have your guts blown out without turning into a "ragdoll". Anyone who's shot a few dozen animals knows that handgun loads dont perform in flesh and blood like they do in jello. jello is set up to simulate hog muscle. there is almost no muscle on the chest and the only muscle IN the chest is the heart. the lungs are the largest vital organ and they are nothing but air sacks. The liver and spleen are so fragile that they can be damaged by a bare knuckle punch. you get a lot less expansion and a lot more penetration in animals than you get in jello. there's a lot less liquid in the chest than in jello, and the consistency of jello is not present in vital organs. The ribs tend to smash shut hp's that dont center the rib, too.