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  1. Smithy66

    Kershaw on massdrop

    CQC 10k is out http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kershaw-Emerson-CQC-10K-Knife-3-8Cr14MoV-S-Steel-Blade-Green-G10-Handle-/172736042444?epid=725990209&hash=item2837ded5cc:g:gGcAAOSw4CFY4ohw Or from Kershaw themselves https://kershaw.kaiusaltd.com/knives/knife/cqc-10k for $ 60! Any reviews yet?
  2. Smithy66

    Do You Belong To Any Emergency Organizations?

    I clicked on 'other'. I live in a rural area, we have a first responder group, trained in cardiac arrest and how to use a defibrillator. There is a local fire brigade but the nearest 24hr hospital is almost 40 miles away. The way the system works is a group of us are trained, we take turns to hold a mobile phone for a week at a time. If someone in the area has a problem they phone the normal (911) emergency number and the person with the phone is contacted. Then everyone in the group is sent a text by the person with the mobile, where the situation is. The defibrillator is hanging on a wall in the village in a public place. The group has a PIN to open it, basically the first to get there takes it to the situation. We cover a 5km radius around the village. The number of the mobile phone has also been distributed locally on fridge magnets, so that people can call it directly as well as 911.
  3. Had to give my leatherman a bath after it went MIA in a bad place for over a year.
  4. Smithy66

    Farmers Almanac How to start a garden ( PDF )

    I've just planted 12 acres of barley at the wrong moon phase
  5. Smithy66

    Check those Batteries!

    When I read this first I thought your mother in law must be one tough lady. Here in our cool temperate (read wet) climate we don't have major issues with batteries, it's one of the reasons google, paypal etc. are locating here. We don't get the huge temperature swings. Computers don't need air conditioning and in winter they're generally ok too. How long do vehicle batteries last in different climates? I've just gotten 10 years out of a Varta tractor battery.
  6. Smithy66

    Home First Aid Kits for the Non-Medic

    Cut myself on a sheet of corrugated iron today, I used superglue on a cut for the first time. Thanks Thomas I can verify it works, but the stuff I got was very liquid so went everywhere! Going to keep a few tubes of it in the Land cruiser and probably one in the emergency tobacco tin I'm putting together. Waaaay easier to use than doing a John Rambo with a needle and thread.
  7. Smithy66

    New Raised Garden

    A simple one we did here years ago was fill old rear tractor tyres with topsoil. The edge of the tyre was great to sit on when doing the weeding.
  8. They say that a short pencil is better than a long memory.
  9. Smithy66

    Emerson Kershaw cqc 7k

    I was actually more interested in the cqc 9k, but the Bowie looks good too. I see the cqc 5k can be got for less than $20 now. https://www.knifecenter.com/item/KS6074OLBLK/kershaw-6074olblk-cqc-5k-emerson-folding-knife-black-blade-od-green-g10-handles?utm_source=website&utm_medium=ribbon&utm_campaign=kershaw-emerson-cqc-5k&kcno=123 I don't know how anyone buys an Emerson anymore, with these available at a fraction of the price.
  10. Welcome from green and soggy Ireland mate.
  11. Smithy66

    Lighter EDC ideas??

    Kaye why the trash bag, are you going to fill it with items you might need? I don't carry a lighter, there is one in the altoid/tobacco tin, and it's wrapped with a couple of feet of duct tape. I don't carry the tin, there's still a bit more to fit in there, like first aid stuff. Any suggestions? I see Nokia are bringing back an old favourite https://uk.yahoo.com/finance/news/nokia-3310-iconic-mobile-returns-163000027.html I wonder would it survive an EMP in the altoids tin?
  12. Smithy66

    Lighter EDC ideas??

    What do you want/need to carry?
  13. Smithy66

    Emerson Kershaw cqc 7k

    First impression was that this is a big knife at almost 8 inches long when open, shaving sharp out of the box, dead center blade when closed. No play whatsoever when locked open. Lock engages just over 50% it's a great way to experience the Emerson wave opening at a low price. The tanto blade may not be for everyone. Blade The blade cutting edge is 3.25''(81 mm) long it's a modified tanto blade that slopes down from the spine to the tip, however it is strong. I haven't stabbed any car doors with it, but this knife would be well capable of it. Because of the slope the tip isn't the full thickness of the blade, the thickest part of the blade is 0.116 inches (almost 3.0 mm) and the tip is 0.045''(1.15 mm) with the thickest part of the blade 0.54 inches(13.7 mm) back from the tip. There's plenty of steel behind the tip. The bottom half of the blade is stone washed, it looks good and will hopefully hide scratches when it gets abused. On one side it has the Emerson logo, and the other side kershaw kai with a tiny CHINA close to the handle. There is a lovely audible 'click' as the lock snaps on the open blade, the best way to describe it is that it reminds me of a BMW car door closing. Detent on closing is good, very positive. But it's heavy, just over 5 oz. The lanyard hole could be bigger at 0.18 inches (4.6 mm). It's stiff to open and close, I can just about close it single handed, hopefully it will free up with use. Gimping could be better finished, it is a bit roughly machined. Because of the clip position it sits high in the pocket, about 3/4'', the skull on the clip might put some people off. It is not discreet in the pocket, and when you pull it out with the wave opening people will notice! In Use I'm farming, 90% of what I do with this will be stabbing and cutting feed and fertiliser bags to open them, cutting polythene wraps and netting off bales. I will also be using it to cut pvc piping, cable insulation and some conduit etc. I can't ever see myself carving a spoon beside a campfire, if you want to do that the tanto blade IMO will be too awkward. It is comfortable in the hand, ergonomics are good, it is the same handle as the Emerson Kershaw cqc-6k, even though I have a large hand my pinky finger rests on the lanyard hole with my thumb on the gimping at the wave. Overall a great knife at the price, yes it's made in China, but they got this one right anyway. Yes, there are better stainless steels for knife making out there but not in this price range with Emerson wave opening. It's heavy, but strong. I dropped this on the farm yard in mud for 2 days and it got driven over a couple of times. The clip must have snagged in my coat, something to watch out for! The G-10 has a few scars, there are a few scratches on the steel on the lock side and the clip, but everything works and the blade is undamaged. Bonus is that with a bit of effort the wave can be used as a bottle opener!
  14. Smithy66

    I finally gave in. Benchmade has cometh

    Thomas any experience or opinions on Steel Will knives?
  15. Smithy66

    Kershaw on massdrop

    Had it on the pocket clip in trouser pocket yesterday on the farm. It must have clipped/snagged on to my coat and pulled itself out of the pocket, damn it. Have a general idea what (muddy) area it's in. When I find it I'm putting a 4 ft length of luminous parachord on as a lanyard. I lost the Kershaw A 100 multi tool in a field for 3 weeks, Luckily I found it again. I can testify that the hack saw on them rusts! Pic below is what it looks like after 3 weeks in a field. At least they were both dropped on my own property,