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  1. I think it's a good idea, and you can customise the daylights out of it. The bonus is space for pantry and water, and you'll fine tune what you want to carry through using it.
  2. Kimchi

    Here we go again! The cabbage certainly shrinks after salting - that's a big bowl and it was completely full before, and it translates into that much kimchi. I thought the last effort was a little bland, so this time used everything, gochuguru, gochujiang, and some ordinary crushed chilies.
  3. Kimchi

    Thanks Wyzyrd! I've had to toss a couple of jars but overall it's working out really well.
  4. Kimchi

    Gochuguru, garlic, ginger, nuoc mam, and honey.
  5. Kimchi

    100,000 kilos in 2 days, that's amazing! Edit: Just wanted to mention that one of my friends who can't tolerate gluten can't have any with the gochujiang paste in it because it has fermented soya, so I might just use gochuguru in half a batch and combination in the rest. On the other hand, who knows just what I might do?
  6. Kimchi

    You'll have fun making it, and it's sure to be good.
  7. Kimchi

    In my search for gochuguru I omitted one store; I'd never been in there and it just slipped my mind - Seoul Mart. That's the place, you can get all you want there. I asked the clerk if using this instead of paste and crushed chilis would make any difference in taste and he said he didn't think so... we'll see next batch.
  8. Kimchi

    While Wyzard is the one to ask, this is what's been working for me. Along with the nappa cabbage, green onions and daikon I incorporated cucumbers and some red cabbage, (I assume green would work). The latter 2 things seem to stay a bit crunchier. Since the crunch is best when fresh and it's tasty even on day 1, consider making small batches that only yield a pint instead of jars at a time (if you have enough friends that like it, not an issue). You could probably still make a decent ration of paste at once, refrigerate, and use as required. One recipe I saw claimed to make crunchier kimchi but involved salting the cabbage under a weight overnight (like sauerkraut) instead of brining and I declined. I saw this on tv a few years ago, the kimchi segment is at about 5:30, it's about a big commercial producer. http://www.foodnetwork.ca/shows/food-factory/video/episode/salty-and-sweet/video.html?v=64744003694 With a couple of little changes each time, (and some fish sauce), I'm still using the simple formula from the shortest video in the top 3, with catchy steel guitar.
  9. The Canadian model was certainly modeled after the Russell Belt Knife. I wonder if they had to pay any sort of patent royalties, or if there is no such thing as intellectual property rights for knife designs (jewellers have no hold on their designs, and are extremely protective as a result). My Russell has no patent # on it, just stamped RD 1964. I had a smaller one years ago but unwisely traded it away. I'll keep my eyes open for the CS one in my travels.
  10. Kimchi

    Thanks, but it's easy and it's enough fun to make that my problem is getting rid of it. I've liked each batch but keep switching things around and tweaking it. Wyzard's suggestion re: cucumbers was great so I'm using more of those, a little less red cabbage, altering spices with the volume (or trying to). My approach to things that I see millions of people do every day is that it can't be really hard, and if I want to try I will. A big plus along with health benefits and economy is that you can make your own custom recipe for your favourite kimchi, which won't be available in stores.
  11. Music

    I wonder if that house is still there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2WywwxWbvY I like the random hounds.. everyone loves a dog picture.
  12. Kimchi

    There were a bunch of wieners left over from a party event on the weekend so I've had kimchi hotdogs for lunch 3 days in a row (saving some time at work), but today I took a day off and made some fresh stuff so it was extra good.
  13. survival related humour

    I recall that once while on safari we ran out of supplies, and were forced to subsist on food and water for several days.
  14. Kimchi

    The gochugaru, wasn't. On close examination it had lots of seeds and was just more finely crushed (Chinese product), but they had the paste so I bought a big thing of that and will use crushed chilies and paste in combination. The lady said they probably stock the right stuff but are just out of it. My cabbage has been brining for 2 1/2 hrs and I didn't include the English cuke in there (hey, what do I know?), so what I'll do is salt it and throw it in with some of the cabbage for another half hour then rinse. I have some wonderfull honey from some young people who only keep a few hives, mostly fed on wildflowers and some canola, so I used that instead of sugar. The 2 little jars have cuke, the big one doesn't. I'm marinating pork loin slices in a bit of that paste with some hoisin and lime juice , maybe use the little bbq once before bringing it in, so there's no reason not to try a little of the fresh stuff, I'll cook some rice...