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  2. Power company

    One clip on the news showed drifts 6' deep over a major highway and a little front-end loader working away at it that didn't look regulation... There are real plows but probably not enough, and while looking on youtube saw something about gas supplies in danger.
  3. Power company

    @Gary_Gough it's hard talking with tongue in cheek isn't it? Their temps are mild enough by our standards but the snow is real, I've seen the pics. Power company response to weather-related outages in most of North America should be better than in the UK just because ours is tooled up and trained for it. Same for road clearing and snow removal; we have the hundreds of plows and graders and operators and budget millions of dollars for dealing with these storms but the UK got caught by surprise and without the material resources it will take longer to clear up than the day or 2 we're used to. Here's our current storm (not sure how comparable but there will be a fair bit of snow), and while there will likely be accidents and a handfull of casualties it shouldn't come near the toll in England so far. https://globalnews.ca/news/4058717/sask-snowstorms-will-pack-a-one-two-punch/
  4. Kimchi

    Happy day, making kimchi!
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  6. Music

    I knew two guys who were kicked out of a Joe Cocker concert back in the 70's. I said "What the hell did you do!?" They'd started a fight. They were both run over and killed, years apart, one by accident and one on purpose.
  7. DAK canned ham disappointment

    The difference is the ingredients, canned ham doesn't usually include the assortment of mechanically separated curly tails and chicken lips that most luncheon meats have. From Cooks Info: All canned ham is boneless. It can be a whole piece of ham or more usually, pieces pressed together to form a "solid" whole piece. The larger a tin of ham is, the more likely it is to have been one piece of meat. To make them, dry gelatin (about 1/4 oz) is added to a can before the ham is sealed into it.
  8. DAK canned ham disappointment

    While I don't know DAK, the same seems true for other brands as well. I remember when you could at least slice canned ham, but now it just flakes. Is it possible they cook them more now than back then? The last one I bought was last summer and I was disappointed in it.
  9. DAK canned ham disappointment

    I used to like Spork and Spam when I was a kid but not now, probably had too much. Corned beef is another matter, not cold out of the can but corned beef hash. I'll still keep a can of Klik or Spam or whatever for iron rations, and fried with eggs and hash browns it doesn't look bad, but it looks a lot better than it tastes. With a handfull of ingredients a can of corned beef can get pretty good.
  10. Here's an example of someone who thought he had the right to chase a trespasser: http://leaderpost.com/news/crime/regina-man-was-stabbed-after-chasing-yard-intruder-with-bat-court-hears Roy Rogers was so good at shooting the pistols out of bad guys' hands it was easy to accept and they went off to jail, and then when you grew up and got instructed it's shoot for the middle and repeat if necessary; any wounding is purely incidental. As Zackmars pointed out most of the good non-lethal stoppers are potentially lethal but it shouldn't be hard to put that moral argument aside when you're under attack.
  11. I can see the lethality in clubs not only from head injury but internal injuries depending on how they're used. In the 70's a friend constructed a sap out of an RCMP riding crop; my memory isn't perfect but I think he cut it to length, split the middle and inserted a piece of spring steel then wrapped the shaft and bound leather pouches full of lead shot to the ends, then sewed a pocket inside his jacket to hold it. Absolutely lethal but he never got caught with it, and I believe he did deter a mugger with it once.. The law here seems to centre on intent, an example being a man in the bar with a butcher knife stuck in his belt. If he is a butcher from the shop next door grabbing a small beer on his break and forgot the knife was there he has an excuse, otherwise he's probably going in the back seat. Any sort of club is questionable, even if not designed or commonly used for fighting, but a walking stick is common, and at least it's something. A baseball bat in a car with no game pending is suspicious, as is a tire iron under the seat when it should be elsewhere, but there is one exception. The locking steering wheel "Club" was even given away to all comers in my city by the police department in an effort to deter vehicle theft, and it belongs right beside the driver's seat. For anyone in the US where the devices originally reviewed are legal it's great to have those options, (some, like pepper balls, I'd never heard of), so thanks for a well presented and comprehensive post.
  12. Of course any one of those things would land you in trouble with the law in Canada, but the people getting in trouble with them in my neighbourhood are the gangbangers and hold-up artists. They are using bear spray mostly in the LTL category but paintball guns and stun guns are getting seized as well as handguns. Add sawed-offs and machetes and the odd zip gun and the list looks complete. I don't carry anything specifically for self-defence but I have a bum leg and sometimes I like to use a cane.
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