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  1. Rick

    survival related humour

  2. Rick

    survival related humour

  3. Rick

    Colt pocket positive

    That's nice! How old would it be?
  4. Rick

    Henry - U.S. Survival AR-7

    The fact that it all fits in the stock and stores as a compact unit is probably what sold most of these, so I wouldn't mess with it. You can put it away like that and when you need it grab that plastic thing and the whole rifle is in there. A Eugene Stoner design! That's something I didn't know until reading about them.
  5. Rick

    Henry - U.S. Survival AR-7

    I'm curious about how it shoots. Back in the 80's a friend bought an AR-7 and I tried it and pronounced it trash. It was awkward and the trigger was terminally clunky and so not very accurate. I've just read a brief history that explains how Charter Arms was probably the cause of most of those problems. The Henry, however, gets a good review and it seems they've done a lot of work on it. On the day I tried the AR-7 a few of us were out shooting gophers and I was using an old Savage 23-A Sporter with a heavy barrel and Lyman receiver sight so not really fair to compare them, but interestingly someone told me that the USAF once used the Savage Sporter rifle in .22 Hornet as a survival rifle as well. http:// https://www.alloutdoor.com/2014/02/04/history-ar-7-henry-repeatings-survival-ar-7/ "Congratulations, Henry — I think you have broken the cycle of the AR-7 and restored the honor of the Stoner design with your updated version of Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 Survival Rifle."
  6. Rick

    survival related humour

    Meanwhile in Siberia...
  7. Rick

    Saws ?

    I happen to have a 16pc set of reciprocating saw blades sitting in front of me and thought "Gosh, if I had a good handle for these I could cut through a lot of different stuff." It would be fairly compact as well. The handles I found online ranged from $15 - $50 for the Bosch. The folders are 6" but I don't see why you couldn't slap in the biggest blade you have if needed. There don't seem to be many of these handles on the market, and some resemble big utility knives, so I might actually prefer a substantial home-built one if I could get it, maybe with a guard to save fingers.
  8. Rick


  9. The classic lean-to shelter and reflector fire as outlined in Scouting for Boys is still one of the best.
  10. Rick

    Mossberg 590A1

    You should be a golden boy for pointing out a materials/design flaw. They're going to have to mail out a better replacement part to each purchaser or jeopardise an old reputation.
  11. Rick

    Highrise rescue backpack

    The ones currently on the market seem to work well. As some of us have no doubt seen on the news, people will jump to certain death rather than be burned alive so the escape packs sort of sell themselves. I'd rather strap on one that's been around for a bit and rigorously tested rather than the knock-off though. There seem to be some really good variants out there, Latchways PRD is a work safety device that allows a worker to let himself down after falling and being arrested by the device, in essence rescuing himself instead of having to summon others. A simple version of escape reel I saw on youtube seems to be the one that comes with some apartments in Korea. They seem to be more common in Europe and Asia than in North America, but that's a glass half full situation as far as sales is concerned. Tomas Bata, Shoemaker to the World told the story of 2 salesmen sent to Equatorial Africa to explore the market; one wired back, "Situation hopeless, no-one here even wears shoes." The other man wired back "Possibilities endless, no-one here has shoes yet!"
  12. Rick

    Highrise rescue backpack

    "Looks promising, what do you guys think?" Looks like a copy of this one https://www.amazon.com/SkySaver-260-Building-Escape-Backpack/dp/B013F0N7G0 except they spelled braking wrong.
  13. Rick

    Hi from Australia

    Welcome to the forum!