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  1. feral_hobbit

    Sling bag/ one strap back pack recommendations?

    I've never used a sling backpack. Was just curious if anyone had any experience with them. I've carried a messenger style bag for years and thought the one strap back pack might work for a light EDC load. I suspected it might slide around to the bottom. Just wanted to toss the question out before I spent any money on one.
  2. Anyone have any experience or recommendations on a less expensive edc single strap backpack?
  3. I'm a bit late to the thread, but I have been part of several groups. I've found that more people than one would expect join a group to be taken care of rather than contribute. I have decided to keep mostly to myself and close friends/family.
  4. feral_hobbit

    Best all-around caliber for BOB weapon?

    The 303 is far superior to the 30/30 as far as range and accuracy. The AK's 7.62x39 ballistics are more similar to the 30/30. I have an old enfield and absolutely love it.
  5. feral_hobbit

    Best all-around caliber for BOB weapon?

    More important than caliber, weapon type, etc is your ability to move and remain unnoticed. If a fire fight is forced upon you, you do not have to fight until all enemies are eliminated. There are more one shot stops on record for .22LR than any other caliber. It is a very versatile round. If you can't afford your "ideal" weapon, use what you have. Even the most expensive, tricked-out, custom firearm is not worth a dime without training and practice. That said, it really depends on your situation. If I was in an urban area, a bolt action is not what I would prefer. If I was in the mountains, a large caliber anything would be ok. I could trap and snare small game. Really just depends on your personal situation. Any firearm is better than none if you need one. Lots of good replies and info on this thread!
  6. It's just kind of fun. Especially with other preppers.
  7. There is also an app. I have an iPhone, so I got the app from the ape AppStore. Not sure about android.
  8. http://conflictedthegame.com/product/deck-1-conflicted-the-survival-card-game/
  9. I did a quick thread search and didn't see anything about this. Have any of you bought this game? I have two decks. It's a lot of fun. I've even manage to "prep-vangelize" (instead of evangelize)to a few friends using the cards.
  10. feral_hobbit

    Axes vs Heavy Duty Knives

    I think a lot of it depends on where you are. I never carry an axe. I am in an area where there is much bramble and many small trees. Lots of prairie grass. There are a lot of big trees as well, but a kukri or tomahawk works great. If I were in a pine or boreal forest I would have an axe for sure.
  11. feral_hobbit

    Awl you’ll need for field sewing.

    I've considered getting one of these for a long time. Just never knew how it worked.
  12. feral_hobbit


    It's been my experience that movement is the biggest giveaway. If you make smooth movements, not spastic or jerky movements, you are less likely to be noticed.
  13. Gear should compliment skill, not replace it.
  14. I have been following Elise & Thomas on G+ for a long time. Haven't been on in a while and just found this forum! Hope to be able to learn and share with you all.