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  1. Just caught the post on the MTJS page for diabetes - and without being diabetic myself, those that I know who are, they have stocks of Fanta - mostly because of all the 'sugar drinks' out there, it has the highest content of sugar of all (for when they're hypoglycemic (to low)) - So just my quick .02 worth!
  2. Concilium; Security Training

    Not on this first course (TSO) I did with them - this was all theory based and a lead up for their next course 'CAST' which is all field work based involving (mock) kidnappings, questioning, field survival, negotiations etc etc.... Perhaps for another time!
  3. Never been a big fan of chest rigs - can't get on my stomach properly enough to get a decent prone position for firing / observing / keeping a low profile. Belt kit all the way!
  4. Concilium; Security Training

    Hi Thomas, been a while since I checked in, but as a (belated) follow up - the course was very well run The religion side of the course was very minimal, and very little was dwelled on it.....but, well worth one's time. - Recommended
  5. First Aid

    Hey Rspreps, have you tried ITSTactical.com 's website? They've got some pretty good gear, but being here in Australia their website doesn't accept payment from Aust Credit Cards TACMED otherwise, pretty sure they post international.....so perhaps...... On another note, have been reading the latest post on the MTJS website - Asthma. - Since the fatalaties and hospital callouts since our Asthma fallout last year - we're in prep mode for this upcoming Nov Asthma 'season' again ( read; http://bit.ly/2xQLNz6
  6. First Aid

    Haven't checked in for a while (being 'out and about') but thought I might let you know, or make you aware of a new Tactical Medicine / First Aid provider here in Australia. - https://tacmedaustralia.com.au/ They've been running here in Australia for a few years, but have finally cemented themselves hopefully for the long haul. Just picked up one of their Tourniquets (fingers crossed I'll never need it - but trying to move on from improvised and modified setups). TACMED are the only current providers that I'm aware of that sell, or stock the level of first aid gear for advanced operators here in Australia So, check 'em out if you choose - but so far, very impressed with their gear.
  7. Concilium; Security Training

    Hi to all, Before I start, I'm not from any denomination, or faith background, but saw that an organisation here in Sydney known as 'Missions Interlink' had partnered with 'Concilium' and is delivering Travel / Austere - Hostile Environment Security Training - to which I've recently enrolled to build up the knowledge base, and get another point of view from other 'like' training courses I've attended. ref: https://concilium.us So, has anyone here had any experience with them - or know anyone who may have? Cheers,
  8. t I've been off this forum for a while (been out and about touring / swimming / trekking) can I say how much I love potatoes?! So easy to grow, and the benefits? as an example see; https://www.potatogoodness.com/nutrition/ I can mash, roast, ....well anything my imagination lets me do to them
  9. Do You Belong To Any Emergency Organizations?

    I looked into our local (Australian) State Emergency Service a long time back, but given the long drawn out beuracratic process of 'enlisting' and conditions of 'service' for me it was somewhat disheartening. My hats off (and respect) to all those that serve.
  10. Getting in shape - A skill I need more of!

    I've been in thoses periods of slump as well. Nothing makes me slack off more than the winter periods. Being a swimmer I admit the cold water (and weather) is depressing.......but I know once I get over the start, the continuing session starts to feel good. It's easier to stay in shape than get in shape Sorta the same, but I never go Open Water swimming without my tow'ed along dry bag.... al sorts of stuff from warm gear / dry gear (shoes for the walk back!), hexamine, brew gear, water and snacks plus comms...
  11. Home First Aid Kits for the Non-Medic

    Whilst I highly rate your First Aid set-up (thumbs up!) my own input is not to collect / stock anything I can't man carry - and as for some First Aid bags that are out there, (looking at one of the bags photographed) I've had better success from my local hardware shop with one of the high end tool bags - strong as hell, and already compartmentalised ready to go. Though as the title of thread states 'non-medic', I've learnt the hard way that First Aid (after doing, basic, advanced, wilderness / remote area courses) is really an 'improv' treatment. My own kit, on top of the First Aid manuals has a couple of anatomy books - the better I can learn about the body, the better I can create a management plan. (again, just my .02 worth )
  12. Check those Batteries!

    Getting a bit off track from the batteries thread, but the Clearance Diver designation for the Navy types is for those going Underwater (Scuba / Rebreather) whilst I was in the water 'On-Top'. (I only ever Scuba'd in my pers down time..... )
  13. Check those Batteries!

    Hi Dan, but yes I am Australian - and yes, we definetely have Cold Climates here in Aust! Tasmania, Parts of Victoria (Puckapanyl), South Australia (Murray Bridge / Cultana / Woomera) and even Queensland (Canungra) are some of the coldest parts of Australia I've trained in, though outside of Australia even the Higher Mountains of East Timor, and the (High) Ranges of Malaysia - all of those places dipped well below the 0' degree mark, and the batteries played nghtmare with us when exposed. As for the Scout Swimmer designation, I was an (Australian) Infantry Soldier first, that moved in to the Reconnaissance 'stream' (for the lack of a better word). The Scout Swimmer course was an additional build up or follow on course to our 'Base' Reconnaissance training. Hope that clears some of what your asking...
  14. Check those Batteries!

    Insulate them! I always remember (in my Mil life) having to insulate the batteries we carried. The cold weather would drain the life from them, so it was a matter of dividing up what we were carrying and sleeping with them in our sleeping bags so they were good for the next day / week / fornight on patrol.... Still keep the batteries I have at home insulated as best as practiable.
  15. every week, sometimes twice a week - I'm a First Aid Trainer