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  1. I'm building small emergency bags for the family (wife plus two kids) and decided to standardise on second hand Kanken backpacks off Ebay. They're very common so would blend in well, come in loads of different colours and are big enough to fit what we'd need for a "crap, we need to leave the flat NOW and we have no time to pack" situation. If you're in the UK also check out the Bushcraft UK classifieds as decent kit comes up very often there, sometimes at absolutely crazy prices.
  2. I recently purchased a Condor E&E (Thomas's review here) which has been great so far. It's rugged, unpretentious and pretty cheap.
  3. Today's pocket dump: Bellroy notebook cover Yubikey Neo Victorinox Evowood 10 Random lighter I got as a freebie somewhere Saddleback Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet
  4. My first exposure to the need to prep came a few years ago. My family lives in a block of flats in central London, UK. One day there was a fire in the basement of the block of flats. That destroyed the pump that delivers water to all the flats in the block and the power distribution equipment. For a week afterwards we had no water and no power. Fortunately we still had gas for cooking with otherwise we'd have been really screwed. After the power was reconnected I realised a few things: No-one cares more about your family's safety than you. Relying on others, whether that's local or regional authorities, is crazy. You have to take responsibility for yourself. People get really aggressive really quickly when the systems they depend on stop working. Within a day there were several times when fights almost broke out when frustrated people got angry with each other. And this was a fairly minor interruption, all things considered. Being able to tell your family that there's no need to freak out and you have options like a gas stove, canned food and flashlights makes a huge difference. Since then I've taken prepping more seriously for when something similar happens again, but this time on a much larger scale.
  5. Looking forward to the review - I have a Mini Griptilian and a Crooked River and they're both fantastic. The Crooked River in particular is a work of art.
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    Thanks Elise, I'm in and having a look around. Thanks!