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  1. Zackmars, you misunderstood me. It won't be because of those things. I believe it will be manufactured....for ulterior motives. Japan didn't want to invade America because of the number of patriots with guns. Same reason we didn't want to invade Japan (at the time). It is safer in New York City than Mosul or Kabul. Not so, Chicago? It has strict gun control laws, There are so many guns in the world that gun control is not possible. Bad people will fnd a way. $$. Or, use a knife to stab a policeman or innocent in the neck... Our world is spinning out of control. The powers will use Martial Law to subdue. PS. Sent you an email on here. Not sure if it went to you. It disappeared, LOL.
  2. Love peep sights!
  3. Castor Oil! Grandma was right! Larest studies show that it may fight certain cancers! Dr. Mercola has a pretty good rep.. Uses here: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2016/10/01/castor-oil-uses.aspx
  4. Cool! I have a S/W receiver with an extension antenna as well as 2 Baefong (sp?) hand-helds. Both Faraday protected. Kinda far away to hear from you, but S/W can have long reach! Kim
  5. Tick Key Remover: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B000R1D3KQ/ref=dp_olp_new_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=new
  6. ROFL!!! The first version (3rd line) was even better! How do you spell "Touche?" I don't think the .357 Kimber would be much fun to practice with....
  7. "The one most important aspect of lifetime preppers is that they are staunchly individual, likely to vigorously debate topics of interest and generally quite interesting as they are also original thinkers. They do not generally require a leader, and in fact tend to reject the premise that one is needed in any type of group setting, preferring instead to rely on a firm well put together group of like minds who all have valuable skill sets." You guys know who they are talking about! Us! "Vigorously debate". Who? Us? 🤣 Back to stacking hay in the barn....
  8. "Lifetime prepping individuals tend to be far more easy-going and almost always a bit easier to reason with and discuss things with. They understand things happen, and because of this they are often willing to try different approaches to better adapt and deal with the realities of life. This is personal experience of course, lifetime preppers understand that food is not pre-packaged it comes from animals and plants, they understand work is necessary to better ones life not just money and more importantly, they almost to a T are willing to change their views when faced with reality. Lifetime preppers often were born and raised on farms, ranches and occasionally inner urban (poverty level low middle class) areas, they have faced major events their entire lives and instead of fearing what may come they prepare for what has occurred as it generally happens again."
  9. I finally understand why I do what I do! I'm not a "Nut!" 🤓 Great article on different levels of "preppng" and the motivations for it. Dan Seven will like it (I think): http://www.thesurvivalistblog.net/doomsday-prepping-and-lifetime-prepping/ Ya'll stay safe now, ya hear?
  10. Top 10 compact/concealed carry sidearms. Nice, short review summaries. Kimber enters the fray with a new revolver that might be a handful with .357 loads: http://www.personaldefenseworld.com/2017/06/10-concealed-carry-handguns/#beretta-px4-storm-compact-carry-2
  11. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Augason-Farms-48-Hour-Emergency-Food-Supply-4-Person-Kit-94.47-oz/49382073
  12. 48 hour kit for 4 people on sale at our local store for $19.97! That is well under $0.50 per serving! https://www.walmart.com/ip/Augason-Farms-48-Hour-Emergency-Food-Supply-4-Person-Kit-94.47-oz/49382073
  13. Doesn't look like posters can delete once the editing time has passed. Not like Facebook, anway, LOL. Yes, some good info. The thread is about product reviews. That's why was interested in starting over. No feelings hurt. Kim