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  1. Comfrey tincture https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comfrey#Medicinal_use Amazing healing properties. Currently using it on an ugly finger wound (the tractor won the argument). Skin too torn up for stitches. So, compression, cleaning and home treatment with antibiotic ointment, etc.. Was heaing normally (slowly) until the wife suggested Comfrey. Healing process sped up by @30-50%?. Relieves itching and dryness associated with skin repairing itself. We are truley fearfully and wonderfully made.
  2. Look at these prices! https://www.augasonfarms.com/ https://valleyfoodstorage.com/product-sales-page/ https://www.mypatriotsupply.com/short_term_food_storage_s/187.htm
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    Amen! They need it!
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    Glad you are OK, Zackmars! We were far enough North to avoid any flooding. Some of our church members took a boat down and rescued or transported many folks. We heard of hay and feed shortages and livestock stranded with helicopter drops of hay. The Texas Dept. of Agriculture established feed drop off locations around the area. My neighbor donated hay, so we loaded 10,000 lbs and took it down to Beaumont on Tuesday. A local small town feed store donated 500 lbs of cow cubes. Got there just after the road re-opened. Amazing how much water came with the hurricane! It felt good to help, but the need is still great. Ya'll take care!
  5. Diamond 25, Maybe you could start a post on Non-firearm defense ideas!
  6. Another good article on "Pros" of revolvers: http://www.personaldefenseworld.com/2017/08/revolvers-new-shooters/#revolvers-1-2
  7. Here's a really balanced article that covers all kinds of firearm choices for real world homesteading. Great "Lessons Learned" and "Pros and Cons" rundowns. Might save someone a lot of money, too! Great advice on not drawing unessesary attention to oneself (read and you will catch it). Also, lessons for folks with fewer choices on firearms due to local laws. I agree (in general) that the AR15 in .223/5.56 is not good primarily for hunting and an AR10 in .308 is a preferred choice for food hunting. However, smaller wild pigs are an excellent food source. The .223 is an affordable practice and hunting caliber for smaller pigs, raccoons, coyotes, etc.. It doesn't damage as much meat as a .308 would and costs much less to purchase. Same with .22LR. It's appropriate for some situations and affordable. If military style weapons aren't an option for you, this is a good reference: http://www.thesurvivalistblog.net/gun-choice-mistake/
  8. We strayed off topic again.
  9. Another good article on the subject: http://tacticalintelligence.net/blog/pistol-vs-revolver-which-is-the-better-bug-out-gun.htm
  10. Great video on an affordable, classic revolver:
  11. Sorry! I went back and read the latest comments. I wasn't trying to be insensitive with the "Back on target" comment. It came back to me as "blunt", at least. I think Thomas was right. We can stay on topic and still discuss our opinions by starting a new post rather than straying off subject. I was about to ask to leave the forum because of the "distractions" on topic posts. But, having read all of your comments (slower), I applaud everyone's maturity and willingness to talk to each other. That's how families succeed. Zachmars, Dan Seven, Thomas. Keep on teaching!
  12. "Watching trends in the news (over time) makes me wonder if prepping for lawlessness should be my highest priority. It would encompass many skills. How can we best tailor preps to our unique environment and then prepare for daily life?" Cyber security tips? Home security tips? Situational awareness tips? Self-defense tips?