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  1. In China, for instance, the numinous force was believed to mirror the Sun’s annual journey through the Ecliptic–meaning its apparent path on the celestial sphere–and to circulate in a network of 12 primary jing luo (經络) known in English as the chinglo channels or simply channels or meridians (a term coined in 1939 by George Soulié de Morant, a French diplomat). These imaginary pathways run from head to toes and interconnect around 360 primary points on the skin.10 There is a strong possibility that the web of these channels was a rudimentary model of the vascular system that was conceptualized according to an episteme­–meaning a set of fundamental beliefs–that was based on astrological principles and mythology. This episteme­ also indicated that a person’s health and destiny are determined by the position of the Sun, the Moon, the 5 Planets and the apparition of comets, along with the person’s time of birth.11 In this worldview, each body segment corresponds to one of the 12 Houses of the Chinese zodiac system di zhi (地支) known in English as the Earthly Branches, and which consists of 12 two-hour (30°) divisions of the Ecliptic. The channels are therefore named according to their degree of yin (阴) and yang (阳), from tai yang (太阳) to jue yin (厥阴), which are terms that describe the phases and the positions of the Sun and the Moon.12 Each has five special points designated by the characters 水 (Water), 木 (Wood), 火 (Fire), 土 (Earth) and 金 (Metal) which are also the Chinese terms for Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Venus,13 and seem to correspond to the transit positions of these Planets in the matching House. Each point is also associated with a color, which comes from the visual appearance of the matching Planet in the night sky. Venus is white, Jupiter blue-green, Saturn golden-yellow, Mars red, and Mercury “black,” for it appears to be the dimmest of the five. Each of these points has also an occult connection with a direction, a segment of time, a season, a number set, a taste, a musical note, an internal organ, a body region, etc, in an ancient Chinese metaphysical cosmology often referred to as “correlative cosmology”14 and reminiscent of the esoteric and mystical beliefs held by Pythagoras of Samos (c. 580-c. 490 BC) and his followers, the Pythagoreans.15 In his occult and magico-mystical worldview, the nature of the life-force qi is often described in such terms: https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/astrology-with-needles/ More better explanation than my very raw explanation
  2. There are theory of medicine but cause a bit difficult to explaint to others so i made very short post. Tai yang (sun) Taiyang Small Intestine Meridian of Hand, https://tcmwiki.com/wiki/taiyang-small-intestine-meridian-of-hand Taiyang Bladder Meridian of Foot, https://tcmwiki.com/wiki/taiyang-bladder-meridian-of-foot Tai yin (full moon) Taiyin Lung Meridian of Hand,, https://tcmwiki.com/wiki/taiyin-lung-meridian-of-hand Taiyin Spleen Meridian of Foot, https://tcmwiki.com/wiki/taiyin-spleen-meridian-of-foot Jue yin (night with out moon) Jueyin Pericardium Meridian of Hand, https://tcmwiki.com/wiki/jueyin-pericardium-meridian-of-hand Jueyin Liver Meridian of Foot, https://tcmwiki.com/wiki/jueyin-liver-meridian-of-foot Yang Ming (morning sun after the night with out the moon) Yangming Large Intestine Meridian of Hand, https://tcmwiki.com/wiki/yangming-large-intestine-meridian-of-hand Yangming Stomach Meridian of Foot, https://tcmwiki.com/wiki/yangming-stomach-meridian-of-foot So the meredian chanel in your body connected or be influence with the actual movement of moon and sun
  3. Pistol or Revolver for Concealed Carry?

    Wel, arms or gun not so aviable to many Indonesian people, but there still robery with homemade guns sometimes. So I must choose bow and arrow maybe to self defense
  4. Sun (Tai Yang /太 阳), Sands (Earth/ Tu [土]), Sea (water / shui /水). Go to beach for male to play or swiming in sea water to strength the kidney, after that bake under the morning sun to vapor the water inside you, other variaton bury your body under the sands and bake it under the sun light. For Female, cause u have yin constitute body, you need the warm of sun and fire in the kitchen, in the beach importan for woman to bake the body under the morning sun, or bury your body under the sands and bake with sun light, female could not play or swiming with sea water to long, can not use bikini cause easy to make cold and winds come inside the body, arabian woman who closed her body with cloth only be seen eyes only; maybe they doing the right thing to do cause the cloth they wear protec they body from winds and colds. If you have uncure disases can not be cure by any kind medicate or medicine, or your disase to damend complicate so there no way and no where to go to cure the disases, I sugesst go to the beach, borrow the power of nature to help remedies or lighten your disases, espesially after full moonlight night and after night without moon. The beach must sepecific there no river close in area so there only salt water in the beach, of course the beach must natural and free from poluttan and free from dangerous chamical, in certain survival and emergency situation when hospital or health care prefail to help you or give certain medicate or medicine your needs to lighten your disease you could tried this sugesstion to lighten your disases Of course this not function if you get wound like stop bleeding, and it's would take times to works
  5. local emergencies near you?

    Jakarta, regular emergencies floods and we have usa laberatory (NAMRU-2 now change name as UIUC) in here doing something unknown to Indonesia goverment the issue ever become very hot potatoe in the past, somethought they collect virus seed sample later would be develop as biologic weapon and vacine, the building place under indonesia health minister complex building, but indonesia health minister could be difficult to come inside or step inside this building, it's very very strange thing. They maybe use loop hole law in usa laws, cause Indonesia teritory and region not bound by usa law, they maybe doing ilegal reseach who forbid by usa laws, the most woorry and fear are the leaks of the new biologi weapon in the development in this kind facility https://www.ft.com/content/5bc580e8-4bc1-11da-997b-0000779e2340
  6. New here

    Welcome to the forum
  7. Disabled Tapatalk

    I never use tapatalk a few forum suggest to use it, but i don't like it! From my side it's seem unlogic, why use it (tapatalk) when we able open the forum from browser? We have bookmark in the browser.
  8. They must have hair trimmer and nail cutter to make them look nice in the camera
  9. If you read carefully in dan bensky, your head hair are emergency food nutrient it's able to generate new blood, so in the survival or emergency situation if you did not have food you could make your head hair cut and carbonized, after that crush into powder and decocot (boil) and drink it. These information already aviable in "before common era" so more than a mellenium ago Suddenly his hair look yummy isn't it? (Joke)
  10. Be careful not burn the hair to became ash but to make it like charcoal (carbonized), burnt the hair to become ash would loss the power of healing or dicount very much the power of the medicine
  11. Next page 589 2017_08_08_19.17.32.pdf Sorry the file not in image like page 588 Source from 3rd edition Dan Bensky materia medica
  12. Carbonzied Human Hair (xue yu tan ) The Processing of Xue Yu Tan Origin The burning substance of human hair. Location Everywhere. The actual smell and taste Scorched smell when burning and bitter taste. Best quality Black, lustrous and light. Processing Collected, purified, washed by base solution and clean water, dried in the sun; calcined and ground into powder. The Effect of Xue Yu Tan Property Bitter, astringent, neutral; liver and stomach meridians entered. Actions Astringe and stop bleeding. Indications Bleeding This herb is bitter and astringent. It is used in charcoal. It can astringe and stop bleeding with the combining action of resolving stasis. It has the feature of stopping bleeding without remaining stasis and is indicated for all kinds of bleeding. It is used both externally and internally. For nasal bleeding and gum bleeding, it is used alone externally. For hemoptysis or hematemesis, it is usually combined with stasis-resolving hemostatics. For instance it is combined with Hua Rui Shi and San Qi in Hua Xue Dan from Yi Xue Zhong Zhong Can Xi Lu. For hematochezia due to fire of large intestine, it is combined with herbs that can clear fire of intestine and cool blood to stop bleeding. For instance it is combined with Di Yu and Huai Hua in San Hui San from Lei Zheng Zhi Cai. Dosage and Administrations Decoct 6~10g; take its powder l.5~3g. Proper dose for external application. https://tcmwiki.com/wiki/xue-yu-tan Note: can be use as one kind medicine ( able use as one medicine, able to use without mix withother herbs), you can take oraly (internal) or use for eksternal aplication. Remember this human hair are natural human hair, not human hair with chamical like dyed human hair. Human hair in this category are Human Head hair not human body hair, human body hair have diffrent property than human head hair. For external application you can crush carbonized human hair into powder and mix with oil ( in china ancient times not know the alcohol to steril so they use oil, i just suggest warm the oil to steril the oil, in modern times this oil maybe could be replace into alcohol). If you use oil I suggest sesame oil cause sesame oil not be filter by liver than other oils, in survival or emergency situation every oil or alcohol are fine to application to stop bleeding. So in survival or emergency situation your hair would help you to stop bleeding if you know how to make it into medicine
  13. How to make pyrethrin from crysanthemum https://www.thespruce.com/pyrethrin-insecticide-definition-1902891 It is amazing my dry season tea, i regular drink this and one chinese slimming tea who have effect remove warm or heat inside to become more cooling to my body could be use as insectiside, the most suprised it not difficult to extract this pyrethrin; before it i think need like essencial oil extract who are more difficult to do.
  14. if it's shtf, it will mean combat.

    Regular herbalist never kill people, well we cure people but read this kind post just make me think how we herbalist go to combat in the fields direct approach maybe we can not do it, so posibble undirect methode so i think what kind undirect approuch what herbalist could do, well we could not make poison smoke cause the posible return to our self or group cause wind direction unpredicted. So posibble throught water source or water supply, just a thinking way cause this first post make me think "what happend if your food supply been robs by other" how use your skill in combat fields and looking maybe other skill would finds they way to use in combat fields too, how they do every skill maybe have uniqe way go to combat fields. We certainly could not poison our ration to keep/ defend from robbery cause it's dangerous for ourself and the group, so posibility left to water source or water supply Also looking how other profesian skill in combat field, like chemistry, biology, etc do they way or uniqe way in combat skill maybe use insects, animal or nematoda who know they capable to do in combat fields? How we would know or finding fact to know what happend before to late or neutralize or at least defend from it
  15. Beawre for this poisons plant and fungi https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_poisonous_plants https://www.britannica.com/list/7-of-the-worlds-most-poisonous-mushrooms