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  1. My version of the Norwegian saami knife. Handle is made from aluminum, elk antler, leather spacers and curly birch. Blade is a Helle knives Lappland (12c27 Sandvik), of course a bit extra sharpened and polished by me. The sheath is a simple pouch style sheath with rabbit fur along the mouth, and 2 Greek letters burned in. This knife was bought as a present to send to Greece. It's better known from it's Finnish name, Leuku. It's basicly the same thing, just regional differences.
  2. Another knife for another friend. Raindrop damascus, ash, leather and moose antler in the handle. I was 19 when I made this one
  3. A knife I made for a close friend. Kirinite handle, 1095/15N20 damascus blade and kydex sheath
  4. I'm bringing this thread back to life! These pictures are of knives I have sharpened/restored for either myself or for customers. The knives are: 1: Spyderco Manix 2 2: A replica of a knife found in a viking burial site from the 9th century, the Gokstad ship. 3: A replica of a small medieval knife found outside Re, T√łnsberg in Norway (one of our more important medieval cities) 4: An old Cold Steel SRK in Carbon V from around year 2000 5: A MCusta Tactillity from Seki, Japan. VG-10 with nickel damascus on the sides 6: An old Brusletto carving knife.