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  1. Need Help

    So I can't find any store that has a crossbow replacement string for an 120 pound recurve crossbow. Hunting season Is coming soon. How specific are strings ? Will a 150 pound crossbow string work for my cb? Will a 17 inch string fit or do I need 26.75? Field and stream AND Cabelas don't have any replacement bowstrings. Shocking. Two specialty stores don't have every hunting need. Tried calling Gander mountain but the line was busy. So, I'm limited to ordering online. Already have three sites in mind. Pm or reply please. Time sensitive. Id like to get the string before the end of the 8th, as opening day is sunrise the next day.
  2. if I can have only one item (other than clothes)

    While many countries have "freedom'' or are sovereign, the same level of freedom as the US does not apply. As you have shown, Dan, most of those countries are either communist or otherwise oppressive. Germany, Japan, North Korea, China, Australia, possibly Canada and definitely Russia. Once again, you have too much of a modern sense of Arms. It's possible that the countries allow swords, bows and other medieval arms. With England and Scotland being the core of such history, think outside guns.
  3. if I can have only one item (other than clothes)

    Don't know about other states, but wild boar, coyote, beaver, woodchuck, groundhog, nutria, snake, and a few others have no closed season. Wolves here are protected and coyote hunting in the east requires a permit. Dare county and such. However, in a Shtf or Wrol situation, poaching becomes traditional or old world hunting. No license needed or limits.

    I said the original, the puckle gun. Again, Arms are not the issue. The US has so many problems and guns owned by open carriers and such are not it. This is going to be long and I will add to thispati me thisweek. Lack the patience to attempt typing such a long post on such a small keyboard and it's. vexing, as I have already made mistakes. Continue Friday or so.

    Wrong. The second states the Right to keep and bear Arms. It says nothing about muskets or firearms. You really want to talk about law and such? Look at Atf form 4473 or 44. It already prohibits the sale and transfer to mentally ill, felons, those dishonorably discharged, those found guilty of domestic violence, etc. Under federal law, straw purchases are illegal. New York has the SAFE Act, which makes Assault Rifles and lookalikes illegal. Course, that was forced down their throats and could easily violate title 18 USC 241, Conspiracy Against Rights if it's filed in class action. It also applies in IL, Chicago where co2 guns and replicas are illegal to ship, where batons are illegal, where tasers, co2 guns over or at 700 fps and even antique firearms are considered firearms and require a FOID card. Tasers are illegal an d so are knives over three inches. Furthermore, there are specific laws to follow to legally own and possess SBRs, SBSs, AOWs, explosives and Destructive Devices. A big bore musket is not a DD. A DD would be a militarized tank, PTRS, boys, bazookas, rpgs, street sweeper, etc. The problems lies with evil intent, not with inanimate objects. Now, a car or truck is or can be a 2500 lb to 10 ten deadly weapon. Should we ban that too? As I said before, I don't scare easily, if at all. I was victim of a hit and run may 12th. I don't hold it against all motorists, just that asshole. It's the same with Open Carriers, licensed concealed carriers, etc. You seem focused on the wrongdoers and mental. Lastly, you are right the Second is not a license to kill but wrong about what the forefathers envisioned. The original Gatling gun, the puckle gun, even the 4th century repeating crossbow. Judge not by what one carries or wears, but by their actions.


    No. Listen to what you just said, Dan. You are advocating for a communist country and Martial Law being enacted to seize Arms by Force. History shows communism,fascism and socialism do not work and only open the door to heinious acts like Starvation, oppression, Genocide, etc. Lenin. Stalin. Mao. Hitler. Putin. The Holocaust. The Holodomor. Do you really want such chaos, strife and crimes against Humanity to reoccur? If you truly believe that, then you are part of the problem. Letting a wide spread police state occur will only give birth to The USSA. United Socialist States of America. Look in depth, there are A lot more political parties than just the Green party, independent, Republicans and Democrats. Furthermore, it would not end with just a firearm seize, if the sensitized idiots won, it would extend to every Arm ever made. Maybe watch Revolution and see if that's the life you want. It's a fact that court appointed attorneys are overwhelmed and underpaid. You take away the 2nd amendment, you violated Article 3 of Human Rights and You will be overwhelmed and unable to handle the huge number of people needing help. Criminals, punks find a way. If our ability to defend ourselves is no more, then Marauders and criminals will be the ones armed and able to easily harm us. Evil finds a way.

    Obama, Feinstein and such tried this by banning guns but thanks to The Constitutionalists, Activists and Patriots, whom fought for our rights, it didn't happen. Thanks to GOA, NRA and Human Rights Advocates as well. Not saying it can't still happen, but like my post in another thread, I hope it doesn't occur for three to 5 years, as time is our best defense and ally.
  9. Multiple Defense Options

    Police have a broader job. HRS is only for High Risk situations. My Job starts when there's suspicion by my client of being raped, assaulted, kidnapped or stolen from. Police respond, they don't prevent. It's not my job to "clean up the streets.''. I protect my clients and friends. That's it.
  10. Multiple Defense Options

  11. Multiple Defense Options

    You miss my point. The point I made was that situations occur and it's better to defend yourself than be a victim. I never once said it's high probability, What I have said and been saying is it's a reality. The chance of such risks is far less that war or more recently, The Ukrainian Conflict, but it does happen. Speaking of graphs and charts.
  12. Still looking for a group. One of the reasons I'm here, to meet like minded individuals and slowly establish trust when building a team. Safety in numbers no matter if it's a Dangerous hunt or SHTF. I'm fairly private and not discussing my preps, nor current gear and equipment. I may be bold, but I'm cautious and careful enough to not assume not approach random people in stores, etc and talk about survivalism. In my experience, most are fakes or merely just tourists or recreational it's that think things are fun and games.
  13. if I can have only one item (other than clothes)

    One Item is nearly impossible for SHTF, WROL or any bug out situation. Food, water, shelter and defense/security are the 4 needs. 3 of the 4 are for your health. Clothes are a subcategory of shelter, as you need protection against the elements. A truck or car or even suv can act as improvised shelter if you don't have time to grab your tent or don't have a shelter in a Bug out location. Defense protects the first 3. Anything else is extra. So for me, it would be Arms to cover the fourth and the previous three.
  14. SHTF just on the horizon?

    I know another free and peaceful day or week is not guaranteed, but I am hoping that SHTF or WROL does not occur for at least 5 years. I still need time to recover and rebuy all the gear and supplies that was stolen last year and get additional preps as well. The recovery will take at least 2 to 3 years. Plus, I want a good trustworthy team on my side with me beforehand. Shit has been rediculous since Clintons hypocrisy, he lived in a Constitutional Carry state, Arkansas, yet, imposed the Brady bill, the assault ban and the no guns on military bases law, leaving the military defenseless against threats, which opened the door to the Fort Hood incidents. Obama was even worse, as are nutjobs like feinstein and Bloomberg as well as Gary McCarthy. My thoughts on Shtf is it will be either like TWD or Red Dawn. With the average preppers and survivalists having limited income and not able to prep fast like doomsday preppers, time is our best defense and ally.
  15. Multiple Defense Options

    Here's an example of what I've been saying. Average guy trying to have a peaceful and fun hike and gets disrupted and approached by two hostile and likely drunk men, he tries to diffuse and deescalate the situation, but the two men continue to impede his travel and infringe on his freedom of movement, guaranteed to him by The Human Rights Declaration. Rather than turning his back and risking being a victim, he quickly assesses the situation and uses reasonable force to prevent bodily harm and defends himself.