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  1. Rabbits

    Thanks for the replies, rabbits are @ 4 months old now so another couple of months and they will be , looking forward to my attempts at tanning after first learning to dispatch and skin rabbits. Never realized the number of different methods to scan a skin but enjoying finding out about the different approaches.
  2. Tomatoes

    We use the water bath canning method, just add lemon juice and salt then place in the water bath and heat. Sometimes we add a herb such as basil for a slight flavouring, easy and simple which is what I like! We have also dried some tomatoes this year by placing them on foil and leaving them in the car, works a treat.
  3. Tomatoes

    You are well in front of us, here our tomatoes are only just turning red though we have been picking our small yellow cherry tomatoes for a couple of weeks now. What we do not eat or feed to the chickens and rabbits we jar so we have sufficient to see us through to the following year. I did not know you could just freeze them so will find out how and give it a go this year. The main reason we jar them is that power outages are a regular occurrence here during the winter months and can often last for several days and in exceptionally bad weather weeks!
  4. Thanks for the idea, I had a quick look at what is available and will definitely do some further investigation. Thanks for the reply and link, I am not in the UK but can get things from the UK brought here for me. There is a wide variety of equipment for sale on the site so I will keep an eye on what becomes available. Thanks for the informative post, certainly not worried about the "cool" factor just practical and efficient factors, also a reasonable backpack fits in with one of my tentative future plans if I have to leave here. Thanks everyone for your replies.
  5. I am not sure if this is in the right place so MOD's/Admin feel free to move if you wish. I have been working my way through this site and a couple of others and feel it is now time to start putting together a Grab/Go to/Bug Out Bag or whatever you wish to call it. Bearing in mind we have no income here (not complaining this life was our choice!) so it will have to be done on an "Add to when you can afford it" basis over a period of time and strictly budget gear through necessity. First thing I started looking at was bags and I soon discovered the prices for gear in America is so much cheaper than UK prices in fact, often the dollar sign is dropped and it is replaced by a pound sign! An example on Amazon.co.uk is the 3V GEAR PARATUS 3 DAY OPERATOR'S PACK £110 + £5 delivery in the UK, on Amazon.com $80 which is £62, so UK buyers are paying nearly double the price, many other items follow the same lines, some rip off!! Still an old holdall will do for now Anyway I my rant causes me to digress..... I am starting this thread in order to monitor how I get on over the next..............months.............years!!! Should be slow but fun to see how things progress and what I end up with, time to get my bartering head on. Oh, I forgot to mention we have no mail service in our village to receive anything but that is just another minor problem we should have resolved soon!!!
  6. Geese

    Just been given these today as payment for helping out a neighbour, they are only 4 days old, so................what do I do with them? Luckily they came with a bag of food!! Looks like another area to be fenced of for them when they grow and another night on the internet reading up how to keep them but for tonight they are in the porch with the broilers, rapidly running out of space at present but it would seem they are cheap to keep and easy to breed. Normally these neighbours give us a fresh goose every christmas but it is already prepared for cooking, another learning curve begins but this life of self sufficiency is certainly not an easy one and I admire anyone that is attempting it.
  7. Short answer is "Yes" on occasions, but they never seemed to suffer any long term effects from it. Cats are naturally inquisitive and are born predators when a scorpion bumps into a cat it would try to make a swift exit (they literally turn tail and scarper) but the cat would chase it, play with it and often actually eat it. Fascinating to watch and it would seem the agility and speed of the cat is the determining factor. Apologies KCM for wandering way off topic!!
  8. Rabbits

    Using battery acid made me wonder as well! I am looking for the more natural approach as I am sure people in "earlier times" did not use battery acid!! So far the egg or brain method seem to be the way to go.
  9. Rabbits

    Thanks I was not aware of that. It gets so cold here we are planning on housing them inside during the winter. We have rigged a membrane under the cages so their urine goes through but all their "dumps" roll down to a collection tray as this can be utilized immediately on the garden, so some good manure as another useful by product.
  10. Rabbits

    New project started today, after my introduction to rabbit keeping I have acquired two young Californian rabbits today hoping to breed them in the coming months, the aim being to raise the youngsters for food along side our chickens. I would also like to be able to learn how to tan (if that is the correct word?) their fur naturally so any pointers would be appreciated I have been looking on the internet but most sites use chemicals when I would prefer a "natural" way even if it takes longer and is harder (I hope that makes sense). Two new things to attempt to learn that I am looking forward to.
  11. Picture a day thread!

    Collecting the hay in exchange for tomato plants and a lesson on rabbits! Bartering at its best!
  12. Pathetic Prepper?

    Sorry for the taking a while to reply. We currently have a Residency Permit but these are issued under the terms agreed for EU (British) residents, Non EU residents are not allowed to hold property here in their own name, under the system (which is likely to be implemented) you have to set up a company and transfer your house and car (amongst other things) into this company, you then submit a tax return every year even though it is in effect a non operating company. It cost many people a lot of money to disband these companies when Bulgaria joined the EU and the cost to open and then transfer everything back to a company (bearing in mind a tax is levied against these transfers) will not come cheap. Also UK(EU) Driving licences will become invalid as will the EHIC so private health care insurance will be required, various other issues have already been brought forward by the Bulgarian Authorities. I will stress that currently these are only proposals that are bring aired no decisions have yet been made but the anticipated costs involved, will be for me, out of reach as I have no income and limited capital. Many people are already selling up and heading off which is daft as who knows what the future holds and I would much rather be poor and self sufficient here than slaving away for nothing somewhere else, besides life is a challenge here that I will continue to enjoy while I can! PS. But I still have various ideas for when the crunch comes.
  13. When in the Middle East we used two ways to stop scorpions: Cats - obtained several outside semi feral cats that used to catch, play with and kill them. Borax - sprinkle the powder around, the scorpions eat it and the borax crystals destroy it from within. I understand Diatomaceous Earth does the same but have never used it. Fascinating creatures and most are not harmful.
  14. We also have an unofficial bartering/exchange system here with different villagers but this relationship has evolved as we have become more self reliant, we have no income so we do what we have to do to survive and stay here which is why we were aiming at being self sufficient. We grow butternut squash and store them in a cool dark place over winter, they last for many (@ 5/6 months). They make lovely chips when lightly coated with oil and herbs then popped into the oven to crisp up. They also taste nice grilled with a coating of honey on top. Our chickens love the surplus seeds but we always save several from each squash to replant the following year. Another thing we do here, cultivate and collect seeds so we do have to buy them, slowly getting the hang of it! Courgettes we make bread out as they just keep growing here, we eat it fresh and freeze many loaves for the winter months, the dogs, chickens and us enjoy it as toast so a good all round cheap staple food.
  15. Pathetic Prepper?

    Thanks everyone for the "Welcomes" @ThomasSmall house sitting on @ 2200 square metres on the edge of a village where I often go weeks without seeing anyone, I have divided and use one half of the land for all the fruit/veg and one half for the chickens, dogs and hopefully soon to get rabbits. Taken a while to turn the soil from clay to something useful, must be the only nutter who goes around the village with a wheelbarrow asking the villagers for their manure. Brexit here (we have been warned) means reverting back to Bulgarian pre Europe rules, no panic, what will be will be, I will tackle this year's challenges and have a couple of loose plans for moving on in a couple of years if need be.