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  1. It's a bit strange, but the past week of slightly lower temps, constant overcast skies and a lot of light rain, ahead of the incoming hurricane, is making the tomatoes and peppers go absolutely nuts with vine growth and flowering. Nope, nope, not a strange growing season at all......
  2. The cucumbers at the facility did ok, basil did pretty well after a battle with Japanese beetles, squash and zucchini were coming along until human footprints stomped hell outta the plants. Guess someone hates squash. Sunflowers and marigolds and zinnias were about all that did well, in the flower section. At home, the freebie Hungarian wax peppers, cayenne and cherry tomatoes are going nuts after a hot weather lull.Most herbs are just ok, Cuban oregano not bad, not great, but you need <40 F Temps or a flamethrower to kill that stuff. Still a crappy year, in general
  3. NOT a political post. This has just been my worst growing season ever, and I'm 65. Odd weather has kicked my butt this year. Here in Va, it was too cold and wet to plant until almost June. We have alternated record high rainfall and record high temperatures. My tiny semi hydroponic herb and tomato garden did just ok. The raised beds at a local assisted living facility we support were a disaster. Baked desert one day, swamp the next. If I was a pioneer in the area in the past, I would be thinking up recipes for cooking my shoes this winter. Anybody have a good growing season this year?
  4. I have always had problems with blossom end rot, due to calcium deficiency, in my tomatoes, even after mixing eggshells into the potting mix and spraying with calcium supplement. I tried something weird this season. In late spring, I tried covering about 2 dozen eggshells in a quart of cider vinegar, and leaving them, with occasional "burping", the container to vent CO2. Eventually, only the inner soft shell lining remained, and pH was close to 7. Strained, and diluted 3:1 and gave plants a 1 cup soil drench 1x week. So far, great crop of big girls and cherry tomatoes, with no blossom end rot. It might work
  5. Wyzyrd

    SURVIVAL necklace

    Cool setup 1 piece of uninvited advice, add something like 2 loops and a rubberband, something breakable. An acquaintance slipped coming out of a tree stand several years ago, and hooked his skinning knife on a paracord loop on a branch. Fortunately, the branch broke before his neck did. I got paranoid, and now use really cheap bead chain, usually inside a piece of aquarium tubing, so my neck doesn't turn green.
  6. Wyzyrd

    Why Being Prepared Pays Off In The Long Run

    Sorry to hear that, @dthomasdigital, a damn shame my only suggestion, worth exactly what you paid for it, would be to try treating the trees with compost tea fertilization. Based on our mostly unscientific experiments, it really kicks up vegetative growth (herbs and lettuces), but not great for blossoms and fruiting growth. (Tomatoes ) what makes me think it might help the trees is that the overspray and drainage into soil have made the volunteer maple saplings and that $÷%*£@( Euonymus bush go batsh*t crazy with leaf and branch growth good luck, my friend
  7. Wyzyrd

    Desert Monsoon Season

    One reason I moved to Va 40 years ago was general lack of weird weather. Not so much lately. Record low temperatures and record low snowfall last winter. Too cold and rainy for spring planting in March and April and May. Record high temperatures and rainfall with Shenandoah river flooding about every 3 weeks since May. Better off than much of the country, but it ought to raise eyebrows, at least. Damn shame that superstition and profit motive have overruled scientific consensus that us dumb humans are making bad things worse worldwide.
  8. Laughing, because I have most of those items nail clippers are great for trimming monofilament fishing line, too. Wooden spring clothespins have a million uses, not the least being dry kindling in a wet weather emergency situation. I guess my 2 oddballs would be a 4-in-hand farrier's rasp for cleaning up surfaces on hillbilly hacks in wood, plastics and soft metals, and a marlinspike made out of a paracord wrapped dulled-point aluminum shrimp deveiner I got for 3 bucks. Absolutely invaluable when dealing with any sort of cordage project.
  9. Wyzyrd

    Hunting 2018

    Just still looking for a spot to hunt this fall
  10. Wyzyrd

    Buy a Homestead

    As I get older, less than an hour from real hospitals and emergency services has gotten more important. Also remember that an hour in August may not be the same as an hour in February.
  11. Wyzyrd

    Rabbits Suck!

    Ground chile peppers, such as cayenne , Habanero or hotter should work ok. Black or white pepper might be too mild. The hotter, the better. Adding fresh or granulated garlic and/ or onion doesn't hurt, either. With ground spices probably best to strain through paper coffee filters, or something similar to avoid clogging your spray bottles.
  12. Wyzyrd

    howdy from east texas..

    Welcome from Va.
  13. I'm both in a fairly warm climate and an admitted heretic, so my opinion is worth exactly what you paid for it. My usual edc carry is a Cold Steel kitchen classics paring knife in a homebuilt leather sheath that also holds a ceramic crockstick. For camping, I add a "Canadian belt knife", either a stainless Cold Steel, or my old Herters carbon steel, to my belt, and a sheathed (cheap) kitchen cleaver vs a hatchet in my pack, and an old Normark cruiser axe in the vehicle. I like the cleaver because it is more precise than a hatchet, and seldom need the axe. Ymmv.
  14. Wyzyrd

    Rabbits Suck!

    Just got a "cabbage worms in the greenhouse " msg from my biz partner. Rather than tell him for the nth time that the open vents can't be properly screened, reminded him that the same pepper "mace" spray will repel most harmful insects.
  15. Wyzyrd

    Picture a day thread!

    Just something to make people smile. This year, I have a momma Robin nesting in my climbing rose bush.