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  1. It's kind of a hillbilly hack because I'm broke and cheap, but for most of the woodworking tools, I use 1000, 2000, and 3000 grit emery cloth, spray glued to some scrap 1x3 lumber, then a leather strop. Works pretty well for me
  2. I'm no expert at all, but there is a lot of cop-based info still around from the last century about "cops use revolvers because they are simple and don't break, look at Dirty Harry" Technology has improved since John Moses Browning's day, and few cops still use revolvers as primary carry. There's a reason for that.... Now, I still like my Judge loaded with .410 field load in copperhead country, or next to the bed, loaded with rubber buckshot, but maybe that's just me. . )
  3. Dried beans will lose nutritional value with time, but the really annoying part is that after a year or 2 storage, you really have to almost double the soak and cook time to get them edible
  4. Lol, back in the early 70s, someone marketed an "organic insect control" system on various magazine classifieds. It ended up consisting of 2 pieces of scrap 2x4 lumber labeled A and B and the written instructions "Entice offending insect onto block A. Strike sharply with block B."
  5. Same 2 towers, about 3 or 4 weeks later
  6. Our first 2 (of 8 so far) hydroponic towers, after 3 weeks grow time in the greenhouse. We have already harvested swiss chard, Chinese cabbage and herbs. Great growth so far
  7. In some ways, we all need a reality check about safety and security. Are the situations really worse, or are we just hearing about them faster, and framed in volatile language to support the various flavors of tinfoil hat being peddled by the media outlets? There has never been a golden age in all human history. It just took days or weeks or months or years for news to propagate, vs. Milliseconds. Today, when a US soldier is killed or injured in combat, it is a front page news item on the Internet. A 500 casualty week might be page 3 during the Vietnam war. Protect yourself, yes. Lock your doors, yes. Don't do dumb things like buy gas and beer at 3am, yes. Expect the Golden Horde and the Zombie Apocalypse? Nahhhh...
  8. Not really a normal garden this year, but I can post pics of the hydroponic towers as soon as phone camera decides to cooperate.
  9. NOWHERE near as complete as Mr. Gough, but if you have a relatively hot and relatively dry summer environment, a "pretty good, quick and dirty" cooling system can be built out of earthenware plant pots, sand and some water. Has kept my beer cool even in humid VA summers. Search your search engine of choice for the term "zeer". An oldie but goodie.
  10. A weird one I just learned: A quick and dirty bulkhead fitting (sealable hole in a watertight container) can be made with pvc conduit fittings, as these have straight vs. Tapered threads. Use male and female "threaded adapters" and thick silicone o rings. Some silicone caulk too doesn't hurt. I'm joining 5 gallon buckets for a hydroponics system. The "real" fittings cost 7-12 dollars us each. The conduit version is about $2 each. Be sure you use primer and cement if joining to schedule 40 pvc pipe.
  11. Lol, that's where I started using the quote "we're all in this together".
  12. Years ago, Red Green was on late Saturday nights on some PBS stations in the US. Great show
  13. A quick note on hugelkultur beds (which are a great idea): In the first year or two, the biological decomposition action in the buried wood will eat up a LOT of nitrogen from the surrounding soil. Add a boatload of compost and maybe even cover crop with a nitrogen fixer like perennial white clover to cut down on the need to keep adding more and more compost to replace what the rotting wood uses up.
  14. Alas, Mike Oehler passed away about a year ago. His books are most definitely worth reading. Mike's designs are not the usual 'build a basement and bury it' layouts. Very innovative, and Willling to discuss what didn't work as well as what did. His earth sheltered greenhouse book is especially good.
  15. A small multitool, a small flashlight, a good firesteel, a surplus p38 can opener, and 6 to 8 feet of paracord as a braided fob on your Keychain is a pretty good starting point. Add a good folding knife and another flashlight in pocket or purse, and some booboo first aid items in the tin, and you ßhould be covered to get back to the big kit in the van:)