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  1. Wyzyrd

    Rabbits Suck!

    Just got a "cabbage worms in the greenhouse " msg from my biz partner. Rather than tell him for the nth time that the open vents can't be properly screened, reminded him that the same pepper "mace" spray will repel most harmful insects.
  2. Wyzyrd

    Picture a day thread!

    Just something to make people smile. This year, I have a momma Robin nesting in my climbing rose bush.
  3. Sorry to hear, @dthomasdigital. In a former life, we provided voice services for vision-impaired folks. Probably the best resource for information is the National Federation of the Blind, at nfb.org . Great, helpful people and a great list of possible resources.
  4. Wyzyrd

    Rabbits Suck!

    Just a aside, you can do something similar using water vs. Oil to make the spray, but it won't extract as much capsaicin and you'll have to reapply more often, like every day. The oil sticks better, so will last a week or so or until a heavy rain. Hopefully, your local rabbits aren't Thai food fans
  5. Wyzyrd

    Rabbits Suck!

    That's a pro rig, well done. Didn't get to order my batch from Hatch this year though
  6. Wyzyrd

    Rabbits Suck!

    Just in case you are not used to dealing with very hot capsicums like Habaneros, Thai birds, or Asian dried varieties, "double bag" your gloves, especially if you use nitrile , and wash hands with soap BEFORE going to the bathroom. Spice burns are no fun at all. The capsaicin that burns is oil based so water only spreads it around. Olive oil is probably the best remedy if your skin gets irritated, even if you touch your eye. Being extra careful is even better
  7. Wyzyrd

    Rabbits Suck!

    My sympathies... get a gallon of the cheapest veggie oil you can find, and a couple pounds of the hottest, nastiest, most evil dried chile peppers you can find. Heat the oil, not terribly hot, and steep the peppers (outside) for a few hours. Cool and strain and put in spray bottles . Wear gloves,a mask and eye protection to spray all around the plants. Deer and rabbits will avoid. Good luck and be careful , also works as Mace.
  8. Wyzyrd


  9. Something I have had next to me in every vehicle I have owned since 1970, either an old-type straight lug wrench, or more recently, a gooseneck crowbar. Could definitely be used as an impact weapon. When I was in high school, my best friend's uncle died in the line of duty with the NYPD, burned to death in a car that was wrecked during a chase. He had broken his old school wooden night stick attempting to lever the steering wheel off his chest. We all started carrying lug wrenches next to the driver's seat, and I never stopped.
  10. The longer I use it, the more I like the cheap Cold Steel Kitchen Classics 3 inch paring knife, in a sheath, over all my folders (which I still carry). Small, light, easy to keep sharp, non-threatening. Love that little knife.
  11. Wyzyrd

    New List of Long Term Storage Items

    As another (pipe) smoker, zippo lighter flints. 91% isopropyl alcohol will work, sorta, in a zippo, as well as being a disinfectant and fire starter. (Try this to start bbq charcoal.. no kerosene flavor). For barter, think Dollar Store. To quote a late friend who got out of Eastern Europe a step ahead of the nazis, "shtf, nobody makes change. You want a loaf of bread and have a silver dime. You have a gold kruggerrand, guess what it costs?" Bulk packs of toothbrushes, disposable razors, kids books or KJV Bibles or crappy fake swiss army knives that cost a buck now might get you a trade for something that would otherwise cost gasoline or food or ammo.
  12. Wyzyrd

    Where do I start

    A while back, a member who lived on a sailboat (mea culpa, can't remember who) posted instructions for removing the spigot from boxed wine bags using hot water for cleaning and water storage. I'll look around when I get back home
  13. Wyzyrd

    Where do I start

    Well, can only stash a few cases this way, but try putting them on end, shortest side up and down, behind a couch. Works ok, not perfect
  14. Wyzyrd

    Where do I start

    Ummmmm... as long as the questions are just stupid, like most of mine, and not overtly inflammatory, you have found the right place.
  15. Wyzyrd

    Power company

    Outlier weather events always cause problems when the infrastructure isn't ready for them. Government funding is based on previous few year averages, not on historical maximums. In my area, 10 inches of snow, 4 or 5 times per winter used to be normal before things started getting hotter on average. Now, 4 inches is a disaster, but 2 or 3 gets only mimimal cleanup, because it will likely be gone in a couple days, but warnings go out that creeks and rivers will flood. Interstate highways get plowed, not local streets and roads. I'm reminded of my first winter in Virginia, after 4 years in Ithaca, NY. 3 days of 2 inch snowfall shut the whole town down. University classes cancelled, city buses not running, roads closed. I walked the quarter mile to the hospital, and ran the lab alone. Got commended for it, and commented "Where I came from, that's how much snow we got on days that it didn't really snow." It's all relative, but you still need to be prepared for the unexpected.