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  1. We use both for CC. Wife and daughter carry Lady Smith Model 60 357 Magnum Revolvers with 158gr Hornady XTP and the men carry 1911 45ACPs with 230gr Hornady +P XTP when off the ranch. I'm more comfortable with the ladies in my life carrying revolvers. Nothing to clear so no need to fumble or look down at the firearm just keep your eyes on the target point and shoot until empty or the threat is nutralized. We shoot a lot of skunks, possums and predators out here but never once shot one with a 357 Magnum or 45ACP handgun lined up lengthwise. Mostly we use 22 Short for the small pests and that does the job instantly. Larger predators are taken with .223's or 12 Gauge shotguns depending on where they are and what we're doing. I was raised in a gunshop, spent 2 decades in the Marines and theirs some really crazy remarks in this thread.
  2. Dang. I have one of those hanging on all 3 ranch gates. I'll have to stop at the hardware store on my next run to town. Awesome post!!
  3. RockinB

    Ammo philosophy

    We have been accumulating ammo for many years with a couple bulk online orders a month for centerfire rifle / pistol shtf ammo and pickup 4 or 5 cases of shotgun ammo at Cabelas whenever we need it. I don't trust myself reloading. Premium US Made ammo is good for us and we all have the same shtf firearms & calibers so it adds up fast. Spare parts are easier to maintain as well. Good luck with your ammo storage. Stack it deep while you can.
  4. RockinB

    Hello from Texas

    I'm up north a bit, 70 miles west of DFW. Just far enough out to enjoy a peaceful existence without neighbors but not too far from a good market.
  5. Posterity. One should never place their existence and their families well being in the hands of an outside entity be it a company job, a supermarket or a failed corrupt government. Some people do okay plugged into the system living the consumerist lifestyle being pushed by the State. Most people don't. Life is way too short to not enjoy it and being self sustained was any easy descision to make. Ones labor is finite. When it's over its over and no redo's will be coming around. You will have what you have and if it isn't enough to sustain whatever existence one chooses, one may have problems. I'm not a complete rebel. I followed both of Elise's welcome aboard rules...
  6. Hi All. Survival Thread newbie here!