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  1. hi everyone, have you heard of EDC tactical writing pens? I hadn't until I wrote an article about them the other day at the content company I work for. I'm not posting this to advertise at all. I just thought the pen was pretty cool. They are called Tactical Pens and made of aircraft aluminium with a glass breaking tool build into the design. The ones I wrote about were made as a EDC tool for self defense or writing. Very cool and nice looking writing pen.
  2. Here is a free preview of my new ebook "How-to Evacuate with Pets- Dog Bug-out List" This includes a long list of items to pack in bug-out bags for people and pets plus how to teach a dog to wear saddlebags to help you bug-out. Just thought I'd share, have a great day prepping. take care, Amber Here's the amazon link
  3. Family Disaster Dogs

    Picture a day thread!

    Bears are busy here too. I found some bear scat like that on a fir tree in the front yard last week and my friend said it was bear. The dog keeps watching something through the fence at night and its best not to bother what it is, might be Bigfoot here in Oregon lol but we have many bears, they even chase garbage trucks in town and out of town live close to everybody, plus forestry counted 17 mountain lions live around the lake near me not counting the rest of town or park system surrounding town where there are lions too. The lions like to carry off small-medium size dogs and cats so everybody is very careful when letting the small pets outside in yards, and we do not see stray pets very often. There are signs on the beach hiking trails that warn of lions too, which is not something you think of when you visit a usa beach ! the local newspaper just ran a story on the lions, its was on people's mind so thought I'd comment. Thanks for posting
  4. Family Disaster Dogs

    Picture a day thread!

    One of the many lakes around me, great fishing
  5. Family Disaster Dogs

    Don't forget the Pets they need a Bug out Bag too.

    Thank you and that's good idea to keep a litter box for the cats too ! Especially something to think about if sheltering in in place with cats for unknown amount of time and dogs for that matter too. Where will we put the poop if we have to shelter in place inside for weeks ? Cats can learn to bug out too. Cats can learn to carry a little bug out bag and walk on a leash or follow and some can learn to hitch a ride in a big dog's bug-out bag too. Cats are smart I've learned much from cats and if not trapped inside during chaos they disappear because they bug-out way ahead of us...cats like other animals know when weather changes bad or other danger is near and they usually don't stick around like dogs do who are more dependent on us @Thomas @dthomasdigital
  6. Family Disaster Dogs

    New here

    Hi everyone, here's wishing you all a great day prepping ! thanks for the warm welcome
  7. Family Disaster Dogs

    Don't forget the Pets they need a Bug out Bag too.

    Hi everyone, Great thread I want to add to because this topic is one of the most popular on my web site. Most of you on this site know what a bug-out bag is but maybe newbies don't yet so for those of you who haven't heard of a Bug-out bag, it is a carry bag, backpack or in a dog's case, saddlebag that you pack with emergency survival gear to last a certain amount of time, 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours. It's also called a go-bag, ready pack, grab-bag or 72 hour pack and it is meant to be hold what you need to survive in the event of a disaster or emergency or if you are away from basic needs for extended amounts of time. The basic needs to survive are food, water, first aid but other items can make the journey or stay much more enjoyable or productive and safe. Such as a simple fish hook and line can feed you for days and long after the food in the Bug-out bag runs out. While doing Search and Rescue work we were required to carry at all times a 72 hour backpack or bug-out bags no matter what we were engaged in or how many other people were with us, we each had to be able to take care of and provide for ourselves. In an actually disaster or emergency, you will too, each of us will have to take care of ourselves for a little while until help arrives. Help can be minutes or days away depending on the situation and location. Or may not arrive at all. Here is a Go-bag or Bug-out list that is made up from items I actually used during search incidents and also includes what is recommended by FEMA and other agencies. ( I was a Bloodhound Handler, SAR member and Search dog trainer for emergency management for 15 years) Each person and pet should have a bag of it's own. One of the first things I realized when I started writing the family disaster dog lessons was that most dogs could carry some of our survival gear or extra first aid supplies or food along with their own pet supplies. Then I wondered why didn't somebody else think of this Why didn't my Bloodhound carry my 72 hour bag way back then, oh the backache I could of saved myself today ! I actually fitted Daisy and Willie up with bags as we wrote the first article and they both loved being so much help, they got excited and wanted to wear the bags everywhere. Go here to get the whole list and article, it is to long to post Family Disaster Dogs Bug-Out Bag List My Bloodhound weighs 110 lbs and even as an older dog she can carry a lot of supplies, even a frying pan ! see pic below and I put dog food in empty water bottles then tie those on the bag to save space. Just like packing a mule, the natives used dogs to move with the seasons and we may have to one day too. My Boston Terrier mix was very proud to have a bug out bag too ! That's Willie G Dawg Be safe and prepare ! We never know what tomorrow will bring... amber
  8. Family Disaster Dogs


    Table or Canning Salt not only pulls the moisture out and dries the hide but cleans and kills germs, bugs and preserves the hide plus it will soften. The coarseness sand like salt will scrap deep into the hide to remove any possible rotten parts or bacteria or insect eggs.
  9. Family Disaster Dogs

    New here

    Hi My name is Amber and I use my site name for posting. I'm new here and looking for like minded people to chat with, email or text before It's the End of the World as We Know it ! I have many years experience surviving, prepping, homesteading, fire, emergency prep and search dogs, homeschooling, herbal medicine and off the grid. I'm in Oregon the last ten years and have lived in several other states. Let's survive together or it will be a very lonely place ! I like to share and learn more from others. Wishing everyone the best in preparing and getting by. Amber