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  1. i know many farmers who don't own a gun at all, while others have nothing more than a single shot shotgun or .22lr rifle. There just aint that much call for a gun on a ranch or farm ( especially not for uses other than a handgun for self or home defense). You can end a sick or hurt animal's suffering with one swing of an axe or sledgehammer. Few bother to keep a longarm with them, and most can't hit jack with a handgun. You can't shoot or intimidate with a gun you aint got in your hands, and you have to hit the critter before having a gun makes any difference.
  2. very few military people know jack about combat riflery and almost none know squat about real pistol work, so the military claim means nothing. You CAN take critters, lots of them, with the handgun, if you work at it. I've shot hundreds of them, mostly by driving slowly on the backroads, often at night. you CAN get the lengthwise shot, too, if you work at such, and refuse to take any other shot. I once had a very dear friend give me just 6 rds of .38 special lhp reloads, soft lead that he'd cast himself. and told me 'tell me how they do". I couldn't even shoot a group to see where they hit with my 4" M19. One may evening, I saw 23 rabbits in 3 hours. So I resolved to not take a shot with those loads, unless it was broadside, sitting, and less than 10 yds. I killed 6 rabbits, and those lhp's really tore them up. He'd loaded them so hot that my rifling looked like a spider's web, lead strings literally hanging in the bore! This was 1973. I think that they were 150 gr swchp, and I remember that the powder was Alcan, I think AL7, but i dont remember the charge weight. He thought that it should give me at least 1200 fps, tho. :-) When you are testing for expansion and penetration, people always "think" that a mere 3-4" thick animal wont adequately expand a jhp. Well, you get more penetration and less expansion in critters' chests than you do in jello, and the inventor of the hydroshok, Tom Bryzinski, said that if you dont get full expansion in 2" of jello, you probably arent going to get any in flesh and blood.
  3. out of 37 entrants, only about 8 have taken a bow and nobody has even shot an arrow at so much as a fish. Dave waited to go hunting until he was so weak that he couldn't even string his bow. I saw a comment that there are ways that he could have used his feet, while sitting to string his bow. I laughed at the guy and said:"I f you can't even string it, hth can you expect to draw it, much less be able to hit anythng with it"? :-) You have to use the treble hooks to catch the ducks and gulls, use the netting to catch lots of fish, juice the kelp for carbs/energy, bait in bears to your tree blind with the guts of the fish and fowl, arrow at least one bear and preserve the meat. All that is quite feasible to accomplish in one month, feeding yourself as you go. If, after just one month, everyone else is starving, you've lost no weight at all and have 100+ lbs of preserved food, Alone is going to call you the winter and end that season, right there.
  4. elde

    All Things Archery

    you aint viable to clear 1/4 mill $ on the alone show, either. Those who ARE, tho, should own one.
  5. elde

    All Things Archery

    Chief Aj's slingbow and Dave Canterbury's take down arrows make always having a bow at hand a lot easier. It is not under tension all the time, it's easily concealed in pack or in your vehicle. https://www.selfrelianceoutfitters.com/products/three-piece-take-down-arrows#shopify-product-reviews ebay slingbow, $80 https://www.ebay.com/i/142346109593?chn=ps&dispItem=1
  6. Brooke says that the medical checkup and battery swap is randomized, so you can't know when they are coming. It's just amazing to me that with a clear 1/4 million riding on the outcome, that people do no research at all. Unraveling a paracord hammock and paracord gillnet is an obvious tactic, which I have posted on all the YT channels about the Alone show, for several years now. The ability to remove the outer sheathing of paracord and weave the inner strands into netting has been in all the survival manuals for at least 50 years. So why has NOBODY taken such gear and done such things? It's the obvious best choice of gear for feeding yourself, and they all starve out.
  7. if you have a saw. He prefers the Cold Steel shovel for both chopping and doing shovel-type chores. I agree, altho I'd take a Silky saw blade, to be held in the visegrip of the Crunch and save another pick. Chopping, when you're sleep deprived, starving, weak, upset/depressed, and when it's cold, wet, slimy, windy, should be kept to a minimum. Use it only for thumb diameter limbs, which can be removed with just one whack. Otherwise, break stuff with your body weight, with a big club, or use the saw. You'll be far safer and more efficient that way.
  8. I prefer to slit the hp bullets almost in 2, lengthwise, so that, upon this sort of very high speed impact, I get 2 diverging wound tracks in the target. The overlapping temporary gas cavities really do a number on vital organ tissue that winds up between the 2 permanent cavities. At speeds over 2x the speed of sound, the temporary cavity DOES have the ability to damage organ tissue beyond what's actually contacted by the bullet segments. I call my design the "Split-Nose".
  9. There's no advantage to doing so unless you'd like to have 4" 357 power in a gun that measures just 6 "x 4.5", which weighs just 15 oz and has no more recoil than a Makarov. To get all this, you have to make your own bullets, out of solid copper rod, spinning the rod in a lathe or a handheld electric drill, held in a vise, to shape the rod into bullet configuration and then cut it off. That requires a dial caliper, a hacksaw, a file, and emery cloth. That is to make the hp's for defensive use. 45 grs at 2200 fps. 500 ft lbs, but no more recoil than 90 grs at 1100 fps. This takes a lot of Alliant Bullseye powder, amounts of it that are scary to people who are un- initiated in the advantages of the very lw bullets at very high speeds. One of the big tricks is to have a very large, conical cavity in the base of the bullet. This hollowbase makes room for quite a bit more powder. It lightens the bullet, and the "skirts" of the bullet open up and seal the bore very well indeed, which is very much needed for attaining the high velocities that make such lw bullets so shocking, destructive and enable them to pierce Kevlar vests. You can make testing-bullets, same weight and size, a lot more easily by using a propane torch to melt the lead cores out of 115 gr 9mm ball (FMJ) bullets.. Replace the lead with epoxy and the bullet will weigh 40 grs. You dont want to quite fill up the jacket with the epoxy, so that you'll have an approximation of the base cavity. You can get a Shooting Chrony "re-furbished" chronograph for about $70. It'll be one that somebody hit the photo-screens with a bullet. Chrony will give you $20 or so for it, fix it and sell it as "re-furbished". It will work every bit as well as any other chronograph, but it can't be upgraded to take all the goodies. http://www.shootingchrony.com/products_reconditioned.htm you can safely win some decent money, betting with guys who "know" that no 9mm can get such velocities. If you have a 5" 9mm, you can easily get the 40 gr epoxy-cored bullets over 2000 fps. Mag Safe offered them for years, as their "fast-ball" loads. Dunno if they still do. https://www.thehighroad.org/index.php?threads/magsafe-ammo-velocities-wow.575016/
  10. the ammo and bullet industry and by the gun press. You need at least 1000 fps to reliably expand a .45 jhp in flesh and blood, and 1200 fps in order to do the same with a .36 bore. The reason is that a hp expands due to hydraulic forces. As fluid-filled tissue is force into and out of the nose cavity, the flow/friction causes the weak edges of the nose cavity to yield in an outward direction. But if that flow/force is inadequate, the hp does not expand much (if at all). You typically need the lightest (for caliber) jhps, at plus P speeds, to get reliable expansion of a jhp in flesh and blood. Lhps, you can get by with 100 fps less. The REASON 185 gr .45' jhps exist is that it became widely known that the 230 gr jhp's did not expand reliably. The reason 165 gr .45 jhp's exist is that the 185 gr loads were spotty about expansion from short barrels and are hard to control in rapidfire, when fired in a 7" long, 25 oz gun. But you have to shoot animals, chronograph loads, have a shooting timer, know what speed of repeat hits IS, none of which you know/possess/have done.
  11. maybe, if the 9mm was a carbine, and the pig was 20 lbs. But if, as we were discussing, the animal is full sized adult and the 9mm has a 3" barrel, the 147 gr 9mm will be only a bit over 850 fps, and it wont expand. It's got a pathetic 240 ft lbs, pokes a .36" hole, and that's it. and the recoil will be quite severe to handle, in a mere 15 oz gun, by a woman with 2 broken arms.
  12. anything will drop a hog if you hit brain or spine. If it dropped to anything else, it was a fluke, which I doubt you saw in the first place. REALLY doubt it, actually. Frankly, dude, you're full of it. Jello's consistency is set up to give "similar" results as hog MUSCLE, did you even know that much? :-) The only muslce inside of the chest is the heart, which is smaller than the brain. If you can hit the heart (always) then why not just aim at the brain ,hmm? :-) The lungs are nothing more than air sacks, and the critter has two of them. Even if you hit both lungs, he can hold his breath (from the pain) and still run (HARD) for 100m or more. A liver or spleen hit will bleed him out, but it will take at least several seconds to do so. You can completely shut off blood flow, and a man or animal can still retain consciousness for 4-5 seconds. We see it all the time with double carotid chokes in MMA.
  13. 45 grs in 9mm, 2200 fps, 500 ft lbs, no more recoil than a Makarov. 70 grs, same speed in a .45 ACP. Hollowpointed, hollowbased, and slit down the center, from the nose almost thru the web between the base and nose cavities. I first slit it enough that it came apart in the air. Then I backed off the mill's slitting saw by .020" and tested it. The bullets held together in flight, but at such high speed impact, they break into 2 full length segments. The bullet segments are unstable, sharp-cornered and harder than lead. So they "yaw" and cut as they tear thru flesh, and diverge from the original line of impact a bit. Because of the Mach II impact speed, the temporary gas cavity IS capable of damaging fragile organ tissue (everything but the heart) about 1/2" beyond tissue that has actually been touched by the segments. So the end effect is a wound that measures about 1" x 2", overall average, and penetrates 8-10". It will also pierce threat levell III armor, because the nose just collapses at such impact, and the hardness of the copper and the very high velocity cause the bullet to drive thru the Kevlar/etc.
  14. Solid copper, 45 grs in 9mm, 2200 fps, 500 ft lbs.
  15. your ignorance is showing. If a bullet wont expand in animals, it wont expand in people, either. Blood and flesh are the same. In fact, it's less likely to expand in people, due to the clothing debris clogging the nose-cavity. But you wouldnt know about such things, cause you dont know how to get close enough to any animal to hit it with a CCW pistol and load. I do so by hunting with a car and flashlight, at night. I've shot 100's of critters in this way. I know the real facts of the matter. Anyone can go shoot some skunks, possums, armadilloes, etc. Set it up to have the bullet pass thru them lengthwise. The lungs are just airsacks, almost none of the moisture needed to reliably expand a jhp. Rib or sternum (or armbone-first) hits often smash shut the nose cavity, so you get little or no expansion. You'd be better off arguing golf strategy with Tiger woods, than ccw guns/loads with me. you are THAT badly out-classed.