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  1. Tom226

    Hi Folks

    Hello and welcome! I used to fish regularly as a kid but I don't have much opportunity these days. Lucky for me I'm heading back to Minnesota for a few days this weekend so I'm planning on brushing up on those skills. I've never had the chance to do any trapping so I'm looking forward to hearing more about that.
  2. Tom226

    Wishlist Wants

    You, sir, have good taste. Not sure I'd want to thrash that one very hard but it certainly fits into the "wishlist" category.
  3. Tom226


    Welcome! I've never visited Portugal but I've heard it's a beautiful part of the world. Do you have a lot of options for camping and getting outdoors?
  4. When I was a kid in school, one of the books we had to read was "Hatchet." It was a pretty interesting story about a kid lost in the middle of nowhere who had to figure out how to survive on his own. Like most of us, I don't read nearly as much as I should but I'm curious to see if anyone has come across any good survival-themed fiction that's both entertaining and educational. One recent series I've read that fits this bill is the Going Home series by A. American. As I understand it, this series actually started on another forum (not sure which though) as a series of posts and was later developed and published. These books are more prepper themed than survival, but there are certainly a lot of overlapping philosophies between the two. What recommendations to you all have?
  5. Tom226

    Wishlist Wants

    Considering that I live in the 'burbs in an earthquake zone, my wishlist items mostly still on the need list and have to do with being ready for practical emergencies that could happen around here. I had a decent ready-bag made but it was stolen from my car a while back. I still need to get a decent first aid kit made up for the new bag, along with a decent fixed blade and some basic shelter items. For the house I'd love to improve my food/water stores, get a solar system, and get a generator. Oh and more guns and ammo. Always need more guns and ammo. I don't know if it's really a survival thing, but I'd love to have some fun off-road transportation options too. Kayak, dirt bike, ATV... Man this wish list topic could go on forever.
  6. Interesting concept, I'll have to try and catch this show. I don't think I'd be very well suited for being competitive on this show since my skills are pretty rudimentary. My list would vary greatly depending on location, but in the spirit of the thread here are my 10 items assuming the location was still Vancouver and that full, geographically appropriate attire does not count against your items: 1. Knife w/ kydex sheath and integrated sharpening stone. Probably mid-size to make cleaning small game a little easier, ESEE 5 or similar. 2. Fire steel. I'm no Cody. 3. Axe. Lots of opportunities to use wood for shelter, fire, and tools, and there's no way I'd want to do all of that with a 5" knife. 4. Tarp. Way too wet up there to leave this out. Even once a good shelter is built the uses would be extensive. 5. Metal pot. Water purification, cooking... Must have. 6. Water storage. One gallon BPA free with a reliable seal would be ideal. 7. Bow with arrows. If it were a desert challenge this stays home, but there are food options up there that can't be caught in a snare. 8. Gill net for fishing. 9. Paracord, as much as will fit in the pack. 10. Sleeping bag. I'd be VERY tempted to take bug spray in place of one of these items (probably the fishing net) if there wouldn't be a reliable supply of local plants that could be used. I grew up in the Midwest and skeeters find me quite tasty. I'd also be tempted to bring an all-weather notebook and pencil for mapping, organizing, and planning. Maybe it's the Navy man in me peeking out, but having a checklist can help with motivation and staying focused. I'm not sure what I'd want to give up on the above list for that though.
  7. It was a gift and I normally would not have splurged on it. I am amazed how well the carbon fiber scales are holding up, and the S90V steel holds an edge unbelievably well. Not the finest edge, mind you, but more than serviceable.
  8. I'll have it linked to tapatalk as soon as that's live. IT stuff is gobbledygook to me, so your efforts are very much appreciated.
  9. I'm a firm believer that if you are comfortable carrying a firearm and it is legal to do so, you should exercise that right/responsibility. Unfortunately my county here in California does not issue carry permits to "ordinary" citizens. Hopefully that will change soon. Great points about attire as well.
  10. Thanks for setting this up. I hope this is a success for you, and that we can all teach each other a thing or three.
  11. This is what I carry most days. Leatherman Juice S2, Streamlight Stylus Pro, Benchmade 940-1.