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  1. Foxwalk

    Favourite knife handle materials?

    Gotta love G10. Can be both smooth or rough depending on the checkering.
  2. This is not necessarily "primitive" but more of a urban method of sharpening on a concrete side walk next to a street, or on a smooth red brick. I know Murray Carter recommends to lap stones on flat surfaces and he suggested side walks, so if it can do that why not on a blade? Seen a guy on youtube do it on a brick then stropped it on his leather belt. Got pretty good results.
  3. Foxwalk

    Whats Your Favorite Knife Sharpening System

    Appreciate the welcoming! Its a cool device don't get me wrong, but buying those small belts all the time can be a pain. Especially if you get different grits or use very hard wear resistant steels, it will chew through it like butta!
  4. That was a early run Kershaw Knockout. It has the sculpting on both aluminum scales whereas now only one side is sculpted, the non locking side.
  5. Always rockin a watch and a Victorinox Pioneer.
  6. Foxwalk

    Whats Your Favorite Knife Sharpening System

    First post! My sharpening experience has changed quite a bit over the last few years. Started in the rod systems, then moved to a Sharpmaker, then onto freehand sharpening with a Norton India Combination Stone and a Spyderco Fine Stone for polishing and honing. Freehand sharpening offers so much versatility and is quite fast, but not as fast as a Worksharp. That thing can haul ass on edges!