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  1. Chili Pepper

    Truck Camper for a bug out?

    The one I am looking at is all aluminum body only wood is cabinets. I was just thinking about getting to a place off grid until it quiets down enough to move again. We are also looking at more land not to long of a drive from the house, a place that will give us a good 1000m of woods 360 degrees around with us in the middle with only one drive in. I would have something ready to block the road and make it look overgrown, people are lazy just this would keep 90% from looking.
  2. The wife and I are looking at a truck camper to use for camping on MTB trips and to also us at my shooting competitions all over the US. We are also thinking it could be great if ever needed as a mobil bug out. It will have a solar power unit that will run the lights and charge anything we need, along with propane for cooking. I understand that the gas will be out quick but will be a thing to have when a fire just won't work. I don't want anything I would need to tow, just something that will fit in the bed and give us shelter. Any thoughts on this or experience with truck campers?
  3. Chili Pepper

    SurvivalThreads, Community and its Unique Position

    I hope you didn't take that the wrong way Thomas, I was just commenting on a thread about the lack of activity.
  4. I am going to give this a try next year. Thank you
  5. Chili Pepper

    50 plus views on each topic start, but no comments.

    Well I hope that it picks up some soon.
  6. Chili Pepper

    50 plus views on each topic start, but no comments.

    Kenne I am with you. I am new to this forum but I did think that people would post much more then they do??
  7. That would be ok for a quick short term, but just like the pews system they alert to everything so anything that moves will give a reading. You would also need to have someone awake to monitor it. Sleep deprivation will be in full effect within a few days with only two people. I understand what you are saying about the 10,000 miles away thing. The other part of that is if you do find some people in your area how do you build the trust to bring them in? I would also need to ensure that they are bringing something in and not just leaching off.
  8. I don't belong to a group but would like to find others close to who do prep. I just don't feel comfortable talking to people about what I have on hand and not sure how to approach the subject with others. If SHTF it would be very hard with only the wife and I, security alone would take most of our time and energy. Would like to find about 6-12 people that could band together anymore I think would be a problem over time.
  9. Just joined and was asked to tell my story of why I am prepping. I spent just over 20 years in the Army then another 8 years with BW doing security for diplomats. In that time I was did 22 tours in combat zones in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. In the 28 years I have been to 52 countries and have seen just how bad thing can be. I would rather be ready if something happens then be dependent on others i.e. the government so about a year ago I started to prep more. I hope to get guidance from people who have been at this for a longtime and have different prospectives. I am always willing to learn from others, one thing I have learned is to alway keep an open mind everyone has something they can teach you.
  10. Hey everyone, I have been looking for a place to learn from like-minded people and found this place.