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    Emergency Portable TV

    Thanks again for your helpful input... Think I understand your points... And I have a little VOM, so, at least have that part taken care of...
  2. SV Mark

    Emergency Portable TV

    Gary, Thank you for your detailed and informative post! Didn't know there are USB tuners...will check those out as my laptop has pretty good battery life... As for small TVs, I like the idea of having options for different power sources...sounds like the small TVs no longer use alkaline batteries? assume they've all gone to rechargeable lithium batteries... Yes, my question is mainly in context of using at home, if there's severe (ie, multiple days...) power outage situation. Interesting idea to use a car battery for power to small devices...can you please share a bit more info about adding a fuse to the cable to battery? (although I'll try and google this...) Thanks, and agree about having lots of options....as well as having different options helps break the monotony of going through an outage.
  3. Hi, Just discovered this great online forum. Hope someone can please advise... Used to have nice fairly small Sony portable B&W TV (had radio too...). Unfortunately, with change in broadcasting, we were not able to use it anymore. Have emergency hand-crank radio, but would like to have option use a small TV in case of power outages. Notice that the small portable TV's now all have rechargeable batteries instead of regular batteries (AA, C, D, etc...). Seems like they all say they can run 2 - 2.5 hours on a charge. That's nice, until you want to recharge and there is still a power outage. Anyone know of a small portable TV that runs on standard non-rechargeable batteries? If so, would greatly appreciate knowing info about it (brand, model no.) and if you know where to buy that would be helpful too, if known. Thanks in advance for any and all input. Mark