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  1. The jam I had a few times with a revolver , its a S&W M66 , the ejector rod un-screwed its self enough that you could not open the cylinder & reload it , if that happened when you NEED it , you are out of luck . Also semi's have usually more ammo & much quicker reloads , me I would pick a SIG P226/228 or a Glock17 or a HK USP and be happy .
  2. ChrisF

    TPS M6 Survival Rifle - 22LR/410

    Looks very good , I used to have a SS M6 in 22lr/410 , liked the idea of combo , didn't like the SS as it was quite soft metal , and it was getting deformed around the chamber where the hammer was hitting the rim , and yes the sights suck , it needs a little red dot or low power scope fitted to be more usable in my opinion . I would like the shotgun to be a 20ga , as the 410 is not the best shotshell , also a 22 hornet option would be awesome . Yours Chris
  3. You are right that you will need to look at countries you can legally reside in , once you have that list , you need to look at a lot of different aspects to get a idea as to the best fit for you then actually go there for a short holiday & check it out . You will look at , cost of living , jobs available , stability , crime rates , laws , gun laws , etc , FerFAL wrote , the Modern survival manual book , and its a good start , then also get his 2nd book , Relocation , has a ton of info in it . Yours Chris
  4. ChrisF

    Hello from the Philippines

    HI Buddy , Yeap , donot worry IF you cannot find a copy , I can bring one over for you , when I come over in Dec/Jan , in reguards to knives , I would reccomend either a Karambit or a Cold Steel XL folding Tanto 5.5 . We have a Bahay Kubo , its a little hut on a mates farm , has a cast iron potbelly stove for heat & cooking , and a 2 ring gas hob & 9kg bottle , when we can we go there to Chill , and hunt as well . Look into Kali , there was 2 clubs in Manila ? Have you looked into appling for your firearms licence ? Yours Chris
  5. ChrisF


    Gun bans , only effect the law abiding , NOT the crims , they usually get theirs illegally , thru smuggling etc , so all you do is punish the GOOD guys my not allowing them reasonible lawful access , YOU dont effect the crims in reguards to access to guns , BUT what you do is signal to the crims , that NOW all thier potential victims will have NO guns to defend themselve , so now the playing field is slanted towards the BADuns , nice IF you be a crim or pirate .
  6. ChrisF


    Dan , What a load of BS , your logic as always is WRONG , sorry Buddy , Opps or maybe Kiddie is more apt. You distort & focus on the wrong things , and your conclusions are wrong . Guns are not the problem , never have been , they donot kill , we the Humans kill , you are making data fit your own conclusion , thats not real science , Gobbels would be proud of you . Guns are a convenient scape goat at the moment , but in the main its not the guns its actually a mental health issue . And the way Dan talks , he more than anyone , should know this , dont know about you guys , But NZ is usually not a world 1st or leader , we usually follow trends from USA/UK , NZ GovT back in the early 80s , shutdown virtually all the Mental Health Hospitals ( prisons holding nutjobs ) , it was simply done as a cost saving , nothing else , IT was SOLD to the public as THEY had to be niceier to the nutters , and IF the nutteres took thier pills all would be right in the world , THAT was a LIE told to get the public on side with the cost cutting of closing ALL Mental Hosp down .The the normal among you will figure out , that its very flawed logical to expect a nutter to remember to take his meds , and when they dont they turn into axe murders ( Opps Yeap , that happened in NZ ) , but we are MORE caring to nutters now in NZ , its a shame when they forget to take thier pills & flip out kill , its just the price you pay for being too caring , stupid ( Opps but it is much cheaper on GovT ) . In short all law abiding citizens should be allowed to own & use guns , listen , what has to be done & is done in more countries than you would imagine , is criminal /mental screening done to ensure the lawless & nutbars are excluded from gun ownership . IF you REALLY wanted to reduce gun voilence , you simply draft a Law thats enforced , and its states IF you use a firearms in the commision of a crime , you get either the death or life in prisonment , the use of guns will almost stop over night , due to the harsh consquicence . The murder rate will not drop as ( Dan ) thinks , miricle cure , as they will just use , knives,spears, swords, axes, arrows , rocks, clubs etc , you get the idea . What Dan does not say when presenting his data , against the USA , is the cases of Switzerland , Aussie , NZ , look at that data . It dose not align , with his theory , and actually , disproves it , Opps . Look closely at Aussie , they had a nutter kill a bunch of people in Port Arther Australia , they banned semi-auto rifles completely , and brought them all . And you would think , like Dan sorted , Yeah Na , the gun violenence increased after removing all those rifles , its the Bad people , thats the problem , always has been , and unlike Dan , I believe , the GOOD people should not have thier freedoms reduced due to the acts of criminals , just punish the crims , not the GOODuns . As to NZ , Opps sorry Dan , Look away NOW , NZ figures hell again SoRRY DAN , look away , actually DAN , get your chart & erase all the data on NZ , quick before anyone see's IT . What the figures on NZ , maybe donot show IS , NZ should be on the numbers given 2-3 times the USA rate , BUT they are 1/10 th , WHAT the hell is going on , again DAN erase all the NZ data , and maybe all the Aussie & Switzerland data , do IT quick theres a good chap . Later Chris
  7. 1 st ) Armed/unarmed combat ( armed in this instance means knives/sticks etc improvised etc , not guns ) 2nd ) Use & training in long/short firearms for combat . Why , because thats the very start of survival . And it takes time & application for 1 st ) , no short cuts , you actually have to train & then actully free fight , the more free fighting you do the better , for thats what a street fight is going to be , almost . Me I would be looking at either Bruce Lee ( in the multiple styles he embraced ) , or " Kali " , but look at knife & stick fighting as well if not doing Kali which uses weapons and bare hands . Simple really
  8. ChrisF

    Multiple Defense Options

    What a load of dribble Dan , Dan's logic & reasoning almost sounds possible , just like communism/socialism & there lies the danger , IF you donot think it thru , and in this day & age , few do that , they are too lazy , so they default to this popular media lie , anythignelse actually requires effort & thought & prep & money . In theory it seems maybe workable almost , YEAH not , NOT ever , I guess Dan has Never had kids or a wife , or they are long gone . So its sad to think that a person would have so little reguard for their personal safety ( Dan ) , and thats his choice , BUT if you have kids & wife , NOT standing up for them is wrong ON so many levels its not funny . I would gradly give my life for my kids & wife , no heistation , if thats what is required , and so should every normal preson . As far as no leathal defence Yeah na , 1st Pistol , 2nd Knife , 3rd Pistol ( if you can be bothered ) , non-leathal , I have not enough pockets or inclination . But in countries where firearms are un-avialable , maybe 1st knife 2nd batton 3rd spray/taser ? Humans are social creatures , we donot normally live as hermits/alone , and as such most rate the things we NEED to live as 1) Air 2) Water 3) Food 4) Shelter , so would say 4 things , wrong its actually 6 things , however the last 2 are a combination of actual & pshycological , they are Security & Freedom . I believe most people are GOOD , not from any fear of imprisonment etc , BUT simply because we are social creatures and need to inter act with each other , forget most pyshco babble , mostly its a in-exact science & wrong as often is its right . The GAP is always between theory & actual . If you want to look into , REAL data , do some digging into a on going research called the " Dunedin Longatunal Study " , it started in NZ about 43yrs ago , and most countries started a similar research , But they started 10 or 20 years later , so are not as far down the road as the NZ study . The 1st international response to that research was , Yeah Na , maybe its just NZ and does not apply here in the USA/UK , thats what they wont to think , BUT the NZ data holds , and is being mirrored in other countries , the NZ study is still in operation . And the data is GOLD , and its that for 2 reasons , 1 ) They did not let people drop out 2 ) The program has not been allowed to be dropped cancelled , we Kiwi's can be stubborn like that . Yours Chris
  9. ChrisF

    Hello from the Philippines

    Hi Paul , Their is one book I highly reccomend you buy , its " The modern survival manual " by FerFAL , do a search and you will find the book , it covers virtually EVERYTHING , and will be the best spent money ever . The book covers what fighting skills to learn , what guns to buy , what food to stash , how to store & filter water , and much more , mostly learned the hard way when his country colapsed .
  10. HI Guys , In New Zealand , the guns that get suppressed the most are 22lr rifles , either bolts or semis , most also have the barrels shortened to anywhere from 12-16 inches , we have no laws on barrel lenghts , most used for pest control , rabbits possums , and the odd close range goat . In the USA , a ruger 10/22 with side folding stock and a short 4-6 inche barrel using a big rimfire can , and low power scope or red dot would be very hard to beat . Donot write off shotguns completely , in the outdoors the sound of them is much less than say a 223/308 rifle , the shotguns noise does travel anywhere as far as a high power rifle round which is supersonic for several hundred yds . I see shotguns as a CQB weapon mainly , in the same way as a SMG , both excel in touching to across the street distances , and this is the REAL engagement zone for humans , why because you need to talk to people to figure out thier intentions most of the time . I think we can easily get carried away with the end of the world SHTF zombie apocalpse , when in the real world its more likely a big storm & several days with out internet & power . I think most people are GOOD , and although stress will cause some to become BAD in a SHTF , most will still be some what reasonable , not talking of mobs or gangs .
  11. ChrisF

    Hello from the Philippines

    Yeah , I am a Kiwi married to a beautiful Philippino woman , I am looking at coming over to the Phil early next yr to live for a couple of years , so that we can see all the relations on my wifes side and my young kids get to see thier mums homeland & experience a different country . Will be looking at a apartment in Manila . RE the other martial arts , I think Kali is very good , better than almost all the rest in reguards to real street fighting , 2 reasons , 1 ) its the only one that starts of using weapons 1st , 2 ) its very practical , down to earth . However donot be closed off to looking at other fighting skills . Yours Chris
  12. Yes , Temperate , ie not too hot or too cold , also maybe low population density
  13. Yeap , Tightly rolled newspaper , had a uncle that had a bit of martial arts experience , he would have been a tough old bastard to have to deal with at the best of times , mostly due to being grumpy old man ( ie insanely stubborn ) never under estimate the old .
  14. Yeah , Nah I donot agree with the revolver being more reliable than a semi-auto , not my a long way in my limited experience . The guns that have jammed and malfuntioned the most are revolvers for me , its not 1896 , where the ammo was rubbush & the revolver had a edge because of it , its 2018 , and ammo is outstanding . I see to many people , use too many guns , like the guy uses a 1911 & the wife a PPK etc , standardise on one combat pistol & calibre & practise . Look at what the Brits used in NI for fighting the IRA . Browning P35 , with std & extended mags , inside waistband MP5K HK53 G3K Those guns covered everything , only thing to up date would be the P35 , to a SIG P228 / 226 etc Later Chris
  15. ChrisF

    What does it sound like to be shot at by a suppressed weapon?

    HI Guys , Here in NZ , we use a lot of silencers/suppressors , mostly in 22LR , as this low power , low speed rd suits using a can , as far as sound just as noted , 2 parts ( if speed is above sound barrier ) , 1 ) The muzzle blast / gasses ( this can be controlled ) , 2 ) The bullet breaking the sound barrier ( that the crack , you hear echoing down the valley ) . The only guns that are as quite as Hollywood , are the 22LRs and some of the 9mm , this is a function of speed/power/size , due to exit dia on the cans . The down side is extra weight , lenght , also excess heat ( this can stop you being able to see the tgt , like looking thru swimming pool/ mirage etc , with scopes ) . Upside , pleasant to shoot , less noise , and if used for hunting , you can shoot more animals before the disappear , good for pest control . In NZ we have a lot of hunters using full power hunting rifles with cans , and they want ultra light weight , due to having to hunt mainly on foot due to difficult & steep terrain , so a lot of aluminium construction , fine for a few shots hunting , not good for high volume usage like on a range etc , we also have 3D printed TI cans , much more expensive , for 223,308 & 338LM , I think I was the 1st to shoot a 338LM thru a 3D TI can . Cheers Chris