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  1. Quick update on the Polymule indiegogo campaign. They are 99% funded, woohoo! 2-3 more carts sold and they'll be fully funded. That means they'll go into production and there are 6 days left if you want to get in on the introductory pricing. Check out their campaign for the details and product info. https://igg.me/at/polymule/x/14396232
  2. Great thoughts and ideas. I kept coming back to the idea that when societal decline continues we'll most likely need to use manual power to move most things. No gas, EMP, you name it, and you'll be hauling things either around your property or potentially hundreds of miles.
  3. I can see the pros/cons of a variety of systems. This is much better suited for short distances and general around a BOL hauling. But, in a pinch it would be better than nothing if you had 3-4 you could haul almost 1600 lbs of gear. That's a lot of basic survival gear.
  4. Hmmmm... not many people thinking about hauling gear from A–B...?
  5. As a follow up to this post... have you guys found a manual method for hauling gear (e.g. cart) that you've found particularly helpful? Does it carry enough weight, surface area dispersion on the wheels, etc.?
  6. I have lot’s of preparedness items, but one thing I don’t have is a good way to manually move heavy items efficiently, especially over long distances if necessary. In my search I found a few options that could work, but required lots of time to make or were very expensive. Then I discovered a company called Polymule that has set up an Indiegogo campaign for an extremely durable hand cart. It is a stupid simple cart that’s built to last. I’ve backed the campaign myself and would love to see this go into production. Here’s the link to the Indiegogo campaign: https://igg.me/at/polymule/x/14396232 I am also interested to see if you have gear carts that you've created and/or experimented with. ————— Here are a few details about the cart: High capacity: will haul 400 lbs. of gear easily. Uphill Assist: The cart has a hub system that can be engaged that locks the wheels from rolling backward when hiking uphill. Integrated kickstand: the pull handle pivots down to the ground to level out the cart for loading. All-terrain: 28 inch no-flat tires with 20 inches of clearance. Portable: 2 minute assembly and it can quickly fold up and stow for transport and can be used as a vehicle cargo carrier on a vehicle roof rack. Reinforced polymer: UV stable and high-impact resistant even in sub-freezing temps. Similar polymers are used in military-grade applications. No maintenance: it has sealed bearings, and you’ll never get flat tires or need to replace bolts or screws. All-weather cover: made of durable rip-stop fabric with oversized zipper and nylon straps. Rear handle: there’s an additional handle that can be added to the back allowing a second person to help transport extra heavy loads over rough terrain. 5 year warranty