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    Ontario's one of my favorite places, although I'm mostly in NW Ontario when I visit the province (Thunder Bay).
  2. I didn't come here to plug my blog, but since you asked nicely I'm Salty from Beans, Bullets, Bandages & You. We believe in inclusiveness, we don't do politics in any way, shape or form (except we are Pro-2nd), and we want all people, no matter political points of view, race, sexual lifestyle, you-name-it, to be more prepared. We are also 100 percent ad free (not counting our "click here to see our other stories" ads like the one right below this). we do it as a project, not a money-maker. We don't even spam you with an annoying "sign up for our newsletter" pop-up every time you visit. So.. there that...
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    I'm Salty (Salt-N-Pepper around the forums preppers tend to visit), I stopped by to check the place out after googling (actually, duckduckgoing) my way onto the morethanjustsurvival.com website... I was searching about pros and cons of "going public" with my identity (or at least not worrying about hiding it quite so hard) and found a nice article on your website. I'm still considering, but I do appreciate the article.