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    howdy from east texas..

    Welcome from AZ.
  2. For those following along at home.... The answer (for me) is 4. I just purchased new bifocals for my everyday when I'm not wearing contacts pair and some mail order glasses for my 4th pair. This brings me to: Ray Ban Bifocals - main pair Ray Ban Single Vision - spares in the car Progressive Bifocals* - BOB Mail Order Single Vision - EDC Pouch/Bag** * Least favorite pair, but serviceable ** Also some tiny readers in case I have my contacts in. I'm still primarily a contact wearer, but practicality says glasses are the way to go if I'm looking long term. Mail order single visions were around $40 and have already paid for themselves with my peace of mind.
  3. Lifelong contact lens wearer (adult life) who recently realised that I don't have enough emergency glasses. I have two pair, but none in my BOB and no spares in my car. That changes today as I just moved my 2nd pair to my BOB and will be getting a new pair this week for my car. I'm afraid of going overboard, but afraid of not going overboard. So - glasses wearers, how many pairs do you have and where do you keep them? <edit>FYI - I am about 20/150 without correction. I need glasses or contacts to function. I can read without them just fine, but can't see far.</edit>
  4. Howdy, I got here from a twitter suggestion, which is odd, since I have 4 tweets in my history. Anyway twitter led me to the blog and that led me to the forum. Thanks for having me. Brad (aka Brad)