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  1. I decided to start a thread for any odd ball fishing gear that I have or make. This is not for store bought gear, but for stuff that I see on Youtube, forums, or come up with on my own. My first entry is a Hobo Reel. Full disclosure - this is an exact copy of one that I saw on a Youtube channel (Corporal's Corner). It's a tube for holding beads repurposed as a fishing reel. The entire length is covered with a bicycle tube. The handle is a #36 bank line wrap. Inside the tube I have assorted hooks, split shot, and a bobber. I took it out today and got a few wee pan fish at a local lake/pond. My best cast was 20+ feet, but I got sloppy reeling it in and the later casts suffered. But it works and it packs well so for now it's a keeper. Got a few odd stares when I was fishing, but that's OK. I have another odd ball project in the queue and will post that here too. Links to other ideas are welcome.
  2. Brad

    Picture a day thread!

    I saw a cat doing cord wraps on YouTube and I decided to apply them to my lighters. It's not much, but it gives me about 7' - 8' of extra cordage. With 3 lighters in most of my bigger kits, that's 21' of extra cordage.
  3. Brad

    Picture a day thread!

    OK, so maybe it's the Picture a quarter thread. Anyway, I was moving some things around and decided to grab all of my knives and put them into one shoot. Some live in my car, some in assorted packs and survival kits, and most in a drawer, The Buck folder (10th down on the left) is my current EDC and the Opinels get a lot of use too. Some of these were gags (huge folder, Rambo style knife). Not the biggest collection, and most are cheap, but here's a pic.
  4. I suppose you could get a file in there. The teeth are straight. Honestly, I don't use my saws that much so I'd probably end up getting a replacement blade. But I know that this is a gap and I need to learn and practice how to sharpen saw blades.
  5. Knife #2 came today. Cold Steel SRK Search Rescue Fixed Blade Tactical Knife. I like the heft of this and it feels like it would take a beating. Feels good in the hand too. Not real familiar with SK-5 steel. It was reasonably sharp out of the box and the black coating looks good for now. This will be mostly used as a camping knife. Reviews for all of these will follow once I use them. $42.95
  6. Knife #3 is the one I got with the change. Its a CRKT Folts Minimalist Tanto Neck Knife. I really want to like neck knives and thought this one would be the one to bring me into the fold. Still waiting for my magic neck knife.... What I like is the way it feels in my hand. With the finger grooves and jimping I do feel a great deal of control with this in spite of the small size. It's very light to wear around my neck, and it comes with an adaptor for belt carry. It would be awesome if it cut anything! 😞 But I started working on the blade and I'm getting it into a better place for that. Maybe this one will grow on me. $17.95 Knife #2 is still shipping. Details for that to follow.
  7. I ended up going with two 'workmen' choices and then something to round up the amount. First was an Opinel No 18 Stainless Steel Folding Saw Beechwood. I wanted a new saw for my hiking daypack (for another thread) I've always had a thing for Opinel products. This one is sized right for the space that I had and so far, (without cutting anything yet) I'm happy with it. The blade is on the thin side, but that has never been an issue with Opinel products for me. It has a cam lock to hold the blade in place and a nice screw and knurled nut on the pivot for blade removal/maintenance. Most of my day hikes are in protected areas so this would only be used if I was in a survival situation. I'm not going to use it to cut firewood in the desert. $46.50 Here is #1 of 3.
  8. I just got a gift card for $100 at Blade HQ from my brother. My first thought is 10 Moras, but maybe there is something a little more practical out there. Suggestions? Full disclosure, I don't NEED any more knives, but I want several!
  9. Brad

    New Opinel #6

    That one was just too big. 🙂 Picked up this Opinel #2 for fun. 3 1/4" open, 1 7/8" closed. No lock. Roughly the same size as my Spyderco Bug.
  10. Brad

    Colt pocket positive

    There's one on Gunbroker now. Looks rough. I tapped out at 35.00. I hang out there looking for a steal now and again. (item # 806406384 if you want to look for it)
  11. Brad

    Henry - U.S. Survival AR-7

    @Rick I'm not real experienced with long guns, but my impression of this is positive. The trigger pull seemed medium, but consistent. The sights worked well enough with my vision correction. The rifle seemed to shoot consistently. Might be shooting a little low, or I might be shooting a little low, I'm betting on the latter. My main goal was "Can I shoot bunnies at 25 yards or less" and I think I can. (more if it's 'less'!) I had zero misfires or other issues. I shot 36 g Winchester HPs. About 400 rounds. If they asked me to design this rifle, I think I'd do a folding wire stock, sacrifice a little length for a quicker setup, but they didn't. I never had a Henry but I know a lot of folks who swear by their lever actions. I'm pretty pleased with this one and it does fit in some small packs/bags when it is all stowed.
  12. Brad

    New Opinel #6

    Went to REI today to spend my yearly dividend and I needed to add something on to use it all up. I saw this wee Opinel #6 and decided I had to have it. (had is subjective - I don't need another knife) 3" handle, 3" blade, 1/2" lock. 6 1/2" opened, 3 1/2" closed. Not sure if this will be part of my EDC, but I like it.
  13. Brad

    TPS M6 Survival Rifle - 22LR/410

    Chiappa does a 20/22 combo. And others. https://www.chiappafirearms.com/p/id/217/product/M6-Folding-Shotgun/Rifle-w/-4-Inserts.php
  14. In addition to my M6, the other survival rifle that I have wanted for a long time is the Henry AR-7. I don't recall what I paid for it, but the current MSRP is $305. I've actually had it for years, but fired it for the first time tonight. The rifle breaks down and stores in the stock and from what I have read, it floats. (Not trying that for now) Assembly is easy. There is a screw sleeve that attaches the barrel and a thumb screw for attaching the butt stock. It comes with 2 magazines and they store in the stock as well. While I really like the simplicity of a single shot like the M6, it's nice having the 8 round mags and the ability for a quick 2nd or 3rd shot. My eyes still suck so the peep hole is a challenge for me with any rifle, but I was able to shoot it well enough for what I would perceive to be it's primary use. (Small game). The post is orange, so that helps. There are a crazy amount of accessories for this rifle if you want to go that route. I'm thinking I'm just going to leave this one stock for now so it all stores in the stock. It's fun to shoot and packs up small. More details to follow as I shoot it more.
  15. Brad

    TPS M6 Survival Rifle - 22LR/410

    $480 OTD from my local guy.