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  1. I still watch it, but each season it gets more and more like "Survivor" or "Big Brother" to me with people playing to the cameras. Mouse head on a stick? Give me a break. But the lure of $500,000 is strong and you can't play if you don't get picked. I blame the producers who (I think) coached them to be outrageous and then edit it those parts. And they need to remove the disclaimer that these people are "trained survival experts" and replace it with one that says they are "survival hobbyists", in my opinion. (for you kids, that means IMO! 🙂)
  2. Brad

    Desert Monsoon Season

    Phoenix, AZ here. We get the Monsoons and 120° days. (Only 108° today) But the other 9 months of the year are awesome!
  3. Yea, for these types of things, it is 2-3x higher than the others I've seen, but my rational is this. It cost me about the same as 2 pints and a tip at the local brew pub. If I ever find myself in a situation where I need to cut something like 550 cord and don't have a knife, I'd be pissed that I didn't spend one happy hour's bill on this item.
  4. I went on a search for something like this after reading a similar post on the MTJS blog. My two biggest wants were a bottle opener and a cutter. Screwdriver was a nice third, and nut driver/rulers were a distant fourth. This opens bottlers and cuts 550 cord so it's staying on my keychain. I think it could pry something if necessary, but I have not had the need yet. And if I need a 2nd thing to help me measure 2", this has me covered. Cost me $12 and I'm happy with it.
  5. Well, since you brought the thread back, I'll add my $0.02. I'd probably go with a ferro rod w/striker. (Technically 2 items, but I'm counting it as a kit). Knife would be a close #2.
  6. We all have knives, fire starters, etc., but what is your unexpected item(s) in your BOB? I have two - nail clippers and mouse traps nail clippers - yea, I could do it with a knife or emery board, but it's low cost for the payoff mouse traps - not only to keep out critters, but to provide bait for other things These are my two - do you have others?
  7. Since this thread is recently resurrected, I'll add mine. This is assuming off the grid living. 4/5 taken from above How to build shelters (using any available resources) How to make fire How to source water and make it safe How to source food (hunting/fishing) How to source food (edible plants) I need to really work on the last one, and still need to work on most of the others.
  8. Brad

    howdy from east texas..

    Welcome from AZ.
  9. For those following along at home.... The answer (for me) is 4. I just purchased new bifocals for my everyday when I'm not wearing contacts pair and some mail order glasses for my 4th pair. This brings me to: Ray Ban Bifocals - main pair Ray Ban Single Vision - spares in the car Progressive Bifocals* - BOB Mail Order Single Vision - EDC Pouch/Bag** * Least favorite pair, but serviceable ** Also some tiny readers in case I have my contacts in. I'm still primarily a contact wearer, but practicality says glasses are the way to go if I'm looking long term. Mail order single visions were around $40 and have already paid for themselves with my peace of mind.
  10. Lifelong contact lens wearer (adult life) who recently realised that I don't have enough emergency glasses. I have two pair, but none in my BOB and no spares in my car. That changes today as I just moved my 2nd pair to my BOB and will be getting a new pair this week for my car. I'm afraid of going overboard, but afraid of not going overboard. So - glasses wearers, how many pairs do you have and where do you keep them? <edit>FYI - I am about 20/150 without correction. I need glasses or contacts to function. I can read without them just fine, but can't see far.</edit>
  11. Howdy, I got here from a twitter suggestion, which is odd, since I have 4 tweets in my history. Anyway twitter led me to the blog and that led me to the forum. Thanks for having me. Brad (aka Brad)