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  1. I was reading how to construct a shelter if I don't have any useful resource in my backpack like a blanket or a waterproof material. The most important thing is to keep warm at night. So, a natural poncho can be constructed. For this, you only need branches, large leaves, sand. Read more about different shelters and their characteristics here . Would you construct a natural shelter or you prefer to be always prepared to make a poncho shelter? I prefer to be prepared for both situations.
  2. DanielSurvivor

    Buy a Homestead

    My dream place has to be near to a lake where I can fish every weekend!
  3. DanielSurvivor

    BOB -oddball items

    I have 2 "weird" things 1. Suture kit: Always useful for suturing some wounds 2. Liquid glue: I like to use it for repairing anything and maybe heal minimal wounds
  4. Having a power bank is crucial in this modern days, the cell phone's battery dies in 8 hours or less and it could let you down in any situation. I recently bought one and keep it with me every day
  5. Good question, here is my top 5 - Shelter building - How to light a fire - Basic fishing and trapping skills - Knowledge of poisonous plants - Tracking skills
  6. DanielSurvivor

    Large survival knife, or smaller knife and axe?

    I had the same question last week. I was wondering if there was a zombie apocalypse, would it be better to have an axe or a knife to survive? So, I started to look up on Internet and I found this article http://nairobiwire.com/2018/01/axe-hatchet-essential-tool-diy-zombie-apocalypse-survival-kit-bug-bag.html. I decided that I prefer an axe, it's more useful, better for hunt, easier to manage when cutting firewood. In conclusion, if you're not in a zombie apocalyse, you can use it because it's a multi- functional tool. Did you already dedice which tool would you choose? Read the article and you'll be convinced.
  7. DanielSurvivor

    Survival Prepareness

    Have always a first aid kit. A backpack with water, food, some clothes, lamp, lighter, knife. Also, be mentally prepared!
  8. DanielSurvivor

    Medications during a SHTF.

    Interesting. Very helpful your comments. Thank you very much.
  9. DanielSurvivor

    Open Water......

    Before drink sea water, you need to process it by desalination. Also, ocean provides us with a lot of food.
  10. DanielSurvivor

    Rabbits Suck!

    Great advice Wyzyrd. I had issues with rabbits too last week and i tried your hacks. No more rabbits since then
  11. DanielSurvivor

    How to make Fire from ICE

    Wow! The guy from the video makes it look so simple. I tried once and i failed. Maybe i will try again