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    Survival Prepareness

    Have always a first aid kit. A backpack with water, food, some clothes, lamp, lighter, knife. Also, be mentally prepared!
  2. DanielSurvivor

    Medications during a SHTF.

    Interesting. Very helpful your comments. Thank you very much.
  3. DanielSurvivor

    Open Water......

    Before drink sea water, you need to process it by desalination. Also, ocean provides us with a lot of food.
  4. DanielSurvivor

    Rabbits Suck!

    Great advice Wyzyrd. I had issues with rabbits too last week and i tried your hacks. No more rabbits since then
  5. DanielSurvivor

    How to make Fire from ICE

    Wow! The guy from the video makes it look so simple. I tried once and i failed. Maybe i will try again