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  1. technical skill questions

    I looked and didn't find a thread for this, which is surprising. My question, has anyone got any experience grinding lenses ? Wondering about what abrasives make sense to repair microscope eye pieces . It's a flat surface on most but scratched central areas seem to be common. As a flat I'm thinking abrasive on a damp cloth on a flat surface should be enough, maybe glue the lens to a stick so I can apply a little force and rotate it while moving it across the surface. I'll probably dive in with some off the shelf hardware store abrasives, but ideas that have worked would be very welcome. Thanks in advance.
  2. Truck Camper for a bug out?

    Seen a few variations. Old couple in Mexico that had sold everything and put it in a trust, then built a wooden camper on their 1/2 ton truck. Very minimalist but it was basically a place to sleep and store belongings while living in ( and care taking ) a camp ground. One other was a $50,000 air stream with all the features ( in 1981 ) owner pointed out that all the pop rivet stems were left inside the walls and rattled like mad when moving. I was helping him sort out the electronics on his furnace while discussing the unit ( a half dozen interlocks , electronic ignition, and automotive style documents ). The layout looked nice, a little "pride in workmanship" would have gone a long way. In most ways building your own means you can use tech you are comfortable with and spend time where it's needed.
  3. Kimchi

    gochujiang and crushed garlic mixed into ground beef makes pretty good meat balls too. Korean-Italian ?
  4. Picture a day thread!

    Milky way, with Betelgeuse just right of center, so of course Orion toward the bottom. Took that with a 30 second exposure just outside my door.
  5. Medications during a SHTF.

    I have the same issue with being insulin dependent. Have a couple of backup cooling ideas, the root cellar is generally around 5 C so effectively a refrigerator. Another option is a plastic pipe with sealed threaded "clean out" ends ( maybe with a tire valve to allow slight pressurization ) and a few weights for negative buoyancy, on a cord and down the well or cistern. Here I'd need to break through the ice on the cistern if using it after November, but the water at the bottom will be at exactly 4 C until the ice finishes melting. Warmer places, it would be a good idea to take a few readings so you know what you have first. The now unused well will be at 4C all year round, not safe to drink due to wood cribbing , bacteria and mineral content, but a sealed container solves those problems and if pressurized ( about 1 PSI for every two feet of submersion ) should be dry even with less then ideal seals. Also have some frozen containers in the deep freeze , regular ice in plastic jugs to put in the refrigerator during longer power failures, and some frozen saturated brine to act as ballast in the freezer ( keep everything else frozen to -18 C (( 0 F )) until they finish melting ). Test strips, I keep 200 extra on hand and cycle through, batteries.. well have to disqualify myself from that part of the problem since I've got over 1 kilowatt hour in charged Li-Ion cells at the bench, but if your test unit uses 2016, 2032 etc Li-Ion cells there are rechargeable versions and an old hand crank flashlight will put a usable charge on those in a few minutes . Some of the new test units are rechargeable from a USB port , so a power bank would keep them up for over a year ( well past the last of the test strips ).
  6. Let there be light

    Update on those really cheap lights. I've given a few away so decided to stock up again. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/800LM-Hugsby-XPE-R3-LED-Mini-Flashlight-Ultra-Bright-Penlight-Torch-Mini-Pocket-Portable-1-Mode/32728757956.html Yep the price has dropped to $2.5 CAD. After 6 months I have yet to have a single failure using 10440 cells ( rechargeable Li-Ion ). That combo is so light I wear one inside the collar of my T shirt and don't notice it. Those come in two case styles ( single and double battery ) and rated for 1 to 3 volts, so NiMH will work. I'm going over the rated limit at 4 volts with a fully charged Li-Ion. So 6 months of hard use on one and lots of short uses on several and they seem rock solid. In use, great for momentary, but they'll kill a battery in 20 mins. So use them to find a bigger light, start the gen set, find the keys, find the car, read the screen on a laptop with a failed backlight, blind whatever you point it at etc.. ( will light up reflective signs at a huge distance ). Not really a good replacement for the room lights for more then 10 mins About as much light as a 30 watt incandescent. Consider, when we had 6 volt vehicles that was the rating for a headlight. And spoke too soon, the light I was using constantly for 6 months finally burned out the LED, from being pushed a bit past it's limit too often. Measured 4.4 volts open circuit across it. Still not going to change the way I use them . Now that I've had one apart too, they are built very well. Step up boost circuit has lots of reserve, and there is an aluminum heat sink behind the LED ( dissipating 4 watts, that's the only reason it lasted as long as it did ). If using disposables, a 3 volt Lithium would be in spec.
  7. We had the first ever near total failure at potatoes here this year, along with just about everything else ( the bulrushes did fine ). The ground was saturated from spring to frost. ( this just north of a near record drought ) Raised cages would have made a huge difference. Be worth doing a couple even with the usual couple of acres. I'm also thinking of terracing and planting a 5 meter high mound of top soil beside the dugout ( was formerly the top layer of a perennial slew when we dug the hole ) in a dry year the water is right there, in a wet one so is drainage. @Thomas -40 country here ( use whatever scale you want ) we store potatoes in a 3 meter round buried cement room that stays at 5 to 10 C all year. The ground freezes to a depth of 2 meters most years so any spuds left behind in the ground are mush by spring. Usually we have a 100 - 150 Kg in storage and end up throwing some perfectly good ones away in the fall to make room for the new harvest.
  8. Kimchi

    Wonder if "Blair's Ultra Death" could partly sub for gochujiang if I make a paste from sweet peppers. Time to experiment.
  9. Hi all new guy from GA.

    Greetings from the great white north.
  10. Down side to the net, while we can find like minds, they might be 10,000 miles away. A thought on security; you can buy little RF doppler effect cards for $0.75 each. They draw micro-amps and could be used for monitoring a perimeter as is. For a few $ more , better cards with more range ( 10 meters as opposed to 2 ) are $7 , and hacked into a "remote" key fob, can be made into cig pack sized deployable for camp sites. More people, and a good dog, is still the best plan, but at least these would give a little warning and don't take food and water. They detect motion just fine through walls, so also a way to be alerted to someone casing your house. A neighbour had one just inside her door that set off a recording of a large barking dog, and it did scare off a few unwanted guests.
  11. Kimchi

    http://www.bbc.com/news/video_and_audio/headlines/41860015/seoul-kimchi-making-festival-to-feed-the-poor Just felt I had to link to this. Ps. quite enjoying Rick's Kimchi.
  12. LIGHTWEIGHT EDC/backpack

    Short answer, badly The new flashlights help ( have a dirt cheap 10440 (( AAA size)) clipped inside my T shirt collar most of the time . 15 mins of silly bright ) but I have a tendency to carry a tool kit in my jacket along with meds.( my VOM might fit in an altoids tin except the test leads ) If you feel like splurging https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01BS8VMWW These things are $23 in Canukistan, 3 intensities so you can run for several hours if you don't need a spotlight, and has a rave mode and a signal mode ( two fast presses and it does one or two fast pulses )
  13. Hello from the Philippines

    Hi from Canada Paul.
  14. Kimchi

    Jar Rick gave me tastes great ( said the old guy with the chives ).
  15. survival related humour

    XKCD of course