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  1. Gary_Gough

    survival related humour

    I don't think the frame would handle a 18" cannon, let alone the recoil, but it would wake up the neighbourhood. Maybe a Davy Crockett? Of course is anyone really taken seriously if they don't have a few thermonuclear devices, and I think that one was just fission. Or maybe Geek fire... About as legal as the ATV around here ( looks like jail time to me ) .
  2. Gary_Gough

    Let there be light

    Cell phones in remote places with flaky power; If you use one of these You probably lose your cell phones and internet the second the power fails. So this project. Yes it's just laying there, but that will run a cell booster for 8 hours and swapping out the 18650 cells from the spring battery holder is 8 hours more. This compares to 5 hours with a UPS and a truck battery. Now what it is; the small board with a green light ( full charge indicator ) is a combo battery charger and power booster. I feed the 4.5 volt supply straight into it and it charges the battery pack to 4.2 volts. The black supply is the original power supply for the booster, wired straight through, so when there is electricity it is supplying all the power to the cell booster ( about 5.1 volts ). Now the slight trick. The booster board puts out 5.3 volts, and so would be the power source all the time, and discharge the batteries, so I added a 3 amp fast recovery diode in series with the booster output as I am too lazy to tweak the regulator to exactly 5 volts. End result is 4.8 volts. Since everything has a rectifier output the only thing determining the power source is the relative voltages, and I tested the booster and it's happy over the supply range. So no drop outs, the supply is drawing apx. 1 amp from the 18650 pack which has 8 amp hours of storage, and this takes very little space. I have a similar circuit on the cordless phone base but just floating a single supply as it only draws 150 ma so the charger can handle both the load and charging the battery pack. A couple of charge - boost boards. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32790658678.html https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32816254080.html depending on if one amp or two amp loads. The smaller is fine for a 5 volt cordless phone base ( or a 5.5 if you change a resistor on the regulator circuit, be aware it's surface mount, don't breath too hard ) . The booster is better with the 2 amp board. These https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32803131082.html are a good idea too especially if left unmonitored. Battery protection for over charge, over discharge .. they suggest one per 18650 cell, but on a low demand circuit having one on a 4 cell 3.7 volt pack should be fine. Have fun.
  3. Gary_Gough

    survival related humour

  4. Would it have an active volcano? Nice to have a place toss politicians to appease the volcano gods. The geothermal power plant could be handy too
  5. Gary_Gough

    Let there be light

    Handy toys. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/DC-DC-Automatic-Boost-Buck-Converter-CC-CV-Power-Module-0-5-30V-4A-Adjustable-Regulated/32872287719.html 5.5 to 30 volts in, anything from .5 to 30 volts out. Voltage and current regulated, displays incoming and output voltage and current. Good for up to 4 amps, so a 6 volt -> 24 volt solar panel can be regulated to safe Li-Ion charging, or a 12 to 24 volt source can power a 19.5 volt laptop computer. Also makes a nice test supply for bread boarding circuits. I'm thinking of pulling the trim pot adjustments and replacing with full size, but other then needing a screw driver to adjust it works fine as is. Update on $3 flashlights, have replaced a LED in one after burn out, otherwise several have been given hard use and survived. I do try to keep the duty cycle low as they get hot, but have them all over the place as immediate lights. With the recessed power switch they are less prone to being accidentally turned on and discharging then some much more expensive lights.
  6. Gary_Gough

    CPR-AED-First AID Certification

    A few months past ( again ) at least with the AED it's basically "Don't panic, read and follow the instructions" . That don't panic part is key, and it's not like anyone can know how they'll react the first time, at least being trained improves the odds.
  7. Yep, very accurate that way. A full exchange would be a mass extinction event, more because of the dust and sun blockage then the radiation. I expect some people will live through it, but not sure how many and in what condition. The last civilian bombings are fading from living memory, and people are way too good at only believing what they want, so some of the deterrence is becoming less effective. MAD works until it doesn't, and we'll probably call that "bad luck". We actually came very close in the 1990s , after the USSR was gone. A paperwork foul up in Russia didn't get a Norwegian rocket launch notice passed to the monitors. It looked like a pre-emptive EMP attack on Russia, and they were up to the final authorization to launch a full retaliatory strike before they lost communications. Was under a minute from launch.
  8. Depending on the launch there might be 20 minutes to get to shelter on warning. Coastal cities and submarine launches, much less. Outside the direct blast and radiation, fallout is the issue and for that your problem is much less immediate but is long term. Clean cloths and a shower are a big help on exposure. Of course you are just guessing without some basic radiation monitors. If there is ever a full on exchange of bombs, we are just going to have to get used to much shorter lives, large early families with very few old people. Cancers generally take 20 years to develop, with some unlucky people getting it much earlier, and a few living most of their lives. The recommended removal of contaminated soil ( top 10 cm or so ) will need to wait till the fallout has largely ended and then it's still a huge job involving equipment most people will not have. Given power ( not to be expected unless you have your own resources, water, solar, wind, geothermal etc. ) hydroponics and LEDs could work, and avoid the contamination problem. If you don't have it in place, odds are the factories making the needed parts were targets.
  9. Gary_Gough

    Winter Travel in your Car

    I pack a skidoo suit, think a sleeping bag that you can walk in. Mitts ( insulated snow mobile style gloves are ok too ), snow boots and liners, toque and scarf. I have slept comfortably in that, + a sleeping bag, in -40 in a VW Rabbit. Have a couple of 6 cell battery banks for charging cell phones. Winter sleeping bag. Catalytic hand warmers and lighter fluid. Most of that is in a hockey bag that lives in the car all winter. There is an all year kit too, smaller but has the first aid kit and more food and tools. Also a stainless steel bucket. Shovel, air compressor, spare tire, tire plug kit, a gas stove and tanks, camping cook kit, dried food. Strap on pouch for insulin etc. to wear inside the suit. If I'm traveling I also probably have a day bag.. change of cloths, spare socks, money, passport, first aid kit, flash lights, 2 meter HT, batteries, chargers, spare laptop ( it's me after all ), mini GPS ( charges off the same USB battery banks ) And then there is the stuff in my pockets and belt .. Cell phone, single cell battery bank, Flashlight ( same battery as in the bank ), knife, lighters, magnets, keys, USB drives, 3" wrench, diamond file, pens, paper, dosimeter, one ounce hand sanitizer, tire pressure gauge, insulin pens, test kit, driving glasses, reading prescription glasses, contacts and reading glasses. Yes I have large pockets and wear a denim jacket.
  10. If I had to spend it, 1/2 silver coins, 1/2 food. Otherwise, store as cash or just buy grocs ( that's about my usual bill, I buy bulk ). Really that's not much. I did win more then that a few months ago, as a gold coin. It's pretty, I'm holding on to it for now.
  11. Gary_Gough

    Looking for something on You tube

  12. Best two word answer I've seen when an anti-vaxer came up with "Well what did they used to do?" ..... "They died." If you need any more proof, the resurgence of preventable diseases where the idea that "it's too risky to vaccinate" has caught on, should be a strong hint.
  13. The blue colour is just the most visible bad side effect, along with the photosensitivity. Kidney damage is less obvious. For external use it's fine, internally it is a cumulative heavy metal, with no normal way for the body to remove it. It used to be used pre antibiotics for a wide range of things, and as metal poisoning goes it's one of the less harmful. That said.. https://rosemaryjacobs.com/ is an example of what can go wrong with patent medicines that grandfather into the present day. New medicine has to be tested for both safety and efficacy, the old stuff often has never been subject to anything like the present protocols. They may or may not be either safe or useful, but it would cost far too much to subject all the traditional meds to lab testing. The early testing would have gotten doctors jailed now, even when they worked out. Picture injecting small pox in a child after injecting them with what you hoped would protect them. ( cowpox ) It worked and so now smallpox is mostly history. ( I've been told by an anti-vaxer that the disease died out on it's own ) Now we'd need to prove cowpox was safe, and then run studies using large sample groups that were exposed during the normal course of their lives. Not fast or easy, but ethically more sound. On the wisdom of the ancients justifying on going use. Lead oxide used to be used to sweeten wine in Roman times, hard to find anyone thinking that's a good plan now.. well cows still like to eat car batteries if they find one ( be careful to clean those up ).
  14. Gary_Gough

    Saws ?

    Got a Bahco and a couple of very cheap folders of a similar style. The Bahco is definitely better made, blade locks both open and closed as opposed to just open in the cheap folders, handle feels much better. That said both cut wood just fine. Have one of the cheap folders in the bag in my van, and actually used it about two weeks after I got it to clear a tree off the driveway on my way to work. ( 1 km driveway, 80 year old trees and a storm, not uncommon ) Maybe 3 minutes to cut the 30 cm tree into moveable lengths, so it did the job.
  15. Gary_Gough

    Make fire from battery

    9v or damaged Li-ion ( outer plastic removed from the + end so both contacts are adjacent ) battery and steel wool works too.