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  1. All Things Archery

    My Bear is a similar story, out of production for so long they can't even quote specs. Reason I'm thinking of trying my own has more to do with learning the pitfalls. Any inconsistency between ends is going to do horrible things to accuracy and I expect my results will fall into the silly category, but maybe usable if I'm lucky, and I'll know more after working on the math to create the shape.
  2. All Things Archery

    Been awhile. Picked up some dead compound bows ( dead strings and pulleys , bows are ok ) and have vague ideas about either casting replacements or finding some generic that can be made to fit. Was fun 50 years ago even if I was never very good.
  3. Power company

    240 volt is a great idea, would be even better if we used three phase but that's only industrial for now. ( Since it's a single feed line, when I want three phase I have to make my own. Starting load when firing up a rotary transformer is pretty impressive ) Cable gauges and run lengths are limited to an acceptable % voltage loss. So for a given current load you can go twice as far with 240 ( and as P=VI , you have twice the power, so really for a given Power load it's 4 times as far ). Over all with twice the voltage everything can be lighter, the plugs and sockets don't heat as much even when they aren't making the best connection. Only down sides are more intense shocks if you mess up and the insulation needs to be up to it. Slight aside, a 50 KW transmitter got wired with welding cable instead of the specified power cable ( same gauge but a lower grade of rubber insulation ) after several years it arced through and came close to burning the site down. If two techs hadn't been in the building when it happened it would have. I grew up when 6 volt batteries were still common in cars. Massive cables to the starter , thick wiring throughout and the head lights compared favorably to two shielded candles, kind of a dull red glow in front of the truck. The resistive losses are also why the lower voltage distribution system is 14,000 volts, I gather some of the truly long distance lines are running 5 million volts, which by back of envelope calculations could jump a straight path of nearly 3.5 meters, must have impressive insulators too!
  4. Power company

    More then once I've been typing something on here when the power failed ( actually was out this AM for a few hours, while I typed my last posting, but I was in town at work and unaware ). Usually that triggers a chain of events... I go "Oh, the power is out" then phone it in to the power company and go back to what I was doing. If it's still out 6 hours later I fire up the gen set, and do any power hungry things I had put off ( the spot welder takes everything a 15 amp circuit will put out, dims the lights when I tap the foot switch ) while the freezers, fridges, battery chargers, grey water discharge and pressure pumps run. I'm looking at an automatic switch over set up though, and will probably automate the starting and run cycle on the gen set once I have that. Could monitor current and have the set shut down once it drops below an amp or so. Save fuel . If I decide I have too much time I could phase lock the throttle to a crystal time base, but other then one badly designed clock and a constant voltage transformer, there isn't much left that is frequency sensitive enough to matter. So, really, the level of panic is all of a shrug. If it's several days, it might set me back $40 to go refill the gas cans.
  5. Power company

    I expect population, area and climate may have something to do with it Thomas. Canada vs UK , apx 40 times the area with apx. 1/2 the population. Actually my province has nearly 3 times the area and 1/60 the population, and some fairly fierce weather related power issues. Ice storms, lightning strikes and even just the expansion and contraction with the temperature ranging apx. 100 degrees C . Population density for the Northern 1/2 of my province is even worse , larger area then the UK and 1/3 the population of Reading England. Works out to about one person for every 10 square Km. So the power "grid" is usually more of a power line north of the 53. very little in the way of redundant feeds. We also have an issue related to the speed of light ... the North American power grid is large enough that if it were a full circle their would be a large phase change around it ( sort of like if you didn't have an international date line you would gain a day circling the earth east and lose one circling west ) As it is BC and Alberta cross tie into the western US, and eastern Canada ties to the US east coast with the dividing line being the Sask-Alberta border. Distances.. if the circle were 5,000 km then the phase shift would be exactly one cycle at 60 Hz, all good as it would present no conflict at any point, if it were 2500 Km it would be 180 degrees out , can't just connect the ends, but you could pick a point to insert a set of transformers to invert that, but out side of those two lengths the phase shift represents a load. Actually 2500 km with no correction point would be a dead short at 60 Hz, everything put into that grid would be converted into heat. The UK is compact enough that the phase shift will be less of an issue.
  6. Power company

    Was out 21 hours a week ago here. But they had to bring in a tracked crane to set poles up in the mud and re-string the line ( record drought down south, saturated mud up here ) The guys dropped by about 6 hours in and as my place was about the only one effected and they were running on force of habit, just told them we could handle it if they wanted sleep. Ran the gen sets 2 on, 6 off, so the fridges, freezers and battery backups stayed up. Oh yeah , little DIY I just did... had a UPS on the cordless phones but it would kill a small car battery in 9 hours, very inefficient. Now , a charge control and booster for a Li-ion , modified to 5.5 volts to directly feed the phone base ( had to change one resistor ) and made a 4 cell 18650 // pack. Good for 2 weeks of no power and is about the size of a cig. pack. Frees up the UPS and battery for other uses.
  7. Mossberg 590A1

    Small enough piece they may have depended on visual inspection. Doesn't always show casting flaws. Never trust a safety anyhow. Friend had a 22 version of a 303 Enfield that would fire when the safety was removed if the trigger had been pulled when it was on. Accident looking for a place to happen.
  8. New here

    Greetings. You've already added some good ideas. Should be fun chatting and hopefully you'll get some food for thought in return.
  9. Safe Tick Removal

    Lars at Survival Russia put up a youtube video on basically prophylactic measures to avoid getting the ticks in the first place. Using the habits that ticks have developed to feed, against them.
  10. The ice on the inside always seems harder to scrape off after sleeping in the car. Sticks on extra well for some reason. I find something appealing about beside the fireplace, in a deep chair with a book as my favoured survival option though.
  11. The shelf life on charge in a 18650 is pretty impressive too. Li-ion in general.. I have a 35 year old "credit card" calculator that came with a 2016 , it finally needed a new one about 5 years ago. So far the only dead lights I've had since I largely switched to 18650, 14500 and 10440 cells have been a few times a light got accidentally turned on ( usually in my pocket on the key chain ) Other then that I have a few legacy alkaline cell lights, and even after 3 months I've found some of those leaking.
  12. ESEE Serrations?

    How is it slicing copper? Think I mentioned this before https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Professional-Portable-Pen-Shape-Diamond-Knife-Sharpener-Multi-Purpose-Fishhook-Sharpener-Grindstone-Outdoor-Tools/32705200473.html I've made serrations that look identical to those with this tool, would probably be ideal for touch ups in the field, Not my choice for a fine edge ( diamonds are too coarse ) but under $4, collapses into a pen with pocket clip, and will remove and shape metal quickly.
  13. survival related humour

  14. Hello from CA

    Greetings from northern Canada gypsy97. I probably live in what you'd consider an ice age for 8 months most years Last few winters have mostly been pretty mild, haven't seen a solid week of -40 for a few years ( that's actually quite unusual around here ). A few years in isolation doesn't really mean much but we keep setting record warmth, which is a bit more worrisome. Anyhow feel free to discuss cold, and cold prepping, if I miss anything I'm sure Dan Seven will be able to help too.
  15. Picture a day thread!

    Know your bear signs Black bear has been here..... Yogi was deeply disappointed with the contents of that picnic basket... Actually s/he attempted to bite some jerry cans too, so this one equates people and free food, which plants it in the nuisance category. I'm hoping the mouth full of raid may have been distasteful enough to dissuade ( was mostly used up on some wasps so hardly any left ). Time to start packing the air horn and bear scare again.