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  1. lilsidewinder

    Pull string Start Fire

    Small in size.light whight.ans water proof.yeah im intrested in hearing about how it goes.
  2. lilsidewinder

    Recent acquisition thread

    Here's a lil something that was given me.just tilt n poor
  3. lilsidewinder

    Winter Travel in your Car

    Flare gun and the diff color flares for emergency situations.
  4. I've been doing some home canning lately.so id buy some more canning supplies.and some more jeans..
  5. lilsidewinder

    Your daily prep?

    I've been slowly getting my food storage/preps,and first aid supplies up to date,since i moved 3-4 months ago.i won a 1st aid kit in a contest.so i'll be setting those item's out,right along with my 1st aid kit for the home.in which i'll not only have one for the hone.but for my vehicle as well.then ii'll be updating my. Food supply next week.hopefully my water supply as well.
  6. lilsidewinder

    New List of Long Term Storage Items

    I save all the flints,from my bic lighters.once they no longer light.on account they can be used in zippos..i have a walk/look through the spice section,everytime i do my primary shopping.just to see if,there's a spice i may of overlooked the last time.reading/sun glasses from dollar tree,when I'm in that area of town.and have a lil extra money.
  7. A aluminum baseball bat.. And a flashlight that uses 4 double A batteries end to end. I think Luieville slugger when ever I see it. Then there's the lock Blade clipped to my pocket.
  8. I've got 2 everyday carry knives.one is a 2 blade knife that found on the side of a bridge.the other is a clip on.i got it on the internet.in which all i paid is s&h..
  9. lilsidewinder

    Anyone into paracord?

    I've gotten into paracord very little.made a collar for my pomeranian.some pull backs for my curtains. And wraped handle of 1 tool with it so far.i need to redo the knots for the pull backs thoe.on account they aint to my likeing
  10. I have a extreme. It has 2 usb ports and a flashlight.lithium ion/capacity 10.000mAh It'll keep my phone charged 6x longer then normal.I've had the charger for over 2 years now.if i figure right.
  11. I do need to go for a new eye exam.and new eye glasses.on account i now have double vision in left eye now.but i do have a few pair of reading glasses from dollar tree.
  12. Both knife's are my everyday carry knife's. The 2 blade knife stays in my pocket. While the other remains clipped to the same pocket.
  13. lilsidewinder

    local emergencies near you?

    My main everyday concerns is power outages and tornadoes.then there's lightning strikes and flooding some what.last time i saw snow here,was the winter of 2008/09.
  14. lilsidewinder

    Check those Batteries!

    I got back into chargers and rechargeable batteries back in 2009..i check the ones that I don't use to often. And as for the. Ones I do use often. Their either in my everyday flashlights, or in my lanterns. I made it a habit of dealing out the batteries when ever neccery.