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  1. Bubbadreier

    What do you store for barter?

    Ammunition is a bad currency but it is great for protecting your currency haha
  2. Lets start with the rule of 3s... 3 minutes without air 3 hours without shelter 3 days without water 3 weeks without food. So playing off of that I would say the five skills that beginners need to learn are as follows. 1. Shelter Building 2. Fire Starting 3. Water procurement 4. Hunting/Trapping/Fishing 5. Basic First Aid But everyone might disagree with me
  3. Man I need to start watching this show. You guys seem pretty into it. I am sure it will piss me off like most survival shows but it should be interesting!
  4. Well I lived through the May 20, 2013 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma (Got out of there not long ago) It really didn't take long for the rebuilding to start but my area was out of power and water for over a week. This was a localized SHTF situation, so there was a lot of people there to help rebuild right after the tornado. It would not have gotten up and running as quick if it was a broader hit area.
  5. Bubbadreier

    What do you store for barter?

    I am weird and like matches, less to go wrong in my opinion.
  6. Bubbadreier

    Mora Classic #3 knife

    I have bought of few of THESE last year and have used one almost daily. I love these knives and will probably buy a few more later this year. Cheap knives that are easy to stock up on.
  7. Do you store any items for barter, and if so what is it that you store? To play off dthomasdigital's thread about bulk storage, I thought I would get a barter thread started. For me I store both silver and pipe tobacco and some cheap pipes. I will explain why if anyone is curious. I also thought I would post this list of low cost barter items to consider. Poor Man’s Barter Items Candles Garden tools Fly swatters Insect spray Rat & mouse poison Rodent traps Scissors Needles Straight pins Safety pins Buttons Thread Elastic-material Dry beans Rice Noodles Flour Spices such as cinnamon, cloves, allspice, sage, parsley etc. Coffee Cooking Oil Coffee filters Pepper Sugar Salt Hand crank or manual can openers Canned food – any type Wooden, strike anywhere matches Old newspapers Wax for fire-starting Large cotton balls with soaked in petroleum jelly (also for starting fires) Bleach (or freshly made pool shock) Baby wipes (Note: these can be used to clean face, hands, arm pits, groin in case there is no water. If dried out, pour in a cup of water into container) Cocoa Baking Soda Spirits: wine, whisky, beer, vodka, brandy Coloring books & crayons Scrap paper Pencils Ballpoint pens Copy paper Lined notebook paper Tooth paste Toothbrushes Dental floss Combs Hair brushes Disposable razors Nail clippers and files Feminine products Bars of soap Toilet paper Hair pins Batteries Cigarettes Tobacco Cigarette lighters Tobacco seeds Aluminum foil Plastic sheeting Socks – all sizes & colors Shoe laces Reading glasses Garbage bags (can’t have too many) Brooms Dust pans Clothes pins Clothes lines Garbage cans Dryer Lint (to use as firestarter) Rope of any type Honey Hard candy Popcorn Kool-aid Ibuprofen, Tylenol, and aspirin Essential oils Cough syrup Eye drops Band aids Laxatives Lip balm or chapstick Axes Nails, nuts, bolts, & screws Heirloom garden seeds Fresh garden produce and herbs Herb plants Hand garden tools Two cycle oil Automotive oil and air filters Paperback books Plastic tarps Duct tape Fels naphtha bar soap Washing/laundry soda Borax Oxyclean Home made laundry detergent Garden compost Garden fertilizer Plastic tubs & containers Petroleum jelly (Vaseline)
  8. Bubbadreier

    Survival Fiction

    One of my favorite books as a kid! Thanks for reminding me of it!
  9. Bubbadreier

    What do you store in bulk.

    Oil doesn't last long for those that don't know. You have about 1 year in normal conditions, 2 if it is keep in a dark cool location, 3 at max if it is kept in the fridge (but I wouldn't trust that).
  10. Bubbadreier

    What do you store in bulk.

    I store fruits, chili, canned meats, caned cheeses, veggies, sauces and soups, and canned bacon haha. I tend not to gather too many tomato based items. My wife doesn't like tomatoes so they would go to waste really.
  11. Bubbadreier

    What do you store in bulk.

    I store salt, sugar, rice, beans, baking soda, alcohol, spices, freeze dried fruits and veggies, and honey. I also rotate a bunch of canned goods and other short life goods. To those that store oils, do you store them for the long term or are you making sure to rotate the oils?
  12. Okay I am just learning about this show, don't know how that is possible.... This is an interesting concept, I will watch it tonight
  13. I have a very simplistic answer for this question, Water and Food. But expanding that answer to give a new prepper a road map to follow depends on a number a factors. What they are prepping for? Bugging in or out? Do they live up north, down south, east or west coast? Family or just them? Any experience in camping or bushcraft? There are a bunch more questions that would need to be asked, all are question that need to be answered to truly give a good answer. Like I said, simplest answer is water and food for at least 2 weeks.
  14. Bubbadreier

    Okie Introduction

    Hello, The name's Bubba and I am from Oklahoma. If you are on other survival sites you might know me. I pop in from time to time and stir the pot (in a good way) I have been interested in survival and all things that come with it for some time now, and I have been an active 'prepper' (I really dislike that term) for about 2 years now. I have a lot of info in random areas and I am always open to questions. I love to research and to find answers so even if I don't know that answer but you want someone to do the leg work for you just hit me up. I am a collector of hobbies and I tend to fall out of one to pick up another. I jump into these hobbies and learn everything that I can, then get bored and move onto another. Some of my hobbies that might interest you like minded people are pipes and tobacco, vaping, coin roll hunting, silver collecting, thrift store shopping, small time wood working, repurposing, and of course "prepping". For future reference, (there are always those that are curious down the road) I am 26, male, married, no kids (yet), I am an executive in a local Oklahoma company, 6 foot 5 inch. I look forward to having some nice discussions with you all.