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  1. cgsurvivalman

    New EDC

    I carry a Milwaukee auto-blade folding knife. I have found it I really tough and holds a good edge. I am not sure what you are considering cheap but, I only paid $25 for it at Home Depot. It is the red knife in the picture.
  2. cgsurvivalman

    History Channels new show "Alone"

    Me too. I am not sure how I am still alive. But, I am not done yet.....lol
  3. cgsurvivalman


    What is your favorite pack that you use when hiking/bugging out/camping or whatever you want to call it? Right now I use my FSS fireline pack. I have about 4 other packs that are larger and I would use if I intended to be out longer. This bag is designed to ride low on your waist and I find that it does not pull on my shoulders like some do.
  4. cgsurvivalman

    History Channels new show "Alone"

    It does make it tough. But, at my age I am too old to be scare or intimated my much of anything or anyone. When I am on my death bed I want to be able to say " remember when?" and not have to say " I wish I had".
  5. cgsurvivalman

    History Channels new show "Alone"

    No Sir, Not for next season. This season they are on Vancouver Island, Canada. But, very true. No need for a pack raft in the desert.
  6. cgsurvivalman

    History Channels new show "Alone"

    I also have been thinking about changing my water filter out for a pack raft. I could always boil the water to make it safe but, if I needed to cross or travel a river or any large water way it would be very valuable.
  7. cgsurvivalman

    History Channels new show "Alone"

    I would rather watch someone that knows what they are doing too, but that would not be "good tv" that is why they pick the people they do. They don't want people to learn anything, they want the drama. That sells tv.
  8. cgsurvivalman

    Hey everyone

    Cody has years of skills. I truly would rather hangout with Matt Graham then Cody Lundin. I just like the really laid back attitude of Matt. He just seems to never let anything get to him.
  9. cgsurvivalman

    History Channels new show "Alone"

    Not sure about the Bear Grylls knife. I have never used one and know nothing about it. That would be one way to get more than 10 items in with you. I am guessing too that I will not be picked for the show because like you said they are looking for people that have just enough experience not to fall down a hill and put up a tent but, not a really outdoorsman. The show would last forever....lol....if they did. But, if I do I will let everyone know.
  10. That is very true. Whenever I go into the woods I put my Karbar fighting knife on my belt. I have had it for just over 35 years and would not trade it for any of the new "tactic" high dollar knives on the market. I have used it a 1000 times and I trust it.
  11. My Gerber was issued to me while I was in the military about 15 years ago. I was issued a leatherman first but, I did not like it because it would always pinch the crap out of my hand when I used the pliers. I love my Gerber and do not go anywhere without it. It is always on my belt.
  12. This is my normal EDC. I live by rule 9. Never go anywhere without a knife. I also carry my Gerber, ferro rod, lighter, magnifying glass and a firearm. Also, remember the type of clothing that you wear is also important. You do not want to end up in the deep woods with just a tee shirt, shorts and tennis shoes. Or find yourself without a jacket in the winter.
  13. So, after watching the first show of the History Channels new show "Alone" and seeing the first guy tap out after about 18 hours. I have applied to be on the next seasons cast. So, the show takes 10 people and throws them out into the woods and you ever last the longest wins. Unlike naked and afraid these people are allowed to wear their clothes and take 10 items that they can fit into a backpack. So, what are the 10 items that you would take with you that would help you outlast everyone else? Mine are: (which I am sure will change after reading other people ideas) Sleeping bag 10'x10' rubberized tarp knife axe 300' of 325lb bank line (one spool) 100' gill net for fishing fire starter water filter cooking pot Bow w/ 6 arrows (I looked it up and History channel counts this as 1 item)
  14. cgsurvivalman

    Hey everyone

    I just wanted to say Hey. Thanks for being invited and I hope to be able to learn and pass on knowledge. I grew up in a very rural areas of Northeast Georgia (foothills of Blue Ridge Mtn) and the Midwest of Missouri. Once I turned 20 I joined the military for just over 20yrs. After retiring I returned to the Blue Ridge mtn where I spend most of the time in the woods. I do not know everything and will be the first to admit that but, I do know a good bit and I did not learn the knowledge from youtube or books. Most of the knowledge came from learning it from my grandfather and father. The rest I learned by trying and failing to see what worked for me. So, I am looking forward to meeting new and interesting people.