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  1. Rowan

    Picture a day thread!

    Some BRM ribs on a fire
  2. Rowan

    Terava Skrama Knife

    Still love my SK5 Cold Steel Kukri. The Rajah Series gives the long handle with fold-abilaty.
  3. Rowan

    Terava Skrama Knife

    Dear David S, Thank you for the share! Love long handle blades! Not a fan of the blade type but it still a awesome blade! Also find holes in the blade gets things stuck in it. How are you experiencing this knife? Please post some pics. Best regards, Rowan
  4. Dear Thomas, This is VERY interesting! Living in a country were skills are not the issue but your skin colour, I have been on terminated for just being white, and then replaced by a correct colour worker who was the right colour with 0% skills and double or Triple my salary. What happens when a robot can do the work at a fraction of the price?! In Africa we have a safety that the humans will destroy the Robots as they do now. It may also be classified as a racial issue giving Africans work security. But when the robots learn and may retaliate,… what then? I am glad to say that I have been reemployed at a fraction of my previous salary, but at least I can buy food for my Family. Once a robot can take my place at a fraction of the price,… Why employ a human? When race than fails it is a downward spiral!!!! When a machine can now do everything, never get sick, always learn even after 100 years of service,… Why employ a African when the machine outperforms every time at a fraction of the price,… and if the machine is also the employer?! How will you earn a salary if machines can now do everything better than you?! As all movies have shown, when machines become self-aware what do we do then? Prepping may not be for an inevitable disaster event. But just not having any skills that are makeable. This is a thread that has no end, … nor is the ability of machines. How long will it take Bots to think genocide is a feasible option?! Kind Regards, Rowan H. Robbertze
  5. Rowan

    Big blade

    Dear post-tees, @Z prepper, thank you @kiwitransient, that is my Nepalese Kukri made by Kukri house. Absolutely love it but it has been discontinued Total: 16” Blade: 10.5” Thickness: 10mm The blade grind makes a HUGE difference compared to flat or hollow ground knives. Here you have a knife that WILL out shop a hatchet any time! @Thomas, I will swap you some for those Spyderco’s Kind regards, Rowan H. Robbertze
  6. Dear Dan Seven, My initial training with firearms as a child was with a .22Lr and as I newly private individual with his own life training is still with a 22LR. I believe this is the most underrated calibre in the world! It has provided me numerous meals on wild life excursions were I had a pistol for hunting. The rifle is as accurate as it gets and I will recommend this for any survivalist. The .22Lr not only keeps my skills honed but is a lethal calibre all the way from snakes to 2 legged Xenophobes that wish t to my family harm. Not a calibre for large made as it will only make them mad but it will take down a Kudu if you can shoot! The .303 is a calibre that served my great grandfather in the Boer war, my grandfather for providing food for his family. My father for putting food on the table and now me defending the family against extermination from the ANC. You can say a .303 is my traditional weapon. As you said with good placement it as effective as a 30-06. I would like to share with you a pun from the Boer war. An English captain saw a Boer (White South African) smoking on a mountain and sent up his finest soldier to kill the upstart. Minutes after his soldier arrives on the mountain the Boer comes back from behind the mountain and screams down at the English is that all you have?! So the captain sends 2 volunteers to kill the Boer. Again minutes after the men arrive the Boer comes over the mountain and says that the best you got??!! So he sends 10 men to kill the Boer. 5 Minutes after the squad arrived the Boer comes over the mountain al bloodied and battered and say that the best you got??!! So the commander sends the whole battalion!! After about 10 min an English soldier crawls back over the mountain battered and bleeding. He says it is an ambush, there are 2 Boere “Until tomorrow the whole world is my home. If you want to join me for a while just grab your hat we’ll travel light, that’s hobo style” T. Bush Kind regards, Rowan H. Robbertze
  7. Rowan

    What's Your Favorite Fire Starter?

  8. Rowan

    What's Your Favorite Fire Starter?

    Dear dthomasdigital, I have to say I have not found anything better to light a fire in wet or windy conditions than cotton balls with Vaseline. When I show kids how to use a fire steel I also start them with cotton balls with Vaseline. I love seeing their faces when they light a fire like Bear Grills. Hooked for life on the outdoors after that!!! In Africa we also have wild cotton that grows in nature and winter time and we have abundance of tinder that starts easily with a fire steel. Kind regards, Rowan H. Robbertze
  9. Dear Dan Seven, A .22??? Is that a “Gun”? The question all none gun fanatics ask? I love my .22 and everyone feels it is too small to do any damage. I have to say when my airgun cannot cut it my .22 kills it. Won’t take this as a survival weapon as it does not have stopping power, but it can get rid of pesky critters at 2km. Numerous rabbits can attest to this! Glad to see someone is still using a .303, seems that only old timers use this calibre. As I love my .303 and it is perfect for shooting from a horse and I can shoot small to medium game (this is Africa, elephants are considered large game) with it I consider it a great calibre for hunting as well as defence (again, this is Africa, a 9mm only aggravates your attackers). My other favourite is the shot gun, with this tool I can hunt all the way from doves to warthog. Though I can shoot a dove with a .303, if I find the carcass there is very little to eat as well as to only 1,… The shotgun is also a better defence weapon as you usually get attracted by a minimum of 3 attackers and this way you can remind all 3 at the same time you mean business. For survival I also find the 12gage to be advantageous as 1 gun gives me the option to hunt small game for the pup, put a Kudu in the pot and protect myself from the numerous Xenophobes running freely in the country. Still love taking the .303 to the range and hunting some wild bake bean cans that got loose. So what is the biggest game you have taken down with the .303? Any medium sized game like Moose and Grizzly that have tasted .303 only to be tasted by the owner of the .303? My cousin visited Canada were he was attacked by a black bear, says it was the first time in his life defending himself with his fists almost did not work. Kind regards, Rowan H. Robbertze
  10. Rowan

    Favourite knife handle materials?

    Dear Z prepper, Thank you for the information. A friend of mine makes these, I will try get my hands on one. Kind regards, Rowan H. Robbertze
  11. Rowan

    Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0 Army

    Dear dthomasdigital, Correct, and if you cheat and use cotton balls, first strike every time. Kind regards, Rowan H. Robbertze
  12. Rowan


    The folding knives that took on Africa and won!
  13. Rowan

    Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0 Army

    Dear dthomasdigital, Without a doubt the best firesteel I own. Kind regards, Rowan H. Robbertze
  14. Rowan


    Dear kiwitransient, I am also a kukri fan, the blade to me is ideal for everything! As for the Rajah2, I have the AUS8 and a friend of mine also carries the AUS8 Rajah 2&3 and he has taken them through Africa. He knows how to use a knife and feels the Rajah2 is strong enough for any task and has proven it numerous times. The Rajah3 is a backup incase he needs to go to town or the 2 gets lost. In the field I carry the CS Gurka Kukri in SK5 but the Rajah2 is still in the pocket and gets used the most. Unless you do something “stupid” I cannot see the Rajah2 failing. Enjoy, let me know if the blade steel upgrade is worth it. Kind regards, Rowan H. Robbertze
  15. Rowan

    Fire starter challenge with the family.

    Dear dthomasdigital, Excellent, looking forward to seeing the pictures. Kind regards, Rowan H. Robbertze