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Survival Threads
  • Forum Rules

    Survival Threads (survivalthreads.com) was created to provide a neutral, engaging place for the survival community to congregate in a moderated environment free from personal attacks, clique mentality, and other unpleasantness that is unfortunately rampant on many online platforms.

    Your participation in this forum is purely optional, however, as long as you are a member you are required to adhere to the code of conduct set out below.

    For the sake of fostering understanding we have avoided using legal babble in the hope that you will take the time to read and thereby adhere to the code instead of glossing over the fine print.


    Code of Conduct

    With regards to community discourse;

    1. First and foremost - no politics, no religion. More on this later.
    2. Treat other as you would like to be treated. Do not use ad hominen attacks as a way to support an argument.
    3. Any attacks on individual members involving hate speech, abusive language, or threats will be shut down immediately. "He started it" is not a valid argument amongst adults, and in unclear scenarios where hate speech is being spewed two ways, both individuals will get a time out. When in doubt, do not engage with abusive individuals. There is a "Report post" button on every post of the forum - click on it if you think someone has said something inappropriate and let the moderators take care of it.
    4. Disclosing the private information of others on the forum without their express permission is forbidden. We all have the right to participate here with a clear expectation of privacy.
    5. At no point is it acceptable to "circlejerk" or victimize other members regardless of their views or if you think they deserve it. This is tantamount to bullying and will be dealt with accordingly.
    6. Needless to say, any negative remarks relating to an individual's race, religion, gender, sexual inclination, or political ideology won't be tolerated.
    7. Collection of other members' information for spamming or commercial activity is also not permitted.
    8. No affiliate links.
    9. Do not copy and paste whole articles or posts from other sources. If you would like to make reference to what's been written in another thread, on another website, or even on another forum, please link to it instead of copying and pasting the full text. If you'd like to copy and paste small segments of the text to talk about in particular, feel free to do that, but always link back to the original text and be sure that what's quoted isn't more than a few paragraphs at most.
    10. Overt advertising or commercialization will not be permitted. That does not mean you can't advertise, just don't be spammy about it. If you're a shop owner, feel free to post about your online store to this thread, any sales/promotions to this one, and any giveaways here. If in doubt about whether a specific form of advertising crosses the line into overt advertising and spam, please feel free to PM one of the admins for guidance on what is and isn't acceptable.
    11. Do not spam links. If you would like to share a link to your website or YouTube channel, feel free to do so in this self-promotion thread. Otherwise, please share links only when they are relevant to the topic at hand. You can start a new thread to discuss articles you have published, but refrain from starting new self-promotional threads like "Look at my survival blog!" - use the self-promotion threads that already exist to promote your content in this way.

    Abridged version: Don't be a dick.


    Politics and Religion

    Unfortunately, due to the divisive nature of politics and religion, we have felt it best to make Survival Threads a political and religion free zone.

    Survival Threads values the fostering of community and helpfulness amongst all else, and as a result, all abrasive or inflammatory topics – whether they begin or end up this way – will be closed and swiftly moved to The Junkyard Scraps before they can begin to do their damage ruining the experience of the many who participate within this forum.

    While discussion of the legislative issues that affect us (gun rights etc.) can be discussed from a neutral standpoint, any opinions that are even perceived to be abrasive will be closed and moved immediately to the Junkyard Scraps in an effort to prevent an inevitable flame war.

    It is unfortunate that this rule has to exist in the first place - but far too many arguments spawn out of misunderstandings over differences of opinion when they could have been easily avoided. We are not willing to put at risk the unity and feeling of community between members in order to give a platform to a small negatively-opinionated few, and while these topics will not be completely deleted/removed from Survival Threads in the name of free speech, they will not be permitted to be built upon for the destruction they will almost certainly produce within the community at large.

    We are here for the same reasons: to share our appreciation for survival, preparedness, gear, and the outdoors - so as you lurk, comment or share, please try to remember that. Enemies need not be made here.


    Formatting Text & BB Code

    We have enough experienced forumites on here that I feel this is worth a mention in our forum rules. We have done our best to limit BB code (in particular with regards to the ability to change font style, font colour, and font size) on this forum as much as possible. This is done on purpose because of the fact that we'd like the Survival Threads formatting to be as consistent as possible throughout the entire forum.

    Our reasoning behind this is simple. Besides the fact that we feel strongly that consistent formatting allows for a more seamless experience of a forum, there is also a greater problem that arises if we allow the option to break consistent formatting - namely, it would allow for the possibility of choosing fonts and font colours that completely hinder readability. Imagine a few members choosing to use white fonts, or use black fonts when another user has a theme selected where their content background is black. This makes it impossible to see the text without highlighting - something less tech-savvy users likely will not even know to do. On top of that, the option to change font size to something smaller will make it virtually impossible for those hard of sight to see what's written. Small enough and barely anyone can read what's being said. These are situations we don't want to find ourselves in.

    Once in a blue moon, when we have just ran an update on the forum, say, it becomes possible for you to use BB code and change the formatting of your text again for a short amount of time. We ask that you do not take advantage of these moments and begin changing your font formatting, however.

    Please be respectful of our decision to keep the formatting of text as consistent as possible throughout this forum. We know you may or may not agree with our reasoning behind this decision, but regardless of that fact, we hope you chose to remain respectful of our decision nonetheless.


    Banning Members

    Moderators will generally let the community run itself, but be advised that your membership is a privilege and not a right. If you abuse the trust placed in you when you joined this community by violating the code of conduct, we will dish out administrative consequences depending on the severity of the violation. This may include revoking your membership permanently.


    If you have any questions or concerns about the forum rules, please start a new thread in the Feedback, Suggestions, and Technical Support sub-forum.