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How to Survive a Mugging

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This missionary was proficient in MMA, (Mormon Martial Arts), took the mugger's gun away, threw it over a wall, then beat the chicken soup out of him!  Not advisable but oh so nice to see.


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Well i guess the Mormon was not a "Violence Virgin".

We should be prepared that there might be a special inner circle in hell just for those who choose to 'break the cherry' - of the violence virgin.

There may well be such said circle, for all those shaming and mentally abusing the 'violence virgin' for holding the courage of keeping their virtue intact.

Claiming that the violence virgin is a pussy, and surely their virtue will only end with pain of cowardice, and the loss of the virtue of others, through the ''negligence' of refraining from corrupting their own.

If we have already lost our violence virginity then fine..we'll see where we end up...

Our last redemption should be the hope that not everyone in this world needs to get f'd..

Special circle friends...

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