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The original Scouting For Boys

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Imo one of the best outdoors primers ever.  Since my dad was a scoutmaster in the 50's and 60's I had access to this book long before I was old enough for scouting, and the basic skills it contains (including many that were dropped in subsequent printings) are timeless.  I credit it (and Scouting) for helping me do well in basic military training in the reserves since they spent weeks teaching the others things I already knew (like reading topographical maps and marching on compass headings).  Building shelters with drainage, sanitation, camp cooking, tracking, (we used to take our rifles to scout camp and hunt), fire making and much more, all eagerly learned between the ages of 12 and 14, then Venturers and more independence re: camping.  We raised money and bought an old van so we didn't need parents to drive us to camp and then we could go one weekend a month.  Reading some of the equipment lists in the reality tv show thread made me think of this.. we took a lot of the same stuff.



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