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Kaye :)

SURVIVAL necklace

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I enjoy making all sizes of EDC kits.  I mainly use Altoid tins of various sizes.  I used an Altoid Smalls tins for a necklace kit.  My thought was to just have fun making a mini kit that might be useful should I ever find myself stranded in the woods or who knows where.  Honestly, not sure that will ever happen, but I like the idea of being prepared.  The items inside the kit are:  water purification (tablets and bag), storm proof matches with striker, razor blade, couple of band aids, alcohol wipes, small whistle, a bit of medication, dental floss, and a bit of Gorilla tape. There may be something else in there, but I can't remember at the moment. :) I painted the little tin black.  I was going to decorate it to make it look like a BIG locket, but to finish it faster I went with using ranger bands to secure it to the necklace chain.  Underneath the ranger bands on the outside and backside of the necklace I inserted a small flashlight.  It may sound a bit nerdy or paranoid, but I had fun making it.  

I'm always open for survival ideas so if you have any in regards to mini survival kits I'd like to hear them.

Thanks always. :)

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