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Traveller 10 Water Generator

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The Traveller 10 by droughtmasters.net can provide gallons of clean, safe water every day. I bought mine about 3 months ago because I needed a reliable source of water for my Aquaponics garden. Our local water department uses massive amounts of Chloramine to disinfect water pumped from the Colorado River. The water was not safe for fish or plants straight out of the tap, and required additional treatment to avoid poisoning my fish. The Droughtmaster machine pulls water out of the Air, sterilizes it with a high intensity UV lamp and then cleans the water with a charcoal filter. My fish and plants love the water and I don't have to worry about chemicals or heavy metals ending up in my salad / dinner. The Traveller 10 weighs about 40 pounds, and runs on 120vac. It's power requirements are similar to a small refrigerator, so solar power is possible, but would be expensive. The unit is simple to operate, and comes with a 1 year warranty. 

Visit droughtmasters.net for more information or to order.


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