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Shelter in Place, how have you prepared.

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Today I measured all my windows, doors, and vents. I then cut 6 Mil plastic sheeting to those measurements, labeled each opening and placed the sheeting in my shelter in place kit. I live in-between 2 national labs, the navy research center, and multiple biological research centers. Oh and we also dismantle all the nuclear weapons systems for our nukes and Russia's too. So I thought, might be a good idea to take a little time and do it right. I also got my wife and son involved they know where the SIP kit is and they know how to deploy it. The kit includes everything from a chemical toilet to HAM radios and everything in between. 

I really should move to the mountains 


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So essentially you have the pre-fabricated "parts" to build a homebrew containment chamber? Sounds like a great plan although I have no knowledge of its real world viability- did you follow a guide and how do we test its resilience (although anything is better than nothing, to be honest!)?

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