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Solar Energy System

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Something i think we should all get into is solar energy.
 Yes its great to have a generator on standby but what happens when you run out of fuel?
Solar energy is something that could save all of us and it isnt that hard to build your own solar energy system
 Here is a PDF and video on how to build your own system {LINK TO SPAM REMOVED]
 When the grid does shut off and we are left powerless its good to be prepared.
Besides solar power what are other ways to generate power? For me i think Solar energy is the way to go. 

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On 29/01/2018 at 6:03 AM, Gary_Gough said:

Don't really have time for a sales war dance video right now.

My security software (Zemana) refused to even open the link, banned the guy and removed his pdf link.

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I had to use an alternate browser to open it too ( this one is locked down ). Started out with the usual catch phrases along the lines of imagine how wonderful _________ would be, and has to be played from the start only ( no skipping ahead ) and no option to pause. So after a couple of very unlikely statements ( just need to open a small solar panel, no reference to what "small" is but for the implied amount of energy it would need to be 10 to 20 square meters ) my internal reaction was "F*** this" if they have to dance around any statements of fact there probably aren't any I want to see. I'm fine with anyone that gives hard numbers up front, preferably showing their work.  It was either a way to keep someone on the site for advertising time. or an attempt to get people hooked by "well, I've already spent this much time, maybe a little more and I'll find out something ". My definition of a sales war dance.

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