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AWS molle day pack

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If you're looking for an assault pack, $60 pretty much gets you some Chinese amazon special.


It also gets you this. http://www.awsin.com/proddetail.asp?prod=50639

Some notes off the owners manual

Made of 1000D cordura type material

MOLLE webbing on the sides and front

Side loops for tools

Bottom loops for sleeping bags, or other stuff

3 pockets

Velcro fields for patches

Main pocket has a divider for a hydration bladder.

Hardware is a mix of metal and polymer.


On to the review.



I've had this thing for awhile, and for the price, it's easily one of the best packs around, assuming you can get around the tactical look and coyote tan color.


The pack is covered in loops, fortunately some can be removed if you want. However, there will still be some left, 2 under the main pocket, and 3 on either side of the pack. 4 of these side loops (the non removable ones) actually are very nice, they have QR buckles and will keep the pack somewhat closed even if it isn't zipped up. There are MOLLE loops on each side as well. Might be a good place for a large knife/machete, though that type of setup really didn't work for me.


The 2 removable loops on the bottom are quite large, so if you've got a sleeping bag, this is a good a place as any. Since the loops are so long, you'll probably have a few inches too much of fabric. If this bothers you, cut it with some strong scissors and use a lighter to melt the frayed ends. I personally couldn't find any use for all these loops, so off they all came.


The 2 main pockets have drain grommets, the one in the main pocket is obviously huge, so you wont be holding too much water if you get wet. In this picture you can kinda see the pass throughs for the bottom 2 removable loops, so you can move them closer or farther apart if you wish. You can also see the 2 non removable loops. These are pretty small, and non adjustable, so I'm not too sure what purpose they have


The main pocket is very large, at 20"×12"×6", theres not much you can't cram in here. The zippers (which have 2 pulls, are very sturdy, and well protected) go almost down the entire side, so the buckles are quite functional here. The bottom is bright orange. Seems kinda odd, but at the very least it serves as another layer. The main pocket has a divider for hydration baldders, and even a full 3L disappears like it got dropped in a well. There is a tiny grommet so if any water gets in there, it can get out. The hydro tubes can be ran through a velcro flap up top. Not exactly the greatest design ever, since it pretty much restricts you to having the tube on the right, but I suppose it works.




The second pocket is smaller, at 15"×11×2". Not too much to note here. Just a good sized pocket. The zippers only go down maybe half way of the pocket, so if you've got something bulky that you might need to get out in a hurry, keep it in the main pocket

The last pocket is the smallest, but it's still pretty big, I can fit an MCU-2P with filter in there. Oddly, this pocket has no drain grommet. On the front of this pocket, you've got 3 rows of 8 molle loops, and 2 velcro fields, one for a flag patch, and one for a name tape patch.


(You can really see the bell type shape here)

Jumping to the back, lets look at the straps. Pretty standard stuff, adjusts like you'd expect. You've got a QR buckle to keep the straps together. The straps are very well padded, about 2.5" wide, and about half an inch thick. Whatever padding they used, it isn't crap. Whatever I do, it just springs back. The hardware here is a combination of metal and polymer. I suspect metal was used in areas where bulk ought to be kept to a minimum. The metal, where it is, is coated, with what I can't tell. Most likely just some paint, since One D-ring has a few scratches and underneath the paint is a black coating, so no need to worry about being given away or whatever. 

The actual rear pannel has the same type of padding as the straps, so nothing will be poking you uncomfortably. It doesn't breath as well as some other packs I've used (no duh it's 1000D cordura) but it works very well


the pack also has a nicely padded abdomen strap, and has a large range of adjustment. Works as well as you'd expect.

I really like this pack, there are a few areas I'm not too hot on, like the hydro tube flap, and the fact there is no internal loop to help route it, and all the loops that don't seem all that practial to me, but at ~65$, wow. Everything is double stitched, everything is 1000D, the zippers are beefy, have 2 pulls, paracord loops, and have protective lips, the pack is comfortable...


I reccomend this. Very much. While a bit smaller, this mops the floor with something like the 5.11 rush 72, and unlike other cheaper packs, this is made in the USA.


(Sorry for the lack of pics, had some errors when i uploaded them.)

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Here's the pics that didnt upload20180223_165110.thumb.jpg.d8b8a7ddea9aa3e67176dceddd4320e9.jpg

MCU-2P in the front pocket20180223_165129.thumb.jpg.b972afed997e002fbfee041c72a76d5b.jpg

Interior of front pocket. You can see the stitching for the MOLLE webbing

20180223_165143.thumb.jpg.f40c5097b076d601d14bda37b5a7fc4c.jpgVelcro fields


D ring with scratched paint

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