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here's an article that's probably one of the better that I've seen in a year or two - 100% on target - and it just happens to preach my mantra ....

your preps are just a stop gap - a hedge - until your self sufficiency plan can kick in and then help fill gaps on those lean months .... 

when a SHTF hits - no matter how minor or serious - don't take it at face value - it can and most likely will get worse by other SHTFs adjoining and compounding together ... an initial 1 month predicted longevity suddenly is more like 6 months or longer ...

https://www.theorganicprepper.com/when- ... nt-enough/

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Much easier if you can share with others. For instance it's the same amount of work to raise 25 chickens or 75 , but if three neighbors go in on 75 then the care taking can also be split. Any livestock is a commitment to be there. As small farmers we used to share some infrequently used equipment, only problematic issue with shared equipment is who is responsible for maintenance? Has to be everyone, and with a list of what to check after each use, preferably with a log book and manuals on the machine.   Of course as a group expands it tends to prevent it's own functioning ( what is a city other then a large group after all ) and on technical issues democracy doesn't work all that well ( the people who understand how a process works and what it takes to maintain it are out voted by those who don't ). If people understand that competent people need to be allowed to make decisions in the area of their competence it can grow to a large organization, if it turns into a matter of immediate efficiency then you get interlocked, just in time, systems that work great until they don't. It takes stored resources to bootstrap any repairs, but they are "dead" assets as far as book keeping goes. Seen far too many examples of spare parts, manuals and log books thrown away because "Do we need these right now? No. Get rid of them, they are taking up space!"

Then again I'm still getting parts from a collection of those from 40 years ago, boss said "this all goes to the trash." well I'm as trashy as they come. ( about 4 cubic feet of nuts, bolts, screws, washers, motors, brackets, DC plugs and sockets .... )

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