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Have you done homesteading? What is it like?

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 I’ve done parts of what is involved. It is incredibly hard work with years of endless hours of physical labor - building shelter, clearing land, growing food. It is, IMHO, best done by a group, not just an individual or single family.

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I have a sad little orchard, but we have lots of big gardens throughout the neighborhood so I provide apples, cherries, apricots. They provide me with corn, tomatoes, peppers, and other goodies. It works out pretty good, but nothing like a real Homestead however. 

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My worry with homesteading is the risk of injury- I feel if I am taking out of commission, what will happen to my family and homestead in general?

I think being in a group does mitigate the risk somewhat but then the question of where to find like minded people, sharing responsibilities fairly etc. etc.

I think my ideal is having a low maintenance off grid property (thinking orchards and other "self-sustaining" food sources) and a clean natural water source whilst in the meantime working on my own preps, financial independence etc.

Maybe I am looking at all of this the wrong way but thats my general feeling on homesteading.

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