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Looking for a Hunting Partner in NC

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Looking for a Hunting Partner in NC. Watauga county.  Willing to hunt this county, Ashe and Alleghany. Planning on Wild Boar, Coyote and Turkey Hunting starting April 14th before sunrise.  Had to move recently from the house I was keeping safe earlier this month. Owner couldn't afford it anymore and listed it for sale, no longer needing my security services.  I do not have a working car or truck currently. Nearest Gameland is 15 miles away. Im ready for the hunt coming. Got all my gear needed. Will be hunting with a Crossbow and Diaphragm.  I am a traditionalist, but do not mind shotgun hunters.  Would like to scout on the 12th to 13th. But pre season scouting and the opening day hunt depend on getting a hunting partner. Will answer any questions for anyone interested as long as they can answer mine in return. 

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Willing to meet someone from Tennessee or nc or even sc. Been here for 3 years. Kinda new to this county. Been hunting for two years in this state. Had to deal with the iron sights ground off my crossbow when it fell into my tire last year. Had to sit out the rest of that Turkey season since I couldn't spare the money for repairs. Biggest challenges in my life are finding a hunting partner, for safety reasons and to prevent what happened on my bike from happening again, and finding a woodsman  mentor to teach me forestry and woodworking. How to identify wood on trees,  work with sinew  and make bows. I did some research the last year and I can make good money making bows. Hope someone takes the week and a half before season opening to meet me from here.

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