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A brief review of the walther PPQ m2 9mm

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The walther PPQ is a polymer framed, striker fired handgun chambered in 9mm, .40s&w, and .45acp. The one i have is chambered in 9mm


The handgun is pretty standard fare, a 4" bbl, polygonal rifling, 15 round capacity, and weighs 23oz unloaded. You have a picatinny rail on the dust cover so you can mount pretty much whatever you want

On the m2 models, you have a standard push button magazine release, this can be reversed if you are left handed. The slide release is fuly ambidextrous. The slide has forward slide serrations, and the serrations in general work very well. The sights are plastic white 3 dot sights, fortunately replacing them couldn't be simpler.

Instead of being dovetailed in, the rear sight sits in a channel, and is secured by a grooved detent that interfaces with a flat sided screw. This means you can remove the rear sight in seconds, and adjusting windage is super easy. The front sight is wedged in by a small set screw, most aftermarket sights use a glock style screw and post


Shooting this gun i find is a treat. The trigger is amazing, and its what sold me on this gun after shooting only 4 rounds. It's nice and crisp, much like a high end 2 stage trigger. The reset is extremely short, and if you aren't careful, you might be able to bump fire the gun. Some people find the PPQ to have more felt recoil than say, a Glock 19, but in my case, I've found the opposite to be true. The gun comes with 2 backstraps to aid in fit

Accuracy is very good, unfortunately i cant find any of my targets, so the test one will have to suffice for now. It's extremely easy to get these types of groups


Reliability has been good, I've put 3,000 rounds through the gun, and have only had 1 malfunction. I had shot about 250 rounds of speer lawman 147gr, and was partially through a magazine when i had a failure to feed. The fired round ejected fine, but the next round in the mag was not picked up. Running the action remedied the failure, and have not had it happen again, despite going so far as to mix various brands of brass and steel case together. I lean towards an ammo issue.

The finish is very tough, and has held up well to the heat, humidity, sweat, and holster wear I've put it through

Overall, the PPQ is a very good gun, while it lacks the pure simplicity of say, a glock, it makes up for it IMHO with some much appreciated creature comforts. Aftermarket isn't huge, but holsters are no problem, and walther is in my experience more than willing tosend you replacement parts.

It's not a gun I'd reccomend to someone with no experience, but if you can handle it, the gun won't be the limiting factor. Cost is around 500-600 USD, depending on where you buy.


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Outstanding pistol for sure. I've not pulled the trigger on buying one yet, but have shot one on several occasions. It especially performed well on a few run and gun drills I took part in and I was competing with a couple of guys who'd dumped a couple of grand building their 'race guns'. And you don't have to put much miney into this to make it compete against the best. Impressive for sure.

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