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Hey Trad Shooters

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What are you using?

This past weekend I was using my Bodnick 'Slick Stick' and Carbon Express 'Heritage' arrows. Quiet and smooth shooting. Love this bow allot.



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48 minutes ago, Vishal_saucy said:

God they look beautiful

Thank you. I think so too.
And I just spent the last 4 days with her shooting in 3D, Block, and Turkey shoots. And let me say she is not only beautiful, this bow is also outstanding in performance too. I plan on taking a Whitetail with her this fall. Quiet and fast shooting. She's a fine bow.
And if you are in a survival situation where you don't want to have your shots heard, this is definitely a way to go.

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6 hours ago, dthomasdigital said:

Where to you get a pretty bow like that?

That's actually kind of plain compared to many other bows I've seen out there. But thanks for the compliment.
I got this bow from 'Kustom King'.
The arrows I fletched them myself on the Carbon Express Heritage arrow shafts. Those are real turkey feathers in case you wondered. Got the arrow shafts from either 3 Rivers Archery or Lancaster Archery, don't remember there. But they are available from both.

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