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Keyport MOCA 10-In-1 Key Tool

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I went on a search for something like this after reading a similar post on the MTJS blog.  My two biggest wants were a bottle opener and a cutter.  Screwdriver was a nice third, and nut driver/rulers were a distant fourth.  This opens bottlers and cuts 550 cord so it's staying on my keychain.  I think it could pry something if necessary, but I have not had the need yet.  And if I need a 2nd thing to help me measure 2", this has me covered.  Cost me $12 and I'm happy with it.



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On 7/25/2018 at 12:19 PM, dthomasdigital said:

Nifty looking little tool but $12 bucks?

Yea, for these types of things, it is 2-3x higher than the others I've seen, but my rational is this.  It cost me about the same as 2 pints and a tip at the local brew pub.  If I ever find myself in a situation where I need to cut something like 550 cord and don't have a knife, I'd be pissed that I didn't spend one happy hour's bill on this item.

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