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Why Being Prepared Pays Off In The Long Run

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Last night the sky's opened up over the New Mexico High Desert. A storm formed over the Jemez Mountains rolled down their majestic canyons and mesas right over my little part of New mexico. It did so with 80 mile per hour winds and golf ball size hail stones. It was ferocious and at times a bit scary, the roar of the wind , the hail tearing though the fruit trees, grape vines, and even beating my lavender bushes to the ground, I mean lavender, nothing hurts that stuff. I knew for sure we would loose some windows and might even loose some roof tiles. That is why being prepared pays off in the long run. You see I was prepared I had tarps, tape, all the tools ready to cover up any holes, even sheets of plywood ready to go when I needed it to. I have plenty of flash lights that get tested for operations on a regular basis, generator, and an emergency plan if thing got anymore out of hand. When you have those things on hand and ready to use it sure makes things a bit less scary.

The good news is no windows broke, slight roof damage, and the garage door is dented up pretty good but that's all. The bad news is my grape harvest will be a complete loss this year. If any one has any ideas on promoting growth for trees I'd sure like to hear it. As all my fruit trees and ornamental trees have almost been stripped bare.

The forecast calls for more monsoons the rest of the week, fingers crossed that the hail stays out of the picture.


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Sorry to hear that, @dthomasdigital,  a damn shame :(

my only suggestion,  worth exactly what you paid for it, would be to try treating the trees with compost tea fertilization.  Based on our mostly unscientific experiments, it really kicks up vegetative growth  (herbs and lettuces), but not great for blossoms and fruiting growth. (Tomatoes )

what makes me think it might help the trees is that the overspray and drainage into soil have made the volunteer maple saplings and that $÷%*£@( Euonymus bush go batsh*t crazy with leaf and branch growth 

good luck, my friend 

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