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6. If the temperature is rising and you’re burning up in your room, hang a damp towel in front of an open window and it’ll cool down in no time


It’s hard to be productive in a room that’s like a sauna. Your brain is an organ after all, it needs energy to function and make sound decisions. The body’s main energy source is glucose; the substance that fuels us through any activity, including maintaining a healthy internal body temperature. Warm temperatures result in the faster depletion of our bodily resources, which therefore makes it harder for your brain to function normally. Well, now there’s no need for you to sweat it out- use this hack and get your head right back in the game.




I think this quit important in survival, especialy where there no electricity provide Air Conditioning, the idea is let the heat have a way or provide something to change the energy of the heat; damp towel would perspire water in air and increase moisture, this like humidifier so heat energy in air would hit water vapor in the air, earthen ware without glaze could do natural humidifier too.




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