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I come on eery once in a while, make a post or respond to a post on occasion. Not much happening here. Nobody wants to engage in conversation. So may threads started with little or no acknowledgement. Just the same few people.........
But there are so many prepping and survival forums people can go on out there.... Its a topic that is getting beat on pretty heavily. If things aren't happening here they go elsewhere........

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As @dthomasdigital said, when something does pop up, we do tend to drop by. The issue with forums that are not created as commercial entities, is that there isn't a push for traffic/financial reasons. This is a free platform that doesn't allow politics and is general speaking created as a non-toxic place for people to discuss prepping without pressure, being spammed with ads or "buy a subscription" nonsense. 


Glad to see you again though, how have you been?


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