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Black Canyon outfitters canvas backpack

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First off I want to say the price point on this pack should NOT reflect what this pack offers or the quality of it.

To start off, I want to say that this low budget pack comes with a whole bunch of premium features that you would want and or need in a canvas backpack. Inside the BlackCanyon outfitters canvas backpack as you can see the space is huge and would work very well as a day pack or short hike pack.

Inside you will also find a heavy duty zipper pocket to store items such as a wallet cell phone etc. With draw style cord to secure items stored in the main compartment as well as your typical straps on the outside.

BLACKCANYON OUTFITTERS Canvas Backpack has Heavy Cotton Canvas Fabric, Synthetic Leather Trim Accents and Heavy-Duty Hardware Multiple Exterior Pockets with Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps.

All though I have made some minor adjustments to this pack I think all in all it will serve me well. Believe it or not I picked up this pack for a mere $26! So Far I haven’t found any other reviews on this pack and have only found it being sold at two places but I am sure if you contact Black Canyon outfitters they can give you proper information on where to find this pack.



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11 minutes ago, PappyHiker said:

What's the volume? Curious.
Any water repellency? Do you add or does it come with?

Naw it doesn't repel water, I had to spray it myself as for the capacity I have had it packed with 50lbs of gear and it held up well, BUT, it doesn't have a chest strap ( which I added later).  Click here for full details...

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