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Got a new piece of gear? A knife? Gun? Backpack? Thermo nuclear reactor? Post pics here! 


I'd like to start a new thread for everthing I get, but thats a lot of clutter, on many things I dont plan to review


This is primarily a picture thread, but feel free to go into more detail if you want


My recent things


Service grade SA 1950 M1 Garand, courtesy of the CMP. The metal is nice and clean. Wood is USGI, but very dark. Its cleaned up a bit. ME and TE are both 2. 



S&W M&P 9mm. Got this in a trade. Seems ok, will make an ok truck gun. Came with an OWB holster and 3 mags


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5 hours ago, dthomasdigital said:

@zackmars What do you like so much about the bag?

Well built, pockets are well thought out, doesn't scream gun bag, keeps things kinda dry.


Got the gamut for like 60$, so i was already smitten

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