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slingbow grizzly and moose.

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make 4-tined fishing arrows, but use spring wire, not bike spooks. You can use a torch to the points just barely redhot, without annealing the steel, and smack that tip with hammer, on something hard, and flat, to flatten it, letting you grind and file the barb shape. Thin sheetmetal as a ferrule, like on a pencil, but wider and stiffer. Given a barb on each end of the tine, each one can become two fishhooks in a couple of minutes, for the Alone show. Take 2-3 broadheads and the rest as fishing heads. Once you remove the tines, you'll still have blunts that will take small game and waterfowl.  Leave one as is, for bowfishing., if your waters are clear and still. The fishing arrow has to have slip on rubber vanes. So do your broadheads, on super rainy Vancouver Island. 🙂 The others should feature spiral flu flu fletching, that limits the flight of the arrow to 20m, making it much less likely to be damaged or lost.  You can also make baked clay falls, for the shots not worthy of an arrow, like mice, small birds, chipmunks, snakes.  Foger rocks, cause they dont fly straight. dont risk scaring off the game with near misses, wasting a stalk, etc. by tying to use rocks. They are a waste of time. Your slingshot "ammo" needs to be as perfectly round and the same size and weight as you can make it.




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