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First try at a BOB.  Not going to get all of the things that I need, but it has a lot more than my previous non existant bag.  If I BO in my car, I have additional supplies, but I wanted something that I could grab and go if I needed to.  This sleeps by the foot of my bed. No firearms in this bag. (not that they aren't a part of my BO plan)

I picked up a SOG bag at the local big box sports store and filled it with stuff that I mostly had about the house.  I know that I have some redundancies and that I need to add some stuff.


Dryer Lint, Disposable Poncho, Bandana, Smith Pocket Sharpener, Headlamp, Spare glasses, Reading glasses, Space blanket x2, Lexan spoons, Small file, 3/8" brace & bit drill bit, 250 steel shot for slingshot, Life Straw, 1st aid kit, Poncho, Small pot, 2 silicone bowls, 2 mouse traps, compass, Storm matches, Lighter, Ferro rod and striker, P 38 can opener, light-sticks x2, 4800 Cal in food bars, battery powered lamp, 4 mil 55 gal trash bag, 50' paracord , Gerber  Parabellum folding knife, Buck fixed knife, Cold Steel folding knife, Axe, Sven saw, 4 Always pads, 5' x 7' tarp, Slingshot, Whistle. Aluminum water bottle.





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Looks pretty good. I'd ditch the p38 for a p51 or FRED. *Much* better to use. The only things I'd really add would be more water and an IFAK

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